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Story by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
Published on Monday December 20, 2010 - 11:59 AM
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Community activists assembed in morning rain held a press conference in Portland this morning calling for the firing of the two Portland police officers who were involved in the fatal shooting of Darryel Dwayne Ferguson.

45-year old Darryel Dwayne Ferguson was shot and killed as he opened the door to his Southeast Portland apartment. In his hand he held what police said was a realistic looking BB gun. He was shot and killed by 2 officers outside his apartment, number 201 of the Ventura Park Plaza on the corner of S.E Burnside and 122nd Avenue.

Kathryn Cates, a representative for the Fire Frashour Campaign said, ".. police resorted to force where none was necessary and did not even attempt to de-escalate the situation. The cops handling of this incident showed a reckless disregard for the safety of Ferguson, his family, his neighbours, and in short anyone besides the police themselves. The cops seem paranoid about their own safety and utterly indifferent to the safety of the public."

Kathryn Cates said Ferguson was reportedly trying to defend his family from an aggressive neighbor and did not realize the police were at his door.

The activists say the police handling of this incident showed a "reckless disregard for the safety of Ferguson", his family, his neighbors, and "anyone besides the police themselves," said Cates, who spoke on behalf of the Fire Frashour Campaign. It was formed after Officer Ron Frashour shot Aaron Campbell, an unarmed African-American, in the back during a January standoff with the police at a Northeast Portland motel.

Campbell's family filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit against the city and Mayor Sam Adams and Police Chief Mike Reese have fired Frashour. Cates is keeping the activist name because the group expects that Frashour will be reinstated after arbitration. Cates asked the City Council to renegotiate the provision that allows discipline case to go to the arbitration from the contract with the Portland Police Association that is contract that is up for renewal.

At least 16 shots were counted by neighbour Shawn Bartmess who said, "I believe in law enforcement, that they are here to protect us, but 16 shots in such close quarters, with a child in the apartment, seems excessive."

The campaign, originally aimed at Officer Ronald Frashour who shot and killed Aaron Campbell, has decided to continue with the 'Fire Frashour' Campaign as they expect his reinstatement after his arbitration. Aaron Campbell was shot in the back January 29th 2010 with an AR-15 by Officer Frashour whilst surrendering to the police.

The activist group said, "We demand the firing of all killer cops. We demand that the Police Association contract negotiations be open to the public. And, we demand an end to mandatory arbitration in the Portland Police Association contract."