September 18 2021
12:38 PM
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Story by Associated Press - Story Source
Published on Wednesday August 25, 2021 - 9:26 AM
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OAKRIDGE, Oregon. (AP) — A firefighter who died Monday while battling a wildfire southeast of Eugene, Oregon has been identified as Frumencio Ruiz Carapia of Medford.

Ruiz Carapia, 56, was working along the eastern edge of the Gales fire when he was struck by a falling tree, according to a news release Tuesday from Lane County Sheriff's Sgt. Tom Speldrich.

Despite immediate efforts by those around him, Ruiz Carapia died at the scene, the news release said. No other injuries were reported.

An investigation showed the accident wasn't the result of any tree cutting but that the tree unexpectedly snapped and fell to the ground, according to the sheriff's office.