June 15 2021
5:33 AM
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Story by The Oregon Herald staff
Published on Monday May 24, 2021 - 5:02 AM
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LONGVIEW, Washington - At 1126 PM Longview Fire and Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue were dispatched to 3858 Pennsylvania St to a reported apartment fire. While responding dispatch advised crews that the caller reported that a candle possibly started the fire.

When the first crew arrived they were greeted with a parking lot full of chaos, which included the occupants from the fire unit, occupants for adjacent units, and bystanders from the other multiple apartments in the Fairway Apartment complex. Firefighters could see smoke throughout the second story with flames shooting out the back window and spreading into the soffit and roofline

Fire crews quickly stretched a hose line to the front door of the 2nd story unit and a second hose line to the back side of the apartment and coordinated a transitional attack. The primary fire unit, #20, was chocked full of superheated smoke that was nearing flashover as crews knocked down the fire and prevented the spread to adjacent units.

Firefighters put the fire under control within 20 minutes and searched all units that made up the eight-unit apartment building. There were no injuries reported, and firefighters did confirm the sighting of two cats that were still very much alive in the adjacent upstairs apartment #19.

Heavy fire damaged and totally destroyed one apartment unit, one unit was heavily damaged by heat and smoke, and the two lower units suffered mild smoke and water damage. Red Cross was dispatched to assist the 16 residence that were displaced to assist with housing and other short term needs.

The fire is under investigation. Firefighters are looking into the possibility that a candle started the blaze, but have not ruled out other possibilities. In total, 22 firefighters from Longview and Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue responded to the event.