May 8 2021
4:05 AM
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  Police Involved shooting   An adult white male pointed a gun then was shot and killed by police  

Story by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
Published on Saturday April 17, 2021 - 10:56 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - The officer involved in a shooting on April 16, 2021, is Officer Zachary Delong, an 8-year veteran of the Police Bureau assigned to East Precinct. He is now paid on administrative leave per Bureau policy.

Portland Police said they have completed the on-scene investigation at Lents Park at 4727 SE 92nd Avenue. The confrontation was intense enough that police officers around the county responded to assist with a hostile crowd, estimated to be over 100 people in the process of interfering with the crime-scene and police tape. A line of officers were forced to create a blockade on multiple sides of the scene to keep the crowd back.

On the Friday of the shooting, at about 9:30 a.m., police contacted a subject in the park. During the encounter, less lethal 40 mm and lethal rounds were used. Two officers used 40 mm rounds and one officer used lethal power.

Then police say an adult white male pointed a gun. It is not clear if they gun was pointed at police or in a general area. Hopefully the investigation will later make an answer clear.

Police say they were hit with sticks and full water bottles and that one person grabbed an officer's baton then police used pepper spray. At least one police vehicle's tires were flattened.

As police began to pull back from the scene, hostile individuals chased them, throwing things in their direction. Polce then returned with smoke canisters in an attempt to help them leave the area. However, a few demonstrators continued after the police.

A Rubber Ball Distraction Device was used by police to allow the officers to safely disengage. No officers were injured. According to police, there were a few claims online that tear gas was used. Police deny that report. Officers did not deploy chemical munitions. No arrests were made.

Portland Police Bureau Deputy Chief Chris Davis told reporters that officers were dispatched to the park at 9:32 am to respond to a report of a white man pointing a gun. The bureau said one officer fired a lethal shot at the man, who was pronounced dead at the scene. Two other officers fired non-lethal rounds.

Davis said he could not answer whether a gun was recovered on or near the man killed.

None of the officers were injured during the incident and there are no known additional injured parties.

While detectives and other investigators were responding to the scene to begin the investigationt, police report that a hostile crowd arrived at the scene and began yelling at police. Additional officers had to respond from multiple areas to assist with crowd management in an effort to complete the investigation. Other calls for service were impacted as a result.

Detectives are currently processing the scene for evidence and interviewing witnesses. The Bureau may release additional information as appropriate. The involved officer will be interviewed by investigators within 48 hours. This remains an active investigation; as information becomes available for release, updates will be provided via press release.

Zachary Delong is an 8-year veteran assigned to East Precinct. Delong was placed on paid administrative leave until the completion of the Bureau, East County Major Crimes Team, and Multnomah County District Attorney Office's investigation.

As part of the use of force review process, the Bureau will conduct an internal review of the entire incident and the case will go before the Police Review Board, which is composed of community members, Bureau members and representatives from the Independent Police Review Division.

The Portland Police Bureau's directive outlining the procedures followed after an officer involved shooting may be found at

Portland police reps say that once the entire investigation and legal process is complete, the investigative files and any grand jury transcripts will be posted on the Bureau's Open Data page and can be found here:

Foud Here

The police department representatives, including Acting Chief Chris Davis, want the public to understand tha these are difficult circumstances for everyone involved and no one wants this sort of outcome when they go about their general police daily work," he said. "Investigating an officer's use of deadly force is among the most important things we do, and it's critical that the police department take time to do it right.

Chief Chris Davis said, "I appreciate our community giving us the patience and time to get the whole picture about what took place. I pledge that we will release more information as the investigation proceeds."

Anyone who has not been interviewed, but has information about this incident is encouraged by police to contact Detective Anthony Merrill at (503) 823-4033 or [email protected] or Detective Joe Corona at 503) 823-0508 or [email protected]

The City of Portland and downtown businesses are totaling up the damage from rioting, arson, theft, and vandalism last night. Reports are being compiled and there is no cost estimate, but it appears to be significant damage. Some additional photos of documented damage are attached. It was learned that looters stole about $2000 worth of product from the Nike store. On-site security personnel were able to prevent further losses. Additionally, as officers were keeping a perimeter around the Portland firefighters extinguishing the blaze at the Apple Store, officers heard shots fired nearby. Some officers had to be diverted away to investigate the shots and look for any potential victims. Witness statements suggested someone fired into the air from a passing car and no one was injured. No arrests have been made and the case is still under investigation.