May 8 2021
2:37 AM
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Story by Kyle Iboshi (KGW) - Story Source
Published on Thursday April 15, 2021 - 5:24 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - Jill McMahon needed gas. Her car was running low on fuel, so the Tigard woman pulled off at the Woodburn exit.

The Chevron station nearest Interstate 5 had a tanker blocking customers, so McMahon drove down the street to the ARCO AM/PM station.

The ARCO gas station had a large, blue banner reading "OPEN 24 HOURS" covering its outdoor price display.

"I specifically drove around to look for their reader board but it was covered up," explained McMahon.

After filling up at the Arco gas station, McMahon said she was shocked by the price.

"It was almost twice as much as it took to fill in Portland," said McMahon. "I was just appalled. That just seemed wrong."