May 8 2021
3:48 AM
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  More than 100 people marched from Kenton Park to the PPA headquarters in Portland   Riot declared in North Portland Monday night  

Story by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
Published on Wednesday April 14, 2021 - 5:50 AM

PORTLAND, Oregon - On Tuesday, April 13, 2020, a group gathered in Kenton Park located at 8417 North Brandon Avenue at about 9:15 p.m. earlier in the day, a "direct action" event was announced on social media, discouraging streaming and "peace police." A similarly publicized incident the night before attracted an estimated 200 people and surrendered the peace of beautiful Portland into a familiar protest at a police station. A crowd of about 100 gathered in Kenton Park. The march of mostly Oregonians began at 9:40 PM and moved towards the now world-notorious Portland Police Association building on North Lombard Street. Wistful demonstrators with personalized markings on their clothing blocked traffic using several support vehicles. Fireworks blasts echoed off tall building, the smell of sulfur added a somewhat festive aura that hung over the expecting crowd. Everyone had their duty, their own role and they'd be darned if anyone was going to stop them. Bright lights from police lanterns winked and bobbed, blinding those unrehearsed. The fun had just begun even though the pink sky of dusk was long since replaced by intermittent lights from the fireworks and flashlights, and the red glare of a laser. And now demonstrators and police took up their familiar roles in The City of Roses.

19 year-old girl arrested after she set allegedly set a trashcan on fire

Upon arrival at the building, someone from the excited group started a fire in a trash can that was placed directly next to the building. It was mostly harmless but it was a start. The building is surrounded by a mixture of residential and business neighborhoods. Lots of flavor in Portland.

Police gave the usual demands and announcements to the crowd via a sound truck to plead with the nice demonstrators to cease their 'criminal activity' or be subject to arrest and force. No one ran away or apologized.

As usual, someone in the crowd used an unknown accelerant on the wooden framing around a door of the building, and then lit it on fire. Soon the police command declared a riot due to the trash can afire. Even in winter fires can be dangerous. Police gave more warnings like a recording heard so often in the last year. Police commanded demonstrator combatants to get out of the street and walk away to the north.

Members of Portland Fire & Rescue responded and put out the fires, some with grins on their faces now having something to do.

Officers made one focused arrest related to the incident. 19-year-old Alma Raven-Guido was arrested and charged with Arson II. She must be one dangerous girl.

Shortly after the arrest, the crowd dispersed. Portland Police did not use any munitions or CS gas. All in all, not a night to remember, other than for Alma.