April 15 2021
6:49 AM
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SW Washington health official urges caution around Easter gatherings
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Story by Allison Mechanic - Story Source
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  Easter, one of the first holidays with loosened coronavirus restrictions Doctors concerning about this holiday  
VANCOUVER, Washington - Easter will be one of the first holidays with loosened coronavirus restrictions since the pandemic began. It's a promising step forward, but a concerning one for doctors.

"We're all getting excited, things are getting better, we're opening up, but we don't have close to enough of the population vaccinated," explained Dr. Alan Melnick, health officer for Clark and Cowlitz counties. "Between the variants and the case numbers I'm really concerned."

Due to current metrics, most counties in Oregon and Washington are allowing people to gather, but doctors are worried that people's guards could be coming down too soon.

"People are tired of the pandemic, they're tired of physical distancing, they're tired of masking," said Melnick. "We got Easter coming up and spring break, the numbers are already going up. Everyone is getting excited because we got more vaccine out there, but given what we are seeing, I'm really concerned. If people relax what they're doing this weekend and during spring break, we're going to see a lot more cases and potentially more deaths." Read full story