April 15 2021
7:08 AM
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Oregon's Skye Fitzgerald on Oscar-nominated documentary about child hunger in Yemen: 'It's an actively forgotten war'
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Story by Kristi Turnquist | The Oregonian/OregonLive - Story Source
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  Skye Fitzgerald’s film “Hunger Ward” Oregon’s Skye Fitzgerald on Oscar-nominated  
Skye Fitzgerald's film, "Hunger Ward," is nominated for an Academy Award in the best documentary short subject category. It's the second time in three years that one of the Oregon-based director's films has earned an Oscar nomination. But in a phone conversation, Fitzgerald sounds more concerned about the tragedy the film depicts than about honors.

"I'm angry," says Fitzgerald. "I'm angry as a filmmaker. I'm angry as a human being. I'm angry as a dad that our tax dollars are being used to starve children."

In "Hunger Ward," Fitzgerald examines the ongoing civil war in Yemen, specifically the children suffering from malnutrition as a result of the conflict and blockades that prevent food and medicine from being brought into the country.

Though only about 40 minutes in length, "Hunger Ward" offers a powerful look at the crisis. The film focuses on two therapeutic feeding centers in Yemen, and the efforts of two health care workers, Dr. Aida Alsadeeq and nurse Mekkia Mahdi, as they and their colleagues try to save the lives of children emaciated and weak from hunger.

"It's an actively forgotten war," Fitzgerald, who lives in Happy Valley, says of the civil strife in Yemen. The foreign powers that control access to the country deny access to journalists, Fitzgerald says. "They don't want people in the West to know or understand the depth of the suffering." Read full story