April 15 2021
7:14 AM
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Oregon police department changes K9's name, Lil Kim, after controversy
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Story by Paul Best | Fox News - Story Source
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  The police dog's name K9's name similar to A rapper name  
The Bend Police Department has changed the name of one of its K9s, "Lil' Kim," following a controversy over the fact that it shares a name with Grammy award-winning rapper Lil' Kim, Oregon Public Broadcasting reports.

Riccardo Waites, the founder of the Central Oregon Black Leaders Assembly, said in a video Thursday that he met with Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz to express concerns about the dog's name.

"It's a little tiny black dog, K9 dog, that the police call 'Lil' Kim.' If you're a person of color, or if you're a fan of Lil' Kim, you know her significance in Hip Hop. You also know that she's a gangster rapper," he said in the video. "Just to be honest, I don't want to see Lil' Kim out there biting people of color."

Waites went on to say that Chief Krantz agreed to only use the dog's actual name, Kim, in the future.

Chief Krantz told Oregon Public Broadcasting that the dog, a Belgian Malinois shepherd, was never named after the rapper, but would now go by Kim.

"Although the dog is not named after a musician, it's important to recognize that some people may assume that or believe that," Krantz told OPB. "I think in the eyes of some community members there is a connection historically to the use of dogs, specifically on protestors and Black community members, and that, that could bring a fear of canines."

Krantz also denied that the recent controversy was responsible for the name change. Read full story