April 15 2021
6:59 AM
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Oregon Vaccinations of Seniors Lag Behind Projections
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Story by By Rachel Monahan - Story Source
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  Oregon Vaccinations of Seniors Vaccines for old people  
Only two-thirds of Oregonians over age 65 have gotten at least one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine. That's far less than the 80% by March 31 that Oregon Health Authority officials projected when they moved up the date that older Oregonians would become eligible for the shots.

That rate is also below the national average of 73% for one dose. There's a big difference in how many seniors have been vaccinated, depending on the county: 80% of seniors in Multnomah County have gotten at least a first shot while only 55% of seniors in Clackamas County have.

"We have seen a slowing of vaccinations for seniors in some counties as more populations become eligible for the vaccine," says OHA spokesman Tim Heider. "Obviously, we like to see 100% of our seniors to be vaccinated, and we have enough doses to accomplish that. Seniors can access vaccine through the existing sources."

OHA now says it expects close to 3 in 4 older Oregonians to have at least one shot by early April. Read full story