October 31 2020
7:31 AM
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Missing 6-year-old Boy found in Coos Bay
by Gordon Grearson - The Oregon Herald
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COOS BAY, Oregon - A missing 6-year-old boy from Utah believed kidnapped Saturday during a supervised visit with his mother, Emily Jolley, has been located in Coos Bay.

“We are happy to announce that Terran Butler has been safely located in Coos Bay, Oregon,” said a tweet from Unified Police Department at 4:20 p.m. “Emily Jolley has been taken into custody. Thank you for all the help!”

From a tweet: “This is still an active investigation, so we are unable to release additional details, but wanted to inform the public, who has been extremely helpful in providing and sharing information in this case, that he has been found safe.”

An Amber Alert Monday with the FBI became involved in the investigation began the search for the Millcreek child.

“We have new, developing information on the kidnapping of Terran Butler,” a Thursday morning statement from UPD said. “Emily Jolley is believed to be in Roseburg, Oregon, with Bonnie Jackson, a friend and sympathizer of Emily’s.

“We are working closely with the FBI and Lincoln County, Oregon, to bring Terran home.”

Officials said Bonnie Jackson was with Terran and his mother when they were located. Authorities say that she will most likely face some kind of charge.

Terran’s father with legal custody, allowed the initial visit Saturday. An Amber Alert was not initially activated because Terran’s life was not thought to be at risk, but officials reportedly changed their minds after learning of Jolley’s alleged involvement with an anti-government organization.