Fire - Three injured in warming fires, two were in serious condition.
January 23 2022
7:44 PM
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Three injured in warming fires, two were in serious condition.



Three injured in warming fires, two were in serious condition.

Story by Oregon Herald Staff
Published on January 2, 2022 2:51 AM
PORTLAND, Oregon - At 3:20 pm today crews responded to reports of a tent on fire at SW Oak and 4th Ave. Crews found a male in his mid 30's with 2nd degree burns to his arm and upper leg.

People passing by noticed smoke coming from the tent and woke the patient and called 911. The patient had been warming with an unattended candle when it caught his sleeping bag on fire. The candle was too close to combustibles. The patient was fortunate to escape with minor injuries and was transported to the burn center by AMR.

This is the 4th warming fire injury reported in less than 24 hours. Please call 2-1-1 if you need a warm place to stay tonight.

This morning at 9:00 am crews responded to a call of a person with burned hands near the corner of SE 6th and SW Woodward. When crews arrived they did find a male in his 40's that had second-degree burns to one of his hands from the use of an accelerant. This fire happened overnight and the victim refused to be transported by ambulance.

At approx. 9:30 am this morning fire crews responded to a tent fire in the area of NE Grand and NE Everett. AMR was on scene first and treating the two patients (male and female in their 40's) that both had severe burns to their lower extremities. They were transported to Emanuel Burn Center. This fire was started by a loose hose attached to a propane heater inside the tent that leaked and caused the flames/explosion. Fire crews were able to extinguish the fire quickly (see photo).

Portland Fire & Rescue would like to remind everyone to keep heaters and burning materials away from combustibles.

If you need a warm place to stay, Call 2-1-1 or check for the latest list of shelter locations and for help with transportation to a shelter. Interpreters are available. Trimet ( allows free rides to shelters. No one will be turned away. All sites are ADA accessible. Pets are allowed at all locations.