Premium Domains For Sale
January 23 2022
7:55 PM
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Premium Domains
For Sale
These downains for sale are currently owned and sponsored by The Oregon Herald

All domains listed have had just one owner. Premium domains are flagged as PREMIUM by the registry. These are available for purchase on the domain name aftermarket or by contacting us. Premium domains costs more because they are lsted for sale by a private seller and vetted by industry experts to ensure their value. Once registered, your premium domain acts as a normal domain registration with regards to management and annual renewal fees.

These Premium domains are valuable for the following reasons:

  • They are DOT COM domains in very high demand
  • Mostly common two word names.
  • They contain generic terminology and keywords
  • They are short and easy to remember
  • They are of interest to a wide selection of prospective customers or businesses
  • They support SEO and SEM strategies
  • They support brand & marketing strategies

To make an offer or for more info, contact: