May 18 2021
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 484
States embrace Biden's bold new vaccine promise — with caution
President Joe Biden’s new goal of expanding vaccine eligibility to all adults by May 1 could quickly slam into states’ complex appointment systems, lingering supply questions and challenges ensuring shots make it quickly to vulnerable populations. In Oklahoma, state officials say they’re still rushing to add sites for administering the vaccines. In West Virginia, officials worry that extending vaccine sign-ups to everyone threatens to leave be ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 485
Facebook, Google fight bill that would help U.S. news industry
U.S. lawmakers introduced the plan in Congress on Wednesday to address a perceived power imbalance between news outlets and the tech giants. Lobbyists for Facebook and Google threw their weight against new U.S. legislation that seeks to aid struggling news publishers by allowing them to negotiate collectively against the tech companies over revenue sharing and other deals. U.S. lawmakers introduced the plan in Congress on Wednesday to addre ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 487
3rd stimulus check update: $1,400 payments to start arriving 'this weekend'
President Joe Biden signed his $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill Thursday, ensuring a third round of stimulus checks will go out to most Americans soon. How much will you get? And when? The package, also known as the American Rescue Plan, passed in the House on Wednesday and Biden’s signature comes before the current round of unemployment assistance and other coronavirus aid would expire on March 14. The ARP includes extended unemployment ben ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 478
Stimulus check update: Why the IRS payment tracker is temporarily offline as third payments are prepared
Americans are anxiously awaiting their third stimulus relief payment, which could start hitting bank accounts as early as this weekend. HOUSTON — After months of speculation and congressional negotiations, a third stimulus check is on its way to Americans. Those checks will first come in the form of a direct deposit for many, possibly as soon as the weekend of March 13. President Joe Biden on Thursday signed into law the $1.9 trillion CO ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 481
All living former presidents, first ladies appear in new vaccine PSAs — except the Trumps
The videos Thursday are just the latest public initiative by former presidents not to include Donald Trump. All living former presidents and first ladies — with the exception of Donald and Melania Trump — appear in a public service announcement released Thursday urging Americans to get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. The video shows Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Jimmy and Rosaly ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 481
Military leaders thrash Tucker Carlson after comments about female troops
Senior military officials are condemning Fox News host Tucker Carlson for saying this week that President Joe Biden is making a “mockery” of the armed forces through efforts to recruit and keep women in the service. On Tuesday, Carlson complained during his prime-time program that while “China’s military becomes more masculine … our military needs to become, as Joe Biden says, more feminine.” Carlson was referring to remarks Biden made at a ...
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Saturday March 13, 2021 - Times viewed: 472
IRS started processing stimulus checks Friday, money begins arriving in accounts
The Internal Revenue Service on Friday began processing stimulus checks, which have already started to hit Americans’ bank accounts and should continue to arrive throughout the weekend. Officials from the Treasury Department and the IRS told reporters Friday afternoon that most Americans do not need to take any additional action to receive their payments and most will be delivered via direct deposit. “Even though the tax season is in full s ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 470
Why the big numbers you're hearing about the border are only part of the story
(CNN)The new details emerging daily at the US-Mexico border are tough to track. It's a fast-moving situation, described by the Biden administration as a "stressful challenge" and decried by critics of immigration as a "crisis." There are a lot of developments we're still learning in real time. Here's a look at some of the key numbers we've been hearing, the deeper stories behind them and the questions we have. 3,400 What this number represe ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 483
Trump, estranged from Presidents Club, excluded from predecessors' PSA
(CNN)When President Donald Trump received his Covid-19 vaccine at the White House in January, it was not recorded by official photographers or videographers, according to a person familiar with the matter, who said it wasn't clear there was any photographic documentation of the moment. That alone would have made it difficult for Trump to be included in the public service announcement of all living former presidents and their wives receiving v ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 470
7 takeaways from Joe Biden's prime-time Covid-19 speech
(CNN)President Joe Biden marked a year since the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the country with his first prime-time address -- a speech in which he mixed hard numbers on vaccine distribution with appeals to unity and a deep-seated belief in the power of America to overcome any challenge. My takeaways from Biden's speech, which ran just over 20 minutes, are below. They're in no other order than the order that I jotted them down while watching ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 466
Merrick Garland finally got his Senate vote. Now comes the hard part
Washington (CNN)Merrick Garland faces multiple crises to address and politically tough decisions to make as he belatedly takes the reins at the Justice Department as attorney general. He'll try to heal a workforce that was battered during the Trump era, deliver on President Joe Biden's liberal priorities and campaign promises and oversee some of the most complex investigations in a generation. In an address to the department's 115,000-person ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 470
Faced with Biden's popular Covid law, Republicans stick to the culture war
Washington (CNN)Despite a busy start to Joe Biden's administration, Republicans are struggling to find effective lines of attack against the new Democratic president. No Republicans on Capitol Hill supported the Biden-backed Covid stimulus package, but the GOP also did relatively little to marshal public opposition to the bill beyond calling it a "liberal wish list." That's not surprising given how popular the bill is, with 61% of adults sayin ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 469
Biden directs states to open vaccinations to all adults by May 1
(CNN)Addressing a pandemic-worn nation a year after coronavirus brought life to a halt, President Joe Biden on Thursday offered a plan to lift the country from crisis using a pair of upcoming dates: May 1, by which he will order states to allow all adults to receive vaccines; and July 4, when he said Americans can again celebrate Independence Day in person. The deadlines offered distinct time frames for frazzled citizens looking for a sign tha ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 469
Alleged Oath Keeper charged in Capitol riot chauffeured Roger Stone, FBI agent says
Birmingham, Alabama (CNN)An alleged Oath Keeper charged in the Capitol riot was a driver for Roger Stone as part of his security detail at an event one day before the attack, an FBI agent testified Thursday. The FBI agent said at a federal court hearing that he reviewed video of Joshua James and other members of the right-wing extremist group providing security to Stone, a close ally of former President Donald Trump. James' ties to Stone were ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 466
Alleged Oath Keeper charged in Capitol attack insults Capitol police over failure to plan for January 6 riot
(CNN)An alleged member of an extremist group charged in the January 6 attack on the US Capitol insulted the US Capitol Police in a court filing Thursday, arguing that the breach of the congressional complex would not have happened if the police had "engaged in the level of strategic planning" that the rioters did. Thomas Caldwell, a Virginia veteran, has pleaded not guilty to conspiring with other members of the extremist Oath Keepers to attac ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 465
Postmaster General DeJoy gives himself an 'A' grade despite widespread criticism
(CNN)Embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said he would give himself an "A" for his stewardship of the US Postal Service, despite what he has acknowledged were "unacceptable" mail and package delays during the peak holiday season. Faced with growing criticism of his handling of USPS operations, DeJoy was grilled during a congressional hearing Thursday about what grade he should receive for his efforts. At first, DeJoy resisted grading him ...
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Friday March 12, 2021 - Times viewed: 472
Trump's acting Defense Secretary says his January 6 speech incited Capitol rioters
(CNN)Former acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller believes former President Donald Trump's speech on the morning of January 6 incited the rioters who stormed the US Capitol. "The question is would anybody have marched on the Capitol and overrun the Capitol without the President's speech, I think it's pretty much definitive that wouldn't have happened, so yes," Miller told VICE on Showtime. "The question is did he know that he was enra ...
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Wednesday March 10, 2021 - Times viewed: 479
Jimmy Carter 'saddened and angry' over Georgia voting restriction efforts
Washington (CNN)Former President Jimmy Carter on Tuesday denounced recent Republican-led efforts to restrict voter access in his home state of Georgia, saying he is "disheartened, saddened, and angry." "American democracy means every eligible person has the right to vote in an election that is fair, open, and secure. It should be flexible enough to meet the electorate's changing needs. As Georgians, we must protect these values," the former De ...
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Wednesday March 10, 2021 - Times viewed: 485
Trump requests mail-in ballot ahead of local Florida election despite baseless fraud claims
Washington (CNN)Former President Donald Trump requested a mail-in ballot ahead of a local municipal election in Florida, according to Palm Beach County records, despite his frequent attacks on voting by mail. The records from the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections website show the ballot was mailed on Friday to Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort, which he made his permanent residence in 2019. Pictures available through Getty Images show Trump w ...
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Wednesday March 10, 2021 - Times viewed: 485
House GOP struggles over conservative hardliners' tactics: 'It's a pain in the a**'
(CNN)House Republicans are engaged in an internal struggle over how to assert their power with their robust minority, with a small contingent of conservative hardliners taking extreme measures to disrupt routine business of the chamber, irritating many of their GOP colleagues who are eager to wage a more focused battle over President Joe Biden's agenda. The House Freedom Caucus -- a bloc of conservative lawmakers, many of whom are among former ...
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