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Vernonia divided over accusations police officer dishonest
  Saturday May 7, 2011 - 11:40 AM
VERNONIA, Oregon - The citizens of Vernonia are fighting over one of its police officers and his friends on the City Council.

The disagreement is over officer Mike Kay, who the state says is a dishonest police officer, and three people who control the City Council.

Officer Kay was in charge when a 10-year-old Ian Torres-Petersen was found safe last year after missing for a few days.

"Whatever it is, if we ask for help, we usually get some type of community response," he said then.

Now he's on the sidelines on paid leave and under investigation by the state.

"I would pity whoever got him as a police officer again, because I don't see him changing his modus operandi," said former Vernonia Mayor Sally Harrison.

Harrison pulls no punches when it comes to Kay.

"The record shows that he's a liar. I don't want him in Vernonia anymore," she said.

Her comment could be considered slander if not for the official state investigation.

Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training investigators found Kay lied on his 2004 application to the Vernonia Police Department.


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