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7 year old boy shoots and kills 9 year old brother
by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
  Monday July 12, 2010 - 9:56 AM
TILLAMOOK, Oregon - A seven year old boy will have to live with the idea that he accidentally shot and killed his older brother. It all happened on Sunday just outside Tillamook. The type of gun used has not yet been released.The accidental shooting took place on a Forest Service, Wildcat road near the coastal town, located about 12 miles south of Tillamook on Highway 101.

The boy's father was giving CRP when emergency crews arrived on the scene.

Parametic staff rushed the boy to Tillamook County General Hospital, but he was pronounced dead about one hour after he arrived.

One reader who identified himself as USArmyVetCMO, wrote this comment:

"Another preventable tragedy. EVERY gun owner with children needs to take responsibility to prevent this from happening. Kids are curious. Keep your weapons unloaded, trigger locks on and ammunition secured (and locked) separately. If you have a compulsive need for a self-defense weapon around your house, a simple quick release bed-side safe is available. TEACH your children four simple steps: If you see a gun, STOP! Don't touch! Tell an Adult. If no adult is around, CALL 911.

I drill this safety lesson into both my children at least once a week (both under 12) and even though they're trustworthy, I STILL don't leave unsecured, assembled or loaded weapons in the house -except in a bedside quick release safe that is double locked when I'm not in the house or carrying. If you're teaching your young kids to shoot, ONLY do it under direct (within arms reach) supervision with one child at a time where the ADULT can maintain positive control of the weapon. Teach your kids that EVERY weapon is loaded. Teach them NEVER to accept a weapon in their possession while hunting BEFORE ensuring it's UNLOADED. Teach them ONLY to point a weapon at a target they intend to shoot. Teach them to keep their weapons UP and DOWNRANGE at ALL times unless preparing to discharge the weapon. When you observe a first time safety violation REMOVE that weapon from the child's possession and let them practice with a toy. If they just can't get the safety issue, sadly, that child should not be allowed to participate. Shooting and hunting are great sports, and responsible ADULTS need to make sure we keep them that way by enforcing safety with an iron fist. A sad, sad tragedy...my thoughts are with the family (who should also have their weapons seized). This should be a zero tolerance issue for all of us who own and use sporting and self-defense weapons responsibly. "

Another reader who identified himself as GUNDAD, wrote:

So if a child dies by accidental poisoning the parent should be held accountable? If a child dies in a boating accident, the boat owner should be held accountable? If a child dies in a skiiing or snowboarding accident? Hold the mountain accountable. How about a traffic accident? You choose tok focus on the mechanism of death, not the tragedy of the death itself. Does it make any difference that the children were being supervised, and in a split second something tragic happened. No one feels worse and wishes this didn't happen more than the people there. When you live in a state like ours, sometimes bad things happen while enjoying our great outdoors. Nothing unlawful took place, no neglegence, just an accident.

If you just don't believe in the freedom to own firearms, I can respect that. But please don't hide behind your vailed comments and speak about things that do not apply to this incident. Did you ever think the step-father was continuing teaching the children to respect firearms and handle them safely. The fact that this incident ended in tragedy as a result of an, "Accident," as the article clearly indicated, should give the information that something unplanned and unexpected occurred. Much like the other recreational activities I outlined. Be anti-gun, vote for more restrictions if that's what you want to do, but don't for one minute think children won't by some other means. We can outlaw boats, cars, snowboards, skis, household cleaning supplies etc. Then what, will everyone be safe? Will children stop dying?


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