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Judge Forbids Stepmom Terri Horman Access to children or firearms
by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
  Friday July 2, 2010 - 10:04 AM
Portland, Oregon - UPDATE - A judge has forbidden Terri Horman, the stepmother of a missing 7-year-old Portland boy to have access to her children or to any firearms.Court officials say the restraining order against Terri Moulton Horman was granted Monday afternoon by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Keith Meisenheimer. The judge released part of the court file Tuesday.

Horman's stepson, Kyron, went missing June 4, which led to one of the most extensive searches in Oregon history.

Terri Moulton was the last known person known to have seen Kyron. Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, filed for divorce from Terri Horman on Monday and sought the restraining order.

Terri and Kaine Horman have a 19-month-old daughter, and Terri Horman has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

Divorce papers filed Monday show that Kaine Horman had a new, undisclosed address as of Saturday. They also show he is seeking sole custody of the 19-month-old daughter he had with Terri Moulton Horman.

During the investigation into the fate of Kyron Horman, his father and stepmother had been living in their home in the countryside west of downtown Portland, along with their daughter.

The couple had shown a united front during the criminal investigation — appearing at two press conferences together — but signs of a split emerged earlier Monday when Terri Horman was not part of a family statement. The divorce petitions were filed in the late afternoon.

No explanation has been given for why Kaine Horman filed the divorce papers and the request for a restraining order, which a judge has sealed.

The divorce papers, which were made public, cite "irreconcilable differences."

Asked about the divorce filing, sheriff's office spokeswoman Lt. Mary Lindstrand said: "It's a personal matter between the parties, so we're not commenting on it."

Terri Horman was home Tuesday but did not speak to reporters who were gathered outside. Investigators have not identified her as a suspect in Kyron's disappearance. They have said she is the last person known to have seen the boy. She told them that she last saw the boy was on the morning of June 4, walking down a hallway toward his second-grade classroom, wearing a "CSI" T-shirt and dark cargo pants.

Deputies have distributed fliers asking the public for information on Terri Horman's whereabouts on June 4 and reportedly had her take a polygraph test twice.

Last week, Kaine Horman and Kyron Horman's birth mother — Desiree Young — appeared on national TV shows to appeal for information that would to lead to their son. At the time, Kaine Horman said his wife was cooperating with police.

Kaine Horman, Young and her husband, Tony Young, issued a statement Monday through the sheriff's office that was signed only "Desiree, Tony and Kaine." The three said they had been briefed on the investigation and supported the sheriff's office.

"Any actions taken by the investigation, or by us, are based on the best interests of Kyron and Kiara and comply with the law," the statement added, referring to Kaine Horman's 19-month-old daughter.

During the search for Kyron, police have combed woods and fields near the couple's house and the school, and a large island in the Willamette River. A helicopter and divers helped ground teams in the search.


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