June 25 2019
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Portland police shoot and kill attacking Pit Bull
by Aubra Salt - The Oregon Herald
  Tuesday June 1, 2010 - 10:40 AM
PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police were forced to shoot a Pit Bull to death yesterday morning after the dog mauled a man and bit a woman.Poice officers responded to the call at the southeast Portland neighborhood and found the dog mauling a man. The man who was under the dog at the time pleaded for the police to shoot the dog. A police officer shot into the ground and the Pit Bull fled. As medical responders treated the man, a second officer followed the dog and when the dog turned on him, he fired and killed the Pit Bull.

Police say the man is at a local hospital with severe yet not life-threatening injuries. The woman suffered puncture wounds but apparently she decided she did not with to be hospitalized.


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