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Wind, Rain, Hail - Storm hits Oregon
by Sandy Kromeir - The Oregon Herald
  Thursday May 20, 2010 - 10:19 AM
BRIGHTWOOD, Oregon - A huge hail storm has damaged commercial and many vegetable crops, high winds have downed trees, and rain found its way into buildings, cars, basements, and cracks in roofs. Utility crews of PGE are restoring power to portions of Brightwood, near Mt. Hood, after a tree fell across power lines along U-S 26 and into the roadway early Wednesday evening. "It sounded like a train was coming right through these trees -- it was pretty scary, " saysAllKacie Wines, who works at the Whistle Stop Restaurant in Brightwood.

Interstate 26 was closed for more than two hours as utility workers removed the tree and debris. Crews worked on power line repairs well into the evening.

In West Linn earlier in the afternoon,  wind snapped off a tree limb along Kenthorpe Way cutting power to residents in the area including West Linn High School.

There are no reports of injuries. PGE line crews worked cut the limb down off the sagging power line. Workers told residents along Kenthorpe Way the line was a feeder for West Linn High School. Crews were able to restore power to the high school by around 3:15pm.

Traffic was also backed up for a time on highway 43 as all cars treated each dead signal intersection as a four way stop.

Interstate 26 in the Welches area was closed for about two hours Wednesday afternoon as PGE crews worked to repair power lines and power poles damaged due to high winds and rain.

According to Oregon State Police Trooper Scott McLeod, a large tree fell onto power lines on the eastbound shoulder of Highway 26 at E. Wildwood Avenue right around 4 Wednesday afternoon. The weight of the tree on the lines broke two power poles, shutting down the highway for about two hours.

Hoodland Fire Department, PGE and ODOT were on scene. Traffic was directed onto E. Barlow Trail Road. 


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