April 1 2020
9:39 PM
Three hundred workers needed for new Walmart store
by Kimberly West - The Oregon Herald
  Tuesday May 18, 2010 - 10:09 AM
CORNELIUS, Oregon - Walmart plans to hire 300 workers for the new supercenter store in Cornelius. Walmart, the big-box chain, is working with the city to set up a "hiring center." Executives hope to have it ready by June 1.

Walmart plans to open the new store in September.

Also, this last weekend Walmart announced plans to start selling the popular iPad in its stores. The retailer hasn't given a date for when it will hit store shelves, but it is expected later this year.

Walmart reportedly has been trying to expand its electronics department to compete with Best Buy and Radio Shack. No word yet whether the iPad will be offered at a discount.


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