April 1 2020
8:38 PM
Sewage Truck crashes on Hiway 42, causes havoc
by Kimberly West - The Oregon Herald
  Thursday April 15, 2010 - 12:31 PM
WINSTON, Oregon - A large sewage truck hauling thousands of gallons of human waste crashed off a bridge, igniting the truck on fire, dumping sewage in a field, spilling diesel fuel into a creek that feeds into the city's water supply, and sparking fears of a possible gas leak.AllThe driver escaped the crash uninjured. Police at the scene are investigating what caused the crash.

A four inch surface line carrying natural gas was dented underneath the bridge as a portion of concrete broke away during the crash. The fire department is concerned about leaks, and the gas company crews are checking the pipe.

The truck was carrying 4,000 gallons of human sewage when it sideswiped the Lookingglass Bridge off Highway 42 in Winston, Ore. The crash prompted both lanes of the highway to close.

The highway is expected to be closed for hours. Updates may be found on ODOT's website

Pieces of the truck caught on fire, and an undetermined amount of diesel fuel spilled into Lookingglass Creek, which feeds into the the South Umpqua River. The Winston water department halted pumping water from the river as a precaution.

Sewage most likely has not leaked into the water.


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