February 22 2020
2:04 PM
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Newberg woman tries to jump off bypass bridge
by Sam Kaplan - The Oregon Herald
  Thursday February 28, 2019 - 8:09 AM
NEWBERG, Oregon - At about 3:30 PM today, a caller reported a female was attempting to climb over the steel fencing connected to the new Newberg-Dundee by-pass bridge crossing Hwy 18. Police found the woman attempting to jump off and into the traffic below.

Police were able to grab the woman and pin her to the fencing then called for TVF&R to bring a ladder truck onto the bypass to remove her from the bridge. The woman fought with police who were only attempting to save her life.

Police were then able to secure the woman to the ladder truck and safely remove her. The woman was then taken to Providence Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. There are no criminal charges at the time of this release.


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