August 20 2019
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Stubblefield Fire and Seale Fire Update
by Oregon State Media, Inc.
  Monday August 20, 2018 - 3:08 AM
CONDON, Oregon - There has been steady progress made on the fires burning near Condon in South Gilliam County, 16,700 total acres burned with 29% containment. The resources on the fire today include 21 fire engines, five large water tenders, and 91 fire personnel from agencies all over the State of Oregon and the BLM.

These resources are given prioritized assignments on the fires, and are having good success meeting the goals of home protection and minimizing the effects of the fires on the community. Because of the amount of fire on the Oregon landscape this summer, it is especially important for fire managers to use the available resources strategically, providing for life safety and property protection first and foremost.

No evacuation levels have changed so far today, and the sheriff's office continues to emphasize avoiding the areas impacted, and allowing fire traffic only in order to provide for safety of the firefighters and public.

The firefighters will be conducting burn-out operations in several locations to reduce the fuel in front of the fire to slow or stop fire growth, which will cause increased smoke in the area.

Wildland suppression resources on these incidents will continue to work on stopping the progression of the fire outside of the communities; focusing on establishing a line on the north side of the Stubblefield Fire, and on the south side of the Seale Fire.

In addition, crews will continue to work toward stopping any fire movement toward the community of Condon. A Type 1 helicopter will be supporting resources on the ground with bucket drops, in addition, a smaller Type 3 helicopter will be flying a reconnaissance flight to provide more accurate information about where the fire is located in the drainages and uneven terrain, as well as provide updated acreage.

There is a possibility of thunderstorms over the area later this afternoon, and also a chance of wetting rain. Firefighters are prepared to adjust their tactics to meet the challenges and mitigate the effects of the weather on the fires in order to protect homes and property and provide for the safety of everyone.

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