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Severe Drought To Continue With Hot, Smoky Autumn On The Way
by Sam Kaplan - The Oregon Herald
  Saturday August 18, 2018 - 4:26 AM
For the middle of September most experts are predicting hot, dry and smoky weather for the Pacific Northwest.

The hot and dry conditions should continue well into autumn, with a heavy drought increasing each day.

Nearly 70 percent of Oregon is now in "severe drought," with parts of Southern Oregon lapsing into "exceptional drought," according to the U.S. Drought Monitor report issued Thursday.

"It's not looking good," National Weather Service meteorologist Laurel McCoy said. "It doesn't mean we won't get any rain once we get into fall, but chances are it's going to be less than normal."

The historically dry conditions mean the eight large wildfires currently burning across Oregon could continue spewing smoke into October — and new fires could still ignite.

The report on the likely weather in September and October is released by the National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center.

Photo: Smoke from wildfires in August 2015 drifts into Portland, as seen near the campus of the University of Portland. (Mike Zacchino)

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