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Oregon Relative Victim Of Tagaytay Ace Hardware Store
by Kent Masterson - The Oregon Herald
  Wednesday April 18, 2018 - 5:43 AM
TAGAYTAY, Philippines - Ace Hardware continues to have problems. Did corporate instruct their stores in Tagaytay, The Philippines to sell equipment that does not work or is it that they simply do not care? At least this idea seems plausible; the Tagaytay staff at the store is to blame.

Ace Hardware officers responsible:
John S. Venhuizen, President & CEO and William M. Guzik, Executive VP, CFO & Chief Risk Officer.

As an example, a woman in Tagaytay, Philippines whos husband is an Oregon resident, purchased two water heaters so that she would have hot water in her kitchen and bathroom. She paid a huge price and extra price to have the heaters installed the next day.

The woman with the first name of Ivy, who purchased the water heaters is pregnant and sick. After the installation, the water heaters did not work. She repeatedly asked for them to be fixed or given a refund. Service men at the Tagaytay store promised to go to her residence where they had installed the water heaters and fix the problem. But they later cancelled the appointment saying they were too busy!

Another appointment was made but the service staff did not show up. The customer repeatedly called the store only to find that staff at the store would not answer her called, apparently coding her number into a DO NOT ANSWER mode. It seems Ace Hardware does not care about their customers. The Filipino staff seems to care less about this sick woman who cannot wash her clothes, wash her dishes, or even take a hot shower. Her good intentions of paying cash with fast service has been ignored by Ace Hardware.

This kind of indifference seems to be rampant with Ace Hardware. There are many complaints against this company, including complaints in Portland and Newberg, Oregon.

We hope Ace Hardware will correct this problem or they may have a class action lawsuit organized.

The Oregon Herald has verified the authenticity of this story. And the list of Ace Hardware complaints is massive. Does Ace Hardware prefer civil action? We strongly suggest that Ace Hardware fix the problem with the water heaters or give the woman an immediate refund.

Employee inside the Philippines Tagaytay store

John of Ringle, WI
Ace Hardware Schofield WI. Mar/Apr 2018. I am normally very happy with customer service at Ace Hardware. I Have dealt with the paint mgr Barb ** in the past and found her very condescending, ignorant and rude and this time was no exception. I bought 4 gallons of paint but at the time they only had 3 base cans in stock so I had to wait a week for the next delivery. I had to run into town a second time to pick up the 4th can. I bring that up because their current TV commercials say they will deliver to you if there are any issues so you won't be inconvenienced. That did not happen and was not offered.

Tom of Monticello, GA
Ordered a product online. This was a mistake, despite good deal on the price. I requested multiple update via the email customer service page and never received a single reply. I was never notified when the product arrived at the store and when I called to speak to a person it was a challenging experience and no satisfaction. After more than a week late, I and many calls I found the product had been at the store just sitting. Maybe an ok deal, but not sure non responsive customer service and hassle is worth the savings. Ace web page still shows product is still shipping even though it was delivered.

Jeff of New Paris, IN
Bought a 3mm deep wall socket crack 2nd time I used it. Original store out of business, travel to 3 different towns, they won't give me a Craftsman replacement. My socket was Ace, attendant says they don't make them anymore. Called corporate same cockamamie bull story, can't help me, so of course I think Craftsman is junk and their so-called life warranty sucks. Always wanna give you used junk, now Ace tools are junk also, customer service sucks, warranty sucks, stores suck (the ones that are open still). Needless to say I will never nor any of my family and friends will darken their doorstep again... service sucks, products unsupported... steer clear unless all you need is a bolt or piece of rope, but they probably won't have the size you need.

S. B. of Seattle, WA
Ace Hardware refuses to honor an extended warranty on a motorized chainsaw I purchased from their store. Without conducting an impartial investigation into the cause of the catastrophic failure of a brand new chainsaw I purchased at their store, Ace has concluded that nothing but operator error was the cause and refuses to explain how they reached such a conclusion despite the possibility of a manufacturing defect or material flaws. I believe Ace Hardware may be engaging in consumer fraud, and I am kindly requesting your office to review my case. The chainsaw I purchased from Ace is a "Stihl" brand, model MS251. I purchased this equipment for $359.00, not including tax. I initially wanted to purchase the smaller model, the M1 70; however, the salesperson talked me into purchasing the MS251 because it is a sturdier model.

Photo 1: Philippines Tagaytay store

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