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Man posing as a police sergeant attempts to scam money
by Oregon State Media, Inc.
  Tuesday August 15, 2017 - 3:31 AM
GRESHAM, Ore.-- The Gresham Police Department received several inquiries today from local businesses, concerned about calls from "Gresham Police Sergeant Jason Cook" and "Lieutenant Finley." A man, calling from a local number, identified himself as part of the "Civil Division" and told the potential victims they owe the City of Gresham for unpaid fines. The alleged "fines" are reportedly for traffic citations, court fees, and processing fees.

Of note, no one named "Jason Cook" nor "Finley" work for the City of Gresham or the Gresham Police Department. And more importantly- the police department does not contact people in this manner; does not collect fines for traffic citations; and does not collect unpaid court fees. The suspect(s) have yet to be identified.

The police department does charge and collect fees in certain situations for vehicle releases (if a car has been towed), and for specific public record request functions (related copies of reports and person inquires). Fees are only collected when people come to the department's Records desk in person and they are always given a receipt.

If someone claims to be from the City of Gresham Police Department, trying to collect money, please note the phone number, name used, and the date and time of the call before hanging up to call non-emergency to speak with a certified police officer. Scammers often threaten arrest and use other emotional extortion tactics to attempt to steal from others. Don't fall for the fake call!

Feel like someone might be trying to scam you? The Gresham Police Department asks that you do one or more of the following:

call the police by directly dialing a known and verified number: (503) 823-3333 police non-emergency dispatch; (503) 618-2338 Gresham Records call a trusted friend for support and advice

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