September 15 2019
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Birth Certificate Changes To Be Easier for Oregon Transgenders
  Friday May 19, 2017 - 10:17 AM
A bill signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown today will make the process simpler, cheaper, and more private.

Oregon’s Kate Brown, the nation’s first and only out bisexual governor, is helping to keep the state in the forefront of LGBT progress, today signing a law making it easier for transgender Oregonians to revise the name and gender on their birth certificates.

Under the new law, House Bill 2673A, trans people with Oregon birth certificates will be able to make the changes simply by filling out a form rather than posting a public notice in a county clerk’s office and going to court, making the process easier and more private while greatly reducing the cost, Reuters reports. Oregon is only the second state to put such a procedure in place; California was the first, in 2014. Oregon’s law will go into effect January 1.

“Many transgender Oregonians fear being publicly outed by having sensitive medical and personal information disclosed through the current court process,” said Nancy Haque, co-executive director of LGBT group Basic Rights Oregon, in a press release. “They have to post their name change on a public bulletin board and sometimes answer personal medical questions in open court. This is a real barrier.”

Having a revised birth certificate will then ease the process of changing names on driver’s ... [Full Story]

Photo: Oregon Governor Kate Brown. OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR.

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