June 20 2019
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Murdered Woman From Benton County Originally From Russia
by Lloyd Gufferson - The Oregon Herald
  Tuesday April 25, 2017 - 11:56 AM
CORVALLIS, Oregon — Prosecutors believe a 27-year-old woman who was shot to death in the Oregon woods arrived in the United States last month from Russia. Police believe she was having an affair with the man who has been charged with her murder.

The body of Anna Alekseyevna Repkina was found on an old logging road near Alsea, a about 110 miles southwest of Portland.

A Facebook page with her name posted the same photo released by police. The Facebook page indicated she was originally from Moscow but that she had moved to Corvallis.

Prosecutors believe she may have been involved in a love-triangle with the murder suspect William Chase Hargrove and another woman.

27-year-old Hargrove was arrested for murder and without bail in Benton County.


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