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Missing child found. Investigation to follow, but child is unharmed
by Oregon State Media, Inc.
  Thursday July 7, 2016 - 10:51 PM
We have received information that Audrianna Blair has been located at a campground in Tillamook County and is with Tillamook County deputies. We are investigating further to determine if there will be criminal charges in this case. We are pleased to report that the child is reportedly not harmed and we are taking steps to make sure she remains safe.

Earlier Report This agency is attempting to locate a missing child. Audrianna Blair age 10 months was last seen in McMinnville in the evening of July 5, 2016 with the following subjects, neither of which is a biological parent or has custodial rights to Audrianna:

- Felisha Marie McCallister, 11/24/85, ODL #8583512 - Mark Alan Bowen II, 7/29/87, ODL #2937748

Felisha and Mark were driving a black 1997 Nissan Sentra with Oregon license plate #750DKF, with "zebra stripe" seat covers and steering wheel cover. During a traffic stop in May, the Nissan Sentra had a "donut" type spare tire on the right rear wheel. Unknown if that is still accurate information.

Reportedly, they were also seen and may be driving a green full size older van with double side doors. They are also reported to have been camping in the Nestucca/Trask Area of the Coast Range.

Audrianna Blair is described as 26 inches, 16 pounds, and wearing size 6-12 month clothing. She has a fading red birthmark on the back of her head above the collarline. She was last seen wearing a white sleeveless summer dress and accompanied by a brown diaper bag with cheetah print around the bottom of the bag.

The attached photos are of Felisha and Mark from her Facebook page, posted April 29, 2016; of Audrianne Blair; and of a similar make, model, and color to their Nissan Sentra vehicle.