October 21 2019
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2-alarm condo fire displaces 18 residents out of 7 units
by Oregon State Media, Inc.
  Thursday June 23, 2016 - 6:57 AM
Lake Oswego -- At 1:15 today neighbors of the Tanglewood Hills Condo located at 4 Touchstone called 911 to report a fire on the back side of unit 141. When firefighters arrived they found heavy flames coming from unit 141 and rapidly spreading so a second alarm was requested to bring more personnel to the scene. It took 45 firefighters form Lake Oswego, Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue and Portland Fire about 30 minutes to get the fire under control.

The building which houses 8 condos has one unit completely destroyed by fire and 4 units with smoke and water damage. All residents have been able to find other accommodations to stay with the assistance from the Red Cross.

The resident of the affected unit was home at the time of the fire and said he heard a popping sound while his power turned off. At the same time he started smelling smoke and went downstairs when he noticed flames on the back deck. He attempted to use an extinguisher but this did not work to extinguish the fire. The smoke started to get really heavy and he retreated out of the house making sure all other residents were evacuated. There were no injuries to any residents or firefighters.

Fire investigators are not able to investigate the fire due to an unstable deck but estimate the damages to be around $250,000.


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