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Toddler, Family Okay after Sprinklers Snuff Laptop Fire
by Donna Millsap - The Oregon Herald
  Monday June 13, 2016 - 10:02 AM
HILLSBORO, Oregon - Automatic sprinklers and a working smoke alarm get the credit for saving a Hillsboro family including a three year old child early Monday morning. Hillsboro firefighters were called to Quatama Crossing apartment complex, 730 NW Autumn Creek Way at 3:45 am to a report of an apartment fire. When they arrived, they found the sprinklers had extinguished a fire in a three year old child's bedroom.

Fire investigators say a laptop left on charge on a bed overheated and ignited the mattress' foam top. A smoke alarm awakened the family and they all escaped unharmed. Firefighters were able to remove the ruined mattress and smoke from the apartment. Damage estimate is about one-thousand dollars.

In talking with the occupants, the fire investigator indicated the adults were able to retrieve the child from her bedroom, leave the apartment, and pull the building fire alarm to alert other residents.

"They did all the right things in response to this situation," said Fire Investigator Kylie Kelly. "They quickly evacuated their apartment and notified others of the fire."

Hillsboro Fire and Rescue advises laptop users to unplug all appliances when not in use. If charging laptops overnight, be sure to leave them on a noncombustible surface or on a cooling pad. Lithium-ion batteries are known to generate high heat when in charging cycle. For more fire and life safety information, visit or call 503-681-6166.


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