April 22 2018
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Osprey Chicks Begin to Hatch on Cowlitz PUD Live Osprey Cam
by Oregon State Media, Inc.
  Friday May 27, 2016 - 2:14 PM
In early March 2016, Cascade Networks in partnership with Cowlitz PUD,, launched a live-feed osprey camera. The camera focuses on a platform Cowlitz PUD built 15 years ago near a utility pole to provide a safe nesting alternative. Osprey have nested on this platform ever since and each year return to their summer home in Cowlitz County.

The ospreys, named Electra and Watt-Sun, returned from their winter home on March 25th and Electra laid three eggs by April 24th. The excitement is just beginning on our Live Osprey Cam!

Today Watt-Sun and Electra became the proud parents of one osprey chick. Like many other birds of prey, osprey eggs do not hatch all at once; the first chick emerges up to five days before the last one. If all goes well, we should have two more osprey chicks by June 1st.

Once all three hatchlings emerge, Cowlitz PUD will hold a naming contest for the three chicks. The chicks will remain in the nest for seven to eight weeks as they grow and develop adult flight feathers. In the fall, Electra, Watt-Sun and their offspring will migrate south to their winter home.

Please join us in watching the hatchlings mature at: Like us on Facebook and follow the osprey family at: If you have questions or comments about the Osprey Cam, please contact us at

Cascade Networks and Cowlitz PUD are excited to share our successful environmental sustainability project, showcasing our proactive approach to protect wild migratory birds.