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Huge Jantzen Beach Fire Destroys Boat Storage Facility
by Larry Fitzpatrick - The Oregon Herald
  Monday February 29, 2016 - 6:49 AM
PORTLAND, Oregon - A commercial fire broke out at 10:30 last night at 570 NE Tomahawk Island Dr. The fire quickly turned into a 2nd and 3rd alarm and eventually into a 4th alarm.

There were somewhere around 350 boats inside. Due to the size of the structure and the heavy fire involvement a "defensive" fire attack was employed. This involved the use of aerial Trucks to place water into the structure from an elevated position.

Early into the fire, crews were able to safely assist the owner in removing files and other essential information from inside the office.

Due to this location being at the end of a small island, water supply from hydrants was not adequate. Three separate fire boats were used to supply water from the river to the land based units. At least one boat hit the fire from the water as well.

About two hours into the fire, parts of the structure began to collapse and a 4th alarm was called. Well over 100 fire personnel from both PF&R and Vancouver Fire were working at this fire. A US Coast Guard representative was called to advise for potential water related hazards.

At the time of this release there is still active fire smoldering inside the collapsed structure. Crews will be on scene for a while monitoring the scene.

Fire investigators are on scene and will be working on a cause. A dollar loss has not been established.

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