June 24 2018
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Coal bill tweaked in advance of Oregon Senate vote
by Andy Giegerich | Digital Managing Editor Portland Business Journal
  Tuesday February 23, 2016 - 8:40 AM
The anti-coal bill passed last week by the Oregon House will have a new look when it gets to the senate.

As the Oregonian reports, an amendment to House Bill 4036 would give the Oregon Public Utility Commission more oversight over the plan.

The amendment "would give the Oregon Public Utility Commission more authority to control any costs expected from a shift toward cleaner energy."

The gubernatorial-appointed PUC seeks to ensure consumers pay reasonable rates and that investor-owned electric, natural gas and telephone utilities earn adequate returns on investments.

Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli detailed yesterday how his party would battle the plan because, they argue, it would bring major rate hikes while having little impact on carbon emissions. The plan would require Portland General Electric and Pacific Power, which provide 70 percent of Oregon's electric needs, to eliminate coal from the state's energy supply and double the amount of renewable energy produced in the state by 2040. The Oregon House approved the bill last week. Andy is the Portland Business Journal's digital managing editor, overseeing the daily digital news operation.

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