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by builderonline.com
  Friday February 19, 2016 - 5:52 PM
Bloomberg contributor Peter Robison reports that Portland is drawing talented Silicon Valley types looking for a less crazed pace. It's also attracting tech companies seeking alternatives to the Bay Area's rocketing costs.

Why tech types find Portland to be so magnetic, Robison notes, is mainly that Portland is a lot cheaper than other Pacific time zone tech hubs. Not to mention that it's geographically well-endowed with natural features and a preternaturally "laid back" zeitgeist. Robison writes:

"A video looping in the lobby shows happy newcomers to "Techtown Portland" enjoying coffee and riding on MAX, the city's light-rail system. Portland has a history of drawing young people who "maybe" find jobs, Brown says. For now, it draws both."

—With Olga Kharif and Wei Lu The bottom line: The technology workforce in Portland's Multnomah County has grown 82 percent, to more than 13,000, since 2010.

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