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Journalist Bonnie Henderson talks ‘6,000 Years on the Oregon Coast Trail’
  Monday February 15, 2016 - 4:07 PM
Learn the history of the Oregon Coast Trail at the next Nature Matters free lecture on Feb. 18

Astoria — The North Coast Watershed Association and Lewis and Clark National Historical Park invite the public to attend this month's Nature Matters talk, "6,000 Years on the Oregon Coast Trail" with Bonnie Henderson, at 7 p.m. Thursday Feb. 18 at the Fort George Lovell Showroom. Nature Matters is a free event and open to the public.

Henderson will give a presentation on the history and prehistory of the Oregon Coast Trail, which she recently backpacked on a solo trip.

The Oregon Coast Trail is unique in the nation. A border-to-border shoreline trail incorporating more than 200 miles of sandy beach linked by footpaths over headlands and boat shuttles across bay mouths. It has an interesting history conceived by a geography professor in the 1950s, and it owes its existence to key decisions made in the previous half-century about who should own Oregon's beaches and scenic bluffs.

But humans have been walking on the Oregon Coast Trail — or something like it — much longer than that. How long? It turns out that scientific consensus on that question has changed radically in just the past few years, thanks to ground-breaking research in archaeology and paleogeology.

Henderson's new edition of her guidebook "Day Hiking: Oregon Coast" includes a complete guide to a long-distance trek on this world-class trail. She is the author of four books, including "The Next Tsunami: Living on a Restless Coast," "Strand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris" and "Best Hikes with Kids: Oregon," now in its third edition. Her varied journalism career has included newspaper and magazine writing and editing. Today she is primarily focused on exploring the intersection of the natural world and the human experience close to home. She lives in Eugene.

Nature Matters is a lively conversation about the intersection of nature and culture and takes place on the third Thursday of each month, October through May. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park, the North Coast Watershed Association and Fort George are the hosts for the lecture series.

Fort George Lovell Showroom is located at 426 14th St. For more information, call 503-468-0408, or visit

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