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Friday May 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7822
LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. – He was just 55 years old and died only a few days before his scheduled retirement. Dan Duncan, the Lake Oswego police chief and a 25-year veteran of the force, was found dead in his home Thursday morning, of an apparent heart attack.

Fellow officers and friends had planned a retirement party at Lake Oswego’s City Hall for Friday. Chief Duncan, who was scheduled to retire June 1 after serving as chief for seven years.

Dan Duncan started as a corrections deputy in the Tillamook County Sheriff's Office in 1976 and worked his way up the chain of command to Senior Deputy.

He began his career with the Lake Oswego Police Department in 1985. Friends say he was always friendly, happy, and loved by everyone around him.

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts said he admired Duncan after working with him in several different situations.

"He had a great sense of humor," Roberts said. "We was well-liked and well-regarded by other administrators, his troops and the community. He was always willing to take a stand on an issue he felt strongly about. He was a great public safety partner. He will be missed by many ...
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Thursday May 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7872
BRIGHTWOOD, Oregon - A huge hail storm has damaged commercial and many vegetable crops, high winds have downed trees, and rain found its way into buildings, cars, basements, and cracks in roofs. Utility crews of PGE are restoring power to portions of Brightwood, near Mt. Hood, after a tree fell across power lines along U-S 26 and into the roadway early Wednesday evening.

"It sounded like a train was coming right through these trees -- it was pretty scary, " saysAllKacie Wines, who works at the Whistle Stop Restaurant in Brightwood.

Interstate 26 was closed for more than two hours as utility workers removed the tree and debris. Crews worked on power line repairs well into the evening.

In West Linn earlier in the afternoon,  wind snapped off a tree limb along Kenthorpe Way cutting power to residents in the area including West Linn High School.

There are no reports of injuries. PGE line crews worked cut the limb down off the sagging power line. Workers told residents along Kenthorpe Way the line was a feeder for West Linn High School. Crews were able to restore power to the high school by around 3:15pm.

Traffic was also ba ...
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Wednesday May 19, 2010 - Times viewed: 7765
All of a sudden, real estate has gone from the top finance topics to the most controversial of subjects everyone is talking about. Every other person you meet has an opinion about what happened, how we got here, whose fault it is and what the future holds.

And it's all changing, from the digitization of old-school multiple listing service printed books, which brought listing information to the people, to Craigslist. Realtors and individuals are taking matters into their own hands. And along the way, commercial websites are cashing in, big time.

No matter who you are, client or agent, you quickly discovered that there are three main websites that are the most popular when it comes to looking to buy or listing a home anywhere in the country., and are the three heavy hitters in online advertising and information in real estate sales and marketing. Each site lists homes available for sale, some for rent, and a great deal of information regarding the neighborhoods, comparable sales and general market statistics. Although each of the sites are quite similar, there are some subtle differences in them and a variety of opinions on which site ...
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Tuesday May 18, 2010 - Times viewed: 7737
CORNELIUS, Oregon - Walmart plans to hire 300 workers for the new supercenter store in Cornelius.

Walmart, the big-box chain, is working with the city to set up a "hiring center." Executives hope to have it ready by June 1.

Walmart plans to open the new store in September.

Also, this last weekend Walmart announced plans to start selling the popular iPad in its stores. The retailer hasn't given a date for when it will hit store shelves, but it is expected later this year.

Walmart reportedly has been trying to expand its electronics department to compete with Best Buy and Radio Shack. No word yet whether the iPad will be offered at a discount.

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Sunday May 16, 2010 - Times viewed: 7679
PORTLAND, Oregon -- Sixteen year old Danny Thompson remembers Colton Harris-Moore as a kid who dreamed of becoming famous, talked about it and even acted it out now and again. Before Danny and his mother moved to Portland, he briefly attended Stanwood High School with Colton.

"He was always getting into fights. He wouldn't start them but he'd try to finish them. He was sorta an outcast and I tried to be his friend", Danny said, "but he always seemed to be thinking about something else. Most of the teachers didn't like him but a couple did, I think"

A home break-in and the theft of a boat on San Juan Island earlier this week may have been the works of Colton Harris-Moore.

The home was burglarized sometime late Thursday or early Friday. The boat was taken from the homeowner's private dock and later found beached on Lopez Island.

The San Juan County Sheriff's Office issued a news release which read:

"Deputies investigated the report of a 24-foot boat found beached on Lopez Island May 14. The boat was apparently taken from a home located on the southern tip of San Juan Island, close to Cattle Point. The home was also burgla ...
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Friday May 14, 2010 - Times viewed: 7766
PORTLAND, Oregon -- A pickup truck that crashed off Interstate 405 struck and killed a homeless man sleeping off the freeway, police said. Officers were called to the wreck on I-405 northbound under Burnside Street at about 11 p.m. Thursday.

A police spokeswoman said the driver lost control of the truck and it went off the right shoulder before it rolled over. Ismail Haidar, a witness, said he heard three distinct bangs and then saw smoke and dust in the air. "I didn't know what to do. Actually, I panicked," Haidar said. "I called 911 … I thought I might go and help survivors.

It was a nightmare indeed." The driver, 23-year-old Alvaro Lugos-Ponce, and his three passengers, all suffered injuries in the crash, police said. They were taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital with injuries that weren't life-threatening. Speed and alcohol were factors in the wreck, officers said, and the police bureau's major crash team is still investigating. Police said Lugos-Ponce is facing charges of second-degree manslaughter, second-degree assault, fourth-degree assault, driving under the influence and reckless driving. Officers are still trying to determine the i ...
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Thursday May 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7797
PORTLAND, Oregon -- The Oregon Financial Institutions Security Task Force (FIST) is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Tammy Lynn Hall, whom is believed to be responsible for four local bank robberies.

Hall, 42, is believed to be from California. A federal grand jury has charged Hall with the April 30, 2010, robbery of the Bank of America branch located at 8315 SE Sunnyside Road in Clackamas. There have been three other robberies committed in recent weeks by a woman matching Hall's description. They are:

May 3, 2010 -- First Independent Bank, 1408 SE 164th Ave., Vancouver

May 7, 2010 -- US Bank, 6407 NE 117th Ave., Vancouver

May 10, 2010 -- Bank of the West, 11050 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Milwaukie

The FBI, in conjunction with the other investigating agencies to include the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Milwaukie Police Department, Vancouver Police Department and the Clark County Sheriff's Office, are looking at the possibility that the same person is responsible for all four bank robberies. However, at this time, Hall is charged with only one bank robbery (April 30th, Bank of America).
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Tuesday May 11, 2010 - Times viewed: 7746
Wilsonville, Oregon - Movie Gallery Inc., the owner of struggling movie rental chain Hollywood Video, is planning to close its remaining stores and liquidate as consumers are increasingly getting movies through the mail, vending machines and high-speed Internet connections.

The No. 2 rental chain behind Blockbuster Inc. filed a notice with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Richmond late last week that it will terminate its business operations after defaulting on a loan from one of its creditors.

An agreement filed with the court said the move to close more than 1,900 remaining stores is in the "best interests" of the company and its creditors. The agreement does not specify a time line. It must be approved by a bankruptcy judge.

Phone calls to Movie Gallery and an attorney representing the company were not immediately returned.

The company, based in Wilsonville, Ore., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February, buckling under the competitive pressure from movies-by-mail service Netflix Inc., DVD kiosk company Redbox and delivery of movies and TV shows over the Internet.

The bankruptcy filing does no ...
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Monday May 10, 2010 - Times viewed: 7689
PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland fire investigators are still trying to determine what sparked a two-alarm fire in a northwest Portland building built in 1902. The fire broke out at 2400 Northwest 21st Ave. at about 7:28 p.m. Saturday.

The first-arriving crews found heavy smoke coming out of the three-story building. Although it was found to be vacant, crews were worried that there were transients inside the building. Firefighters went inside and cut vent holes in the roof; they then put out the fire after an aggressive attack. No one was injured.

Trains in the area were delayed because of hose lines lying across the tracks. The fire caused about $241,000 in damage to the building, which was valued at about $730,000. About 70 firefighters responded to fight the fire. ...
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Friday May 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 7722
SHERWOOD, Oregon - The cab of a semi truck was destroyed and LifeFlight was called in after a head-on collision on Scholls Ferry Road near Sherwood.

Law enforcement blocked off Scholls Ferry Road near Rowell Road at about 5:30 a.m. Friday after the crash, which left the cab of the big rig in flames and sent a late-model Dodge Charger into a nearby field.

The truck driver escaped his burning cab without injury, but a passenger in the Charger was injured and was airlifted from the scene.

Sgt. David Thompson with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the driver of the Dodge Charger was driving recklessly and veered into the path of the truck.

After the crash, the driver of the Charger fled the vehicle, abandoning the injured passenger and reportedly got into a dark-colored SUV and left the scene.

Deputies are looking for the driver, who they think is a female, and the SUV. An investigation into the crash in ongoing.

Hospitals are on alert for a woman who may show up injured from the crash.

The condition or identity of the female passenger in the Dodge Charger has not been released.


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Thursday May 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7696
PORTLAND, Oregon - Peter Chamberlain got an early gift on the day before his 51st birthday - the rest of his life.

State police say the Salem motorist crashed through a guardrail on Highway 20 in the Santiam Pass early Thursday and went 300 feet down an embankment.

Deschutes County rescuers removed Chamberlain from the crashed SUV and took him to a Bend hospital with injuries not considered life-threatening.

Police are still investigating what caused Chamberlain to lose control of the SUV.

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Monday May 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7985
BROWNSVILLE, Oregon - – A home fire in Brownsville forces firefighters from three cities to help battle the blaze.The home is southeast of Corvallis, drawing fire departments from the rural Oregon towns of Brownsville, Halsey and Tangent. We have intense pictures from that house fire in Brownsville. A firefighter snapped these shots around 8:30 p.m. Sunday. As you can see, the house was just a huge fireball when firefighters arrived. They couldn't save it, and it's being described as "a total loss."No word yet on how this fire started. We are told that no one was injured by the flames. Photos courtesy of Dennis Weis, photographer and firefighter with the Tangent Fire Department: ...
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Thursday April 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7702
EDGEWOOD, Washington - A 43 year old man was shot dead after a home invasion robbery last night.

Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said the murder occured at the home located in the 3600 block of 106th Ave. Ct. E. The victim, his wife and their two sons were home at the time. The homeowner had listed an expensive ring for sale on Craigslist, and was expecting a potential buyer to stop by the home to take a look around 9:30 p.m. Three man and a woman arrived, "flashed cash" at the door, and the "homeowners let them in to buy a ring," Troyer said.

But once inside, one of the men pulled out a gun. Apparently gunman opened fire and shot the father multipletimes, investigators said, and the victim's 14-year-old son was pistol-whipped on the head. The robbers also tied up the boy's mother Investigators say the man may have been shot while trying to protect his son, who had jumped on one of the robbers. The robbers ransacked the home and drove off before deputies arrived.

The son was taken to an area hospital. The boy's mother and younger brother were not injured. A description of the robbers was not available.

"All we do know at this p ...
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Tuesday April 27, 2010 - Times viewed: 7741
PORTLAND, Oregon - Police investigators are holding a couple's belongings as they investigate the theft of the couple’s trailer. Police say they uncovered a burglary ring that may have had assistance from a postal employee.

The Bleazards, a young couple moving to Oregon, were staying at a local hotel and had parked their enclosed trailer – with just about everything they owned packed inside – in the parking lot.

A few days after they arrived, the trailer was stolen from the parking lot.

Meanwhile, police arrested Ben Larson and said they believe he is tied to two burglaries and an assault.

On Wednesday, 31-year-old Karen Andersen was arrested at her Vancouver home. She faces accusations of possession of stolen property and possession of methamphetamine, said Portland police Det. Anthony Merrill.

Ben Larson, her former boyfriend, pleaded guilty late last year to assault and two counts of burglary, Merrill said. Larson is serving 88 months in prison

The Bleazards said Anderson had unpacked their belongings and put them in her home as if she owned them, including dishes, books, couch covers and other personal ...
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Thursday April 22, 2010 - Times viewed: 7712
YEON STATE PARK, Ore. –Near Cascade Locks in Oregon search teams this morning continued looking for missing hiker Ron Fridell, 60 who checked in by cell phone later in the morning.

Family members talked to Ron Fridell today. He spent the night in Yeon State Park but reportedly had supplies and equipment with him. Fridell said he'd be walking out of the woods on his own. This apparently ends the search effort.

Fridell said he thinks he know how to exit the park but some search crews may ontinue to look for him anyway. He has a GPSAlldevice so searchers will be able to get a fix on his position once he relays the coordinates by phone.

An Oregon Army National Guard helicopter participated in the search.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department received a call from the Fridell's family at about 11:30 p.m. yesterday after Fridell called his wife to say he was going to be late getting back from his hike but then never showed up.

Family members said they received two calls, the first saying he was hiking in Yeon State Park. In the second call, he said he was on a treacherous trial and was going to try and hike back.

The last call was ...
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Wednesday April 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7714
HILLSBORO, Oregon - Valuable pieces of gold, including a 42-ounce nugget valued at $50,000, was stolen last week from a Hillsboro museum, police from the Washington County Sheriff's Office said.

At 10:50 p.m.AllApril 17, police responded to a burglary call at the Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals in Hillsboro. The Assistant Director of the museum, Linda Kepford, told deputies the museum had been broken into and a significant number of gold nuggets were stolen. One of the gold pieces stolen weighs 42 ounces and is worth more than $50,000.

Gold was the only item taken during the burglary. The collection has been conservatively appraised at more than $250,000. 

At this time, detectives are actively investigating this case and are not releasing any details of the burglary.  If you have any information regarding this case, call Detective Jim George at 503-846-6093.

The Rice NW Museum of Rocks and Minerals, known as the Rice Museum, is a popular destination for many school field trips and for those interested in geology.  It boasts a large collection of rocks and minerals that may be ...
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Monday April 19, 2010 - Times viewed: 7751
CANBY, Oregon - Two individuals were left hurt yesterday after a shooting in a Canby neighborhood. Police report the shooting near the intersection of Second and Knott streets was gang-related. Roberto Sinchenz said he was having a barbecue outside his apartment when he saw an SUV speed past him.

The driver, Sinchenz said, rolled down his windows and began shooting. "When he comes and stops the car, it was, 'Pow, pow, pow!' Six or seven times," Said Sinchenz. One of the victims was hit in the chest and the other victim was struck by the shooter's SUV, police said.

"The guy was going in reverse and he hit one guy with the car," Sinchenz said. Investigators said they were still piecing together the crime scene Sunday night. It appears the shooting may have been related to an assault that happened Monday. No arrests have been made in the case.

Some of the neighborhood's witnesses were cooperating with police, while others weren't talking. All of the suspects initially got away, but police are familiar with many of the people involved, so they're trying to identify those suspects and go after them. Meanwhile, a large section of the neighborhoo ...
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Thursday April 15, 2010 - Times viewed: 7747
WINSTON, Oregon - A large sewage truck hauling thousands of gallons of human waste crashed off a bridge, igniting the truck on fire, dumping sewage in a field, spilling diesel fuel into a creek that feeds into the city's water supply, and sparking fears of a possible gas leak.All

The driver escaped the crash uninjured. Police at the scene are investigating what caused the crash.

A four inch surface line carrying natural gas was dented underneath the bridge as a portion of concrete broke away during the crash. The fire department is concerned about leaks, and the gas company crews are checking the pipe.

The truck was carrying 4,000 gallons of human sewage when it sideswiped the Lookingglass Bridge off Highway 42 in Winston, Ore. The crash prompted both lanes of the highway to close.

The highway is expected to be closed for hours. Updates may be found on ODOT's website

Pieces of the truck caught on fire, and an undetermined amount of diesel fuel spilled into Lookingglass Creek, which feeds into the the South Umpqua River. The Winston water department halted pumping water from the river as a precaution.

Sewage most likely has ...
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Wednesday April 14, 2010 - Times viewed: 7741
PORTLAND, Oregon -- Amanda Stott-Smith changed her plea and confessed to the killing in a Multnomah County courtroom. She pleaded guilty yesterday to killing her 4-year-old son and attempting to murder her 7-year-old daughter by forcing both off the Sellwood Bridge. Stott-Smith showed little emotion while changing her plea. David Haag, who rescued Stott-Smith's daughter, said continues to replay the night of May 23, 2009, when the two children plunged into the Willamette River.

"There's never a day that goes by that I don't think about it," he said. Haag, who lives near the Sellwood Bridge, heard the screams of Stott-Smith's children in the river. "The sounds coming from the river -- they were moving down the river," he said. "I figured maybe it was an animal floating down the river. That was my first thought. When we came upon kids in the river, it was a shock."

After seeing police activity, he and his wife jumped into their boat and found the children despite total darkness. Haag said he pulled the children into their boat and then headed for a nearby dock. "The boy was gone, but the girl was in reasonably good shape," Haag ...
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Tuesday April 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7707
NEWBERG, Oregon - At 9:30 a.m. Newberg and Dundee Fire departments and Newberg Public Works responded to an emergency kcall. Staff and students at George Fox University in Newberg have been evacukated due to a highly acidic, explosive chemical needing containment.

Reports say one of the lab techs was given a bottle of picric acid, which is safe in liquid form. However, the rim of the cap was dry.

When it's dry, it becomes potentially explosive.

The lab technician called police and thehe Edwards Holman Science Center was evacuated.

Several other buildings were evacuated on campus. Classes will resume once the acid is removed, which officials hope to occur soon.

The evacuation and caution perimeter included two to three blocks all around the campus. The chemistry building is in the center of the campus. Only parts of the campus were evacuated.

The OSP Bomb Squad responded.

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Monday April 12, 2010 - Times viewed: 7746
RIDGEFIELD, Washington - An elderly couple from Ridgefield died after their car crashed into a pond in the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. The Clark County Sheriff's Department says rescuers responding to a 911 call from a witness, spotted the car Sunday afternoon partially submerged and upside down in the pond on the south end of Bachelor Island.

Authorities today identified the deceased as Chester B. Manning, 81, and Nancy E. Manning, 79, of La Center.

Officials said the car, a black Chevrolet Lumina, ended up in three feet of water, with the couple upside down and wearing their seat belts.

Upon arrival at the scene at about 5 p.m., authorities found the car upside down, submerged in three to four feet of water, Rothenberger said, a sergeant with the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. It is unknown how long the car had been under water.

“We don’t know much other than the car ended up in a ditch upside down,” Rothenberger said. “It appears that they might have drowned.”

They pulled the Chester Manning male and his wife Nancy from the car and worked to revive them but were unsuccessful. “It looks l ...
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Friday April 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7778
PORTLAND, Oregon - Lawrence Hendon has been arrested 44 times during his long criminal career and people in his neighborhood want answers and action. Clackamas County deputies arrested Lawrence Hendon the this last time on charges he used bolt cutters to break into newspaper bins and steal quarters. In fact, he was wearing the cutters around his neck and lots of coins in his pockets.

Hendon attempted to run when spotted by deputies, a sheriff's spokesman said, but the $60 bucks coins he carried slowed his retreat. Hendon was charged with criminal mischief, theft and possession of burglary tools and was released.

In the north Portland neighborhood where Hendon lives, neighbors said they're too familiar with his criminal history. "We're just aware. We tell him to stay the heck away," said Michael Mitchell, who lives nearby. Records show Hendon's criminal career began in the early 1980s. When FOX 12 asked jail staff in Clackamas County for any mug shots of Hendon, it took 11 e-mails from a jail worker to send all the mug shots they had on file. Despite Hendon's lengthy rap sheet, he remains a free man.

A woman who lives nearby said her major concern i ...
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Wednesday April 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 7782
PORTLAND - Sergeant Kyle Nice was one of the officers involved in the highly-publicized James Chasse Case back in September 2006. This time he was not on duty and driving last saturday afternoon in the Garden Home area. He's accused of pulling his gun out of his holster during an altercation with another motorist. 

Sergeant Kyle Nice was driving his truck with his six-week-old child inside when, he said, another driver drove through a red light and nearly hit him.  Sergeant Nice told investigators he pulled next to the driver and yelled at him.  But the other driver, Neil Ruffin of SW Portland, said that Sergeant Nice flipped him off and yelled at him using filthy language.

The two men drove to the 8300 block of SW 80th where they pulled over and argued.  "They were both using very loud voices," said female witness Elizabeth Johnston.

She said she saw Nice pull his gun out of his holster, that he never pointed it at Ruffin, but certainly made a point that he was armed. 

"He was holding it at his side and showing the other man he had a weapon," said Johnston.

After being called to the scene, deputie ...
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Tuesday April 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7739
28 year old Ali Cornell's battle with her addiction to heroin is an everyday struggle.

“I was strung out for ten years,” she says. She lives in the Woodstock neighborhood where Heroin is used abundantly and is heavily addictive. Four years ago she and her friend were both addicted but he died a week before they were to be married. She says getting better was the most difficult thing she’s ever had to do. Several times a day she struggles with the idea of returning to the grind of Heroin.

“A lot of people think you can wake up one day and just stop doing it. It’s not like that at all. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy.”

All Ali doesn't want to be part of any grim statistic. The number of heroin deaths approached new highs in 2009, according to the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s office. 127 Oregon residents died in 2009 from heroin use.

One of those people was Jason Daniel Smith, who was only 33 years old.Called “JD” by his friend, he was a young man from Kansas with most of his life ahead of him. He died last September from a heroin overdose. 

“He would always be the first ...
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Monday April 5, 2010 - Times viewed: 7753
PORTLAND — Outgoing Governor Ted Kulongoski last Friday urged candidates to join him in promoting kicker reform, “a litmus test” for anyone seeking the governorship.

Kulongoski said he “described the state of our state this way: Skies clearing — and a potential storm brewing” to characterize Oregon’s tentative emergence from recession, with economic uncertainty and a state budget deficit ahead.

In his final state of the state speech, the Governor called for policymakers to change the state’s tax rebate system, which sends “kicker” checks to taxpayers when and if the state collects substantially more revenue in a biennium than state economists had predicted would come in. Kulongoski wants the state to continue kickers rather than give it to taxpayers.

“If we want to keep that brewing storm I mentioned safely off shore, fixing the kicker must be our top economic priority,” he told an audience at a Portland State University conference center.

Kulongoski wants half of all surplus “kicker” revenue for a state government reserve to help pay for education, human services and pu ...
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Friday April 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7699
The Oregon Coast was battered with heavy rain and wind this morning and gusts up to 55 mpg are expected in the Valley. High Wind Warning- Oregon and SW Wash. Coast:All  South wind gusts near 80 mph are still possible between 10 am- 1pm.  The heaviest rain as passed...although thunderstorms are possible in the afternoon.  Wind dies down by dinnertime tonight.

Wind Advisory- Lower Columbia, Willamette Valley and Central Oregon.  It's gonna blow around here.  Look for S 20-30 mph winds, gusting to 55 mph at times.. especially between 11 am and 3pm.  Rain will turn to showers in the next two hours.

Winter Storm Warning- Cascades & Blue Mountains.  Up to two feet of snow is possible by the end of the day.. especially 3000 feet and higher.  It will be an absolute white-out up there much of the day... with wind gusts from the south near 50 miles per hour in spots.

Thankfully, tonight will be calmer with showers and lows in the upper 30s.  Showers continue tomorrow with highs in the low 50s. However, rain begins again on Easter Sunday.. right now timing shows the afternoon will be wettest. ...
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Thursday April 1, 2010 - Times viewed: 7742
PORTLAND - Only days after devastating terrorist attacks inside the subway system of Russia's capitol city, transit agencies across the US are boosting its own security.

Today TriMet announced new security measures, partnering with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to increase security in the Portland-Metro area.

Last year TriMet used aAllTSA grant to add surveillance cameras to enhance MAX station platforms including Gresham and the Gateway Transit Center. Today, more than 43 cameras are perched across the city, and cameras are added to any new platform.

The announcement is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. today at Gresham City Hall.

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Wednesday March 31, 2010 - Times viewed: 7835
VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A Vancouver deputy is suing a fast food chain over a spit-covered burger served to him last year. Deputy Edward Bylsma was in uniform and in a marked car when he ordered a Whopper at a Burger King drive-through on Northeast Gher Road in March 2009, according to a statement from the Seattle Law Office of Stafford Frey Cooper.

The deputy said the worker who handed him his food acted suspiciously. "I carefully unwrapped the burger and pulled the meat patty off the bottom bun. I found slimy, clear and white phlegm," Bylsma said in the statement. Anne Bremner, Bylsma's attorney, said DNA testing found that the burger contained human sputum and saliva and that it came from the mouth of 22-year-old Gary Herb, who was working at the Burger King at the time. "He had an instinct that the individuals were acting a little funny.

They were off to him," Bremner said. "Something just clicked with him, like 'I better look at my burger.'" Another test could not rule out feces on the burger, according to the law office's statement. Herb was found guilty of third-degree assault in the incident. He was ordered to be tested for hepatitis ...
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Tuesday March 30, 2010 - Times viewed: 7742
Oregon will receive nearly $90 million in federal funds to help homeowners remain in their homes and avoid foreclosure.

"We had no idea. We did not submit a proposal," said Lisa Joyce, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Housing and Community Services. The agency's job is to figure out the details and send a plan to Washington for approval. It could be late summer or fall before money starts flowing, Joyce said.

The state was one of five receiving about $600 million from the Housing Finance Agency Innovation Fund for the Hardest Hit Housing Markets. Other states getting the funds were North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

The first Housing Finance Agency funds targeted five states with home price declines more than 20 percent. The second Hardest Hit Fund targeted five states – including Oregon – with high concentrations of people living in economically distressed areas, defined as counties in which the unemployment rate exceeded 12 percent in 2009.

Oregon’s Housing and Community Services will now be able to submit proposals for innovative housing initiatives designed for parts of the state that have exp ...
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Monday March 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7735
PORTLAND, Oregon - Calling the police shooting of an unarmed man in Portland an "execution, the Rev. Jesse Jackson addresses the latest shooting in which a man was killed by a Portland police officer. Jackson plans to attend five events Monday, beginning with a school assembly at the Self Enhancement Inc., Charter School in north Portland. He'll also speak with Legacy Emanuel Hospital staff and meet with the Albina Ministerial Alliance.

In February, Jackson visited Portland after a Portland police officer shot and killed Aaron Campbell. The shooting happened during a confrontation at a northeast Portland apartment complex and Campbell was unarmed.

A week ago, a Portland police officer shot and killed Jack Collins, a homeless man who police said was covered in blood and repeatedly refused to drop a knife as he approached an officer. The shooting occurred at Hoyt Arboretum. "We've just become much too violent and we must go another way," Jackson said in a statement. "This rash of police shootings is marring the image of the city and jeopardizing so many people."

A grand jury has cleared Officer Frashour, who has a prior record of excess ...
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