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Saturday January 1, 2011 - Times viewed: 7829
PORTLAND - A Club 915 bouncer was shot and killed in downtown Portland overnight. A Portland police officer reported was called to investigate a fight at Club 915, at 915 S.W. 2nd Ave. The officer reported hearing gunshots and a second officer found the 32-year-old bouncer on the ground. Police are not disclosing was found or shot inside or outside of the club. The Portland Police Bureau states, "in the course of interacting with persons associated with the shooting, the officer discharged his firearm." Owners of Club 915 have cannot be reached for comment. The streets around the Southwest 2nd Avenue and Taylor Street club were closed New Years Day but reopened around noon. ...
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Friday December 31, 2010 - Times viewed: 8484
SALEM - 44 year old Marion County Fire Chief J. Kevin Hensonis is in the hospital after his vehicle was hit today, New Years Eve, while on the way to a fire. He was headed to a house fire in the 3500 block of Brooklake Road N.E. when he tried to pass a 2005 GMC truck and was struck when the other driver turned into a business. The fire chief's van rolled a couple times before coming to rest on its side. The Chief was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries. The sheriff's office said they could not or would not release information on the fire chief's condition without his permission. But word has it that his injuries were serious, but that he is in stable condition at a Salem Hospital. The driver of the other vehicle, 37-year-old Robert M. Floyd of Keizer, sustained minor injuries and was not hospitalized. Chief Kevin Henson came to Oregon in 2004 to serve as the Fire Chief for the Turner Fire District (TFD). He brought with him eighteen years of prior experience in emergency services. In addition to well-known lecture & instructional abilities, Chief Henson also maintains accreditation as a Fire Officer as well as certification as a Nationally Registered Para ...
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Thursday December 30, 2010 - Times viewed: 7871
PORTLAND - A large landslide just south of Oregon City blocked both lanes of traffic on Highway 99E yesterday. Highway crews spent most of the day cleaning the debris off the road to clear traffic. ODOT encourages drivers to avoid the area. Southbound traffic will turn left at 2nd, right on South High Street, continue to South End Road and connect with Highway 99E. Trucks will not be allowed on the detour. Northbound trucks will turn around at New Era Road and head to Barlow Road to connect with Interstate 5 or I205. The large rocks forced crews to bring in heavy machinery to clear the road. ...
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Thursday December 30, 2010 - Times viewed: 7731
GRESHAM – A 26-year-old man was shot in the neck and taken to the hospital Wednesday. The shooting occured about three blocks from the Gresham Transit Center. The man was shot in the right sometime last night. When police arrived they found him holding his right hand on a neck wound. He reported to police that three Hispanic men ran away after shooting him. He is expected to survive. Gresham police are continuing to investigate the incident and have called in gang investigators. ...
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Wednesday December 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7832
CAPE MEARES - The two men who were found guilty of severely damaging the Cape Meares Lighthouse in January 2010 have now been ordered to pay $100,000 in restitution and serve several months in Tillamook County jail. David Wilks, Jr. and Zachary Pyle both pleaded guilty to criminal mischief after being arrested earlier this year for vandal acts viciously damaging the Cape Mears lighthouse built in 1889. Those acts outraged people across the state. Last January the two young men fired multiple bullets into the glass covered structure, extensively damaging windows and shattering the old Fresnel lenses which had considerable historical value. ...
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Sunday August 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7778
EVERETT — Theodore Ohms was accused of shooting at police during a chase on Interstate 5 has rejected a plea agreement which could have sent him to prison for 20 years. Prosecutors plan to file additional charges where Ohms could face 40 years in prison instead of 20 years. Ohms had been expected to plead guilty on Wednesday to four felony charges, including first-degree assault with a firearm and vehicular assault. He allegedly shot at a sheriff’s deputy during a high-speed chase. The pursuit, the crash and the manhunt stranded thousands of drivers. A 49-year-old woman was severely injured when her van was hit. Prosecutor Janice Albert had planned to recommend a 20-year sentence, the low end of the standard range, in exchange for the plea. But Ohms changed his mind on Wednesday and ignored the advice of his attorney not to speak. He told the judge he didn’t feel he was getting decent legal advice, that he had seen the legal paperwork and because he never finished school it was difficult for him to read. “I feel like I’m being coerced into taking the 20 years,” Ohms said. Judge Ronald Castleberry advised said he wanted to make sure Ohms understood the prosecut ...
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Tuesday December 28, 2010 - Times viewed: 7805
PORTLAND - Just after 5pm yesterday, Portland police were called to the 3500 block of Southwest Dakota Street near Gabriel Park. Police dispatch received a 911 call from a woman who said her son had attacked her and her husband, the man's father, outside the home with a machete. She said her 34-year-old son Marcus Lagozzino had been suicidal in the past and indicated he might by trying to commit suicide by police. She said he was hiding inside the house with her 61 year old husband and that she believed Lagozzino would be confrontational with officers, according to the police bureau. Police spokesman Pete Simpson said Lagozzino began to quickly advance toward the officers as they gave him several warnings and fired a Taser and bean bags. Lagozzino was then shot by police and rushed to a hospital. At 11 a.m. today, Lagozzino was listed in critical condition. Shots were fired less than one minute after they first made contact with Lagozzino and that Lagozzino had assaulted his parents in an argument before police arrived. An unidentified neighbor said he heard gunshots before police arrived. "I heard loud yelling then some shots rang out. Probably about six or loud sho ...
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Tuesday December 28, 2010 - Times viewed: 7757
FOREST GROVE, Oregon - A TriMet bus driver who stopped his bus to rescue a small puppy from traffic will get to keep the Chihuahua-dachshund mix puppy, according to a press release from the transit agency. A TriMet spokeswoman said, "He's thrilled to keep caring for the dog,". The bus driver wishes to remain anonymous for personal reasons. He says he was driving his bus in November when he spotted the puppy on Main Street in Forest Grove. He stopped, picked up the 8-week old puppy then dropped it off at a doggy daycare facility in Hillsboro later in the day and had it examined by a vet. The bus driver posted Found Dog signs in the area where he found the pup and an ad on Craigslist. But there were no takers. No one had claimed the cute little puppy. A few days later Garold Howe, manager of The Farm & Garden Store at 19th Avenue in Forest Grove said he had lost a puppy from his store on November 16. The puppy had been for sale for $495. The pup had escaped its pen and ran out into the street. Howe saw the bus stop, but wasn’t certain what happened or who picked up the doggie. Meanwhile the driver named the puppy Oreo. TriMet contacted the driver to let him know what ...
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Monday December 27, 2010 - Times viewed: 7939
TROUTDALE, Oregon - A Portland woman was arrested for driving under the influence after leading Troutdale police on a chase down Interstate 84 toward Troutdale. Police responded to several calls just before midnight on Christmas reporting a reckless driver on I84. The callers said the car nearly missed hitting construction signs and several other cars. Officers turned on their emergency lights and sirens after spotting the car just past the Troutdale exit. The chase lasted about five minutes because the driver would not pull over. At times the driver slowed down to as low as 25 miles per hour on the freeway. The driver was identified as 61-year-old Shirley Strickland. She eventually stopped near the Corbett exit on I84. Police then arrested her on charges of driving under the influence and driving while suspended. She was taken to the Multnomah County Detention Center. ...
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Monday December 27, 2010 - Times viewed: 7751
SNOQUALMIE PASS, Washington - The search continues for four women who were snowshoeing in the Gold Creek area on Snoqualmie Pass when they become lost Sunday afternoon. Kittitas County Undersheriff Clayton Myers said one of the women called 911 to report they had left the trail and were lost. A rescue team has been in cell phone contact and are working with the wireless phone provider to help determine their exact location. "The challenge we're facing is that there's very, very low visibility, so they can't really give us any good reference points," Myers said. Fortunately the women area wearing winter clothes, but heavy snow has fallen since the search began and the women are cold and wet. Searchers on snowmobiles and with snowshoe are exploring the area, Myers said. "We're optimistic we should be able to find them." ...
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Sunday December 26, 2010 - Times viewed: 7825
GRESHAM, Oregon - Police are calling him the "gentleman jewelry thief", but he was no gentleman he allegedly used a mask and crawled through a window of a Gresham jewelry store and grabbed two bins of jewelry. Then on his way out he allegedly thanked three female employees and said, "It's OK, ladies." The man and the driver of an SUV pulled up outside the jewelry store at a Gresham mall on Thursday night and took the jewelry. Gresham police say there were no weapons involved. ...
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Sunday December 26, 2010 - Times viewed: 7743
EUGENE, Oregon A Springfield man claims Springfield police have used excessive force when they arrested him on Dec. 29, 2008. He's asking the department and the Lane County Jail to revise its policies regarding mentally-ill suspects in custody. Mark A. Kemp claimes in the lawsuit that Springfield police officers used excessive force when he was arrested for disorderly conduct and trespassing at a gas station on Dec. 29, 2008. He seeks unspecified monetary damages and claims that deputies assaulted him in jail when he didn't respond to their orders. Kemp is described as an intermittently homeless man who has lived in both Springfield and Eugene. ...
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Saturday December 25, 2010 - Times viewed: 7932
SPOKANE, Washington - On Tuesday police arrested a 54-year-old grandmother and her 14-year-old grandson on charges of attempting to sell crack cocaine. After arresting the grandson, police found baggies of a substance in the boy's pocket that tested positive for crack cocaine. After Hilliard was arrested, she waived her right to remain silent and spoke to police. She admitted she was driving the boy to sell crack cocaine. The boy said he paid his grandmother to drive him around because he has no drivers license. Grandmother Tyna A. Hilliard appeared in Spokane County Superior Court Thursday on drug delivery charges. Her arraignment is set for Jan. 3. Hilliard's daughter - the boy's mother - was arrested on a similar drug charge in August. ...
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Saturday December 25, 2010 - Times viewed: 7709
TOLEDO, Washington – An historical three story building was destroyed in an early morning fire which broke at 201 Ramsey Street. The historical building stretched a block long and held businesses. "We're pouring so much water we're concerned it's going to deplete our water sources for the city," a Toledo official said. There have been no reported injuries. Residents are urged to conserve water and only use it in case of emergency. Highway 505 is closed in both directions through the area. Firefighters do not yet know what started the fire. ...
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Friday December 24, 2010 - Times viewed: 7871
HARRISBRG, Oregon - A man who seemed irrational and had been making paranoid statements fatally stabbed his son and himself yesterday morning. The Linn County Sheriff's Office said father and son were alone in the home. Their bodies were found last night by the man's wife. Darwin D. Stout, 48, and Jared Stout, 13, both died of knife wounds. LaMae Stout, mother and wife, discovered the bodies when she arrived home from work last night at the family's home on Monroe Street. She called 9-1-1. Police say Darwin Stout had begun making irrational and paranoid statements last week but nothing he said seemed to indicate he could turn violent. "It got to the point where he ended up volunteering to go to Sacred Heart (Medical Center in Eugene) to be evaluated", a police representative stated. Neighbor Josh Davis who just moved next door with his wife and sons two months ago, said he was shocked this would happen in a neighborhood full of children. "I think just about every house on the block has kids," said Davis. "We're always seeing their bikes." Another neighbor, Maggie Cooley seemed particularly affected. "Before going to bed last night, I went back in each of my ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 8130
Multnomah County Sheriff's Office arrested four adults Tuesday night netting 300 mature growing marijuana plants and 100 pounds of processed marijuana. It was a large-scale marijuana growing operation. Four vehicles were seized, including an Acura MDX SUV, Porsche Cayenne SUV, and a BMV M3 and a Lexus 300.. Two children 4 and 8 years old were taken into protective custody. Deputies seized the pot at 2915 N.E. Rocky Butte Drive, Portland, and 17717 N.E. Pacific Drive, Gresham and arrested Tu Ngoc Tran, Minh Ngoc Le, Minaty Nguyen, and Huy Nguyen. The suspects had faked medical marijuana cards along with fraudulent documents to disguise their marijuana growing activities. ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 7818
FOREST GROVE, Oregon - Mickey Johnson from Forest Grove was raising money for Leukemia using a stocking hung from a pole in the front yard. The idea was to have neighbors or anyone passing by to have their photo taken with "Santa" and leave donations. Yesterday evening a teen boy walked up to the stocking as though he was to leave a donation. Instead he quickly grabbed the stocking and took off running, getting away with $100 in cash. Mickey Johnson says the teen boy asked what the donations were for just before he grabbed the stocking. The teen thief is white, about 17, and wore a dark hooded sweatshirt and dark shorts. According to witnesses, he was also accompanied by a male and female of about the same age. Anyone with information about the theft should call police at 503-992-3260. Johnson says he'll be back at the job and hopes to make up for the missing cash. ...
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Thursday December 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 7754
PORTLAND, Ore. -- Buster the dog, a Rottweiler mix, has been rescued by the Oregon Humane Society Humane. OHS and Portland Police officers yesterday removed him from a home in Northeast Portland. Kent and Grace Adamson, were charged with animal neglect and voluntarily relinquished the dog to OHS, where it is now getting needed medical attention. The warrant was issued for the residence at 6356 NE 6th Avenue in Portland. Buster is an elderly Rottweiler mix with obvious pain. Another resident of the home, Cecil Walling, was charged with neglect a couple weeks ago in regard to a sick and dying cat. Multnomah County have cited residents at that location several times for animal violations. The situation began after Kent Adamson brought a malnourished rabbit to OHS. OHS investigators also discovered a another dog and five cats at the house Wednesday, but only Buster seemed to be suffering from neglect. The other animals remain at the house and OHS may file more charges. ...
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Wednesday December 22, 2010 - Times viewed: 7865
VANCOUVER - Authorities in Clark County are searching two men for attempted murder charges in a hatchet attack on a man in Clark County. 28-year-old Matthew Michaelson and 35-year-old André Kennedy are wanted on charges of attempted murder. The victim told deputies the men were wearing dark clothing, gloves and masks and that they dragged him out of his home last December 14 and blungened him with the hatchet. The men fled when he yelled that he recognized them. The victim believes he was attacked because he's a witness in a criminal case against one of the men. Both men were recently released from county jail. The victim was was treated for a concussion and cuts and is now recovering. ...
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Wednesday December 22, 2010 - Times viewed: 8009
SALEM, Oregon - Father and son bank robbers who killed two people when they left a homemade bomb at the West Coast Bank in Woodburn, have been convicted of planting the bomb that killed two police officers. They have both been sentenced to death. The jury deliberated for less than a day and found Bruce Turnidge and his son, Joshua Turnidge, guilty on all 18 counts, including aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder and assault charges. Kelly Mix, brother-in-law of Woodburn Police Captain Tom Tennant, killed in by the bomb, said he was pleased with the verdict said he was not surprised but he was pleased. "For us, it doesn't change the fact that my brother-in-law is dead," Mix told The Oregonian. "I'm not opposed to the death penalty if the jury thinks that's the right punishment." The two men were arrested in Salem. The manager of the Woodburn branch of West Coast Bank found the device after a call about a bomb threat to a nearby Wells Fargo bank branch turned up a harmless device. The bomb at West Coast Bank was found outside, but the officers took it inside, where it exploded. Lt. Sheila Lorance of the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the lead agency in the ca ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 8234
PORTLAND, Oregon - Portland police got very luck when a routine traffic stop netted thousands of dollars worth of heroin. Police recovered nine pounds of uncut heroin packaged in bricks worth a half million. The heroin was found packed in the bumper of a blue Kia minivan. Juan Casas was arrested and a home search turned up more than 4 pounds of heroin hidden in food containers of macaroni and cheese. The amount of the drug was enough to supply thousands of hits to users. Marijuana, cocaine, weapons and over $1,500 in cash was also found. Street value of the drug was said to be about a quarter million dollars. Sergeant Cory Roberts says heroin use is on the rise in Northwest Oregon and in particular, Portland. Roberts said he believes it is because more doctors are prescribing the pharmaceutical oxycodone for pain. Addicted users are then switching to heroin because it's cheaper, Police said they seized twice as much heroin this year as compared to last year. ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7774
PORTLAND, Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is recovering from prostate cancer surgery. The early-stage cancer was discovered after a physical in November. His surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore said yesterday that "everything went perfect. The patient is recovering well." Wyden should be released today and is expected to recuperate at his home in Washington. He worked through the weekend, voting on the winning democratic side for the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy but on the losing side to cut off debate on a bill to give young illegal immigrants a path to citizenship. Ron Wyden was born in Kansas and raised in Palo Alto, California. He came to Oregon to attend the Oregon University School of Law and earned his J.D. degree in 1974. He taught at several Oregon universities and founded the Oregon chapter of the Gray Panthers. The Gray Panthers wiki states "Gray Panthers is an organization in the United States dedicated to economic and social justice." Sen. Wyden ran the organization from 1974-1980. At 30 years old, he won his first elected position as Representative for Oregon's 3rd Congressional District. Since that time, Wyden has remained involv ...
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Tuesday December 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7770
CANBY, Oregon - Because of excessive high water due to flooding on the Willamette River the Canby Ferry service has been shut down until further notice. The Canby Ferry makes its run across the river between 6:45 each morning and 9:15 each night, every day. Officials expected the service to eturn later this week when water levels fall. Travelers shoujld find a new way to travel between Canby and Wilsonville this week. ...
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Monday December 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7761
PORTLAND, Oregon – Britany Miller's and her mother Melinda came here from Alaska. Britany has leukemia and has been receiving treatments at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. They've been here since early November. Britany’s father is still in Alaska. Melinda had bought hundreds of dollars of Christmas presents for Britany but on Sunday, thieves stole the presents from the family’s SUV in the parking lot at Doernbecher. Sunday morning Melinda was on her way to church. But she the windows of her SUV smashed. Her computer laptop, along with games and workstation she had bought for her daughter were gone. OHSU surveillance cameras were not able to capture images of the breakin, and hospital security said break-ins rarely happen and the Miller’s car was parked in one of the safest parking lots. "These are people that come to our hospital, to our university – reaching out in need, and we want them to feel welcome, we want them to feel safe," said Steve Buchtel, director of security for OHSU. “For that to be violated, I do take that very seriously. I certainly would like to catch the people that did this.” No witnesses have come forward and there are no other leads. Because ...
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Monday December 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7886
Last Tuesday, 28-year old Zannish Schmeka Fraziera broke into a car and home in a West Linn neighborhood. It seems her loot was far too heavy to carry so she called the cops to help her along the way. In an apparent attempt to give the police a good reason to help her, Frazier said she was kicked out of her boyfriend’s house and needed a ride to a transit center. Carrying a handful of duffel bags filled with her loot, Frazier met Sergeants Mike Boyd, who took her to Clackamas County Jail for a probation violation warrant. Frazier’s "belongings" were being held by police for safekeeping but meanwhile they received a call from a woman at the 2200 block of Charman Street who reported a woman had broken into her home and sole several items. A duffel bag description matched that of Fraziers. Items stolen included laptop computers, jewelry and women’s clothing. In addition, and in the same area, a car theft was reported earlier in the evening on Grant Street. The items stolen matched what had been fouind in Frazier’s possession. Frazier now faces burglary and theft charges and has since been transferred to Washington County Jail. "This case was brought to a rapid conclu ...
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Monday December 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7756
Firefighters rescued two people Friday night from a burning historic Southeast Portland commercial building. A woman and a man, both in their early 30s, were rescued from a burning building at 111 S.E. Madison Friday evening. Both were taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The names of the man and woman and the extent of their injuries have not been released pending notification of nearest relatives. No one else was found in the building. The building, a 15 thousand square-foot warehouse, was erected just before the stock market crash in 1929 and is the location of Pro Lab Northwest Inc and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Portland Fire and Rescue crews found flames coming from the overhead door of the first floor with thick black smoke which could be seen from the top of the Hawthorne Bridge. The person who called in the fire report on 9-1-1 said he could hear screams from inside the building. Firefighters soon brought the blaze under control and fire investigators are attempting to determine the cause of the blaze. ...
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Monday December 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7803
Community activists assembed in morning rain held a press conference in Portland this morning calling for the firing of the two Portland police officers who were involved in the fatal shooting of Darryel Dwayne Ferguson. 45-year old Darryel Dwayne Ferguson was shot and killed as he opened the door to his Southeast Portland apartment. In his hand he held what police said was a realistic looking BB gun. He was shot and killed by 2 officers outside his apartment, number 201 of the Ventura Park Plaza on the corner of S.E Burnside and 122nd Avenue. Kathryn Cates, a representative for the Fire Frashour Campaign said, ".. police resorted to force where none was necessary and did not even attempt to de-escalate the situation. The cops handling of this incident showed a reckless disregard for the safety of Ferguson, his family, his neighbours, and in short anyone besides the police themselves. The cops seem paranoid about their own safety and utterly indifferent to the safety of the public." Kathryn Cates said Ferguson was reportedly trying to defend his family from an aggressive neighbor and did not realize the police were at his door. The activists say the police handling of ...
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Monday December 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7761
BONNEVILLE, Washington - A semi-truck carrying grain crashed on Route 14 in Washington this morning. It was near milepost 26 near Bonneville when 40-year old Guillermo Espinoza turned left on the road before the truck flipped over. Crews useed a backhoe to hold onto the cables and then use a semi-truck that put an anchor down on the ground to weight itself in order to move the truck back over. The driver did not suffered any injuries and the grain in the truck has already been cleaned up off the road. Washington State Police said the driver was driving too fast in snowy conditions when he drifted into the west-bound lane and tried to correct before the truck tipped. The driver will be charged with driving too fast for the conditions. ...
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Sunday December 19, 2010 - Times viewed: 8236
PORTLAND, Oregon – The snow fell in and around Portland today, lightly, but it stuck in some areas. It was the first December 2010 snow fall for the area. By this afternoon light snow fell briefly on Troutdale. This comes as cold air moves down the Gorge and moist air moves up from the coast. Right around 4 p.m. it began snowing "big white flakes" in Southwest Portland, says KATU Reporter Valerie Hurst. It was snowing today in at West Burnside Road in inner Southwest Portland and at Barnes Road in the Sunset area. And there was even a brief spot of slush-like snow in Northeast Portland near Sandy Boulevard just before 4:30 p.m., before turning into a blanket of snow that covered most of the metro area. Steve Pierce with the Oregon Chapter of the American Meteorological Society tells says the snow should stop by 9 p.m., "with either a change over to rain at the lowest elevations or by abating entirely." "Higher elevations around Portland can expect a little more in the way of accumulations, but should remain below 1 inch," he said. ...
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Saturday December 18, 2010 - Times viewed: 8542
GRESHAM, Oregon - Two Gresham patrol officers were not injured when their police car crashed into a power pole after responding to a call last night at Southeast Stark and 205th Avenue. The accident occurred at about 8:30 last night. A power pole was knocked down by the patrol car and 8,000 customers lost power. Also, TriMet's MAX service was tied up as police blocked off the area for their investigation. The bottom of the power pole had been cut off and only the top of the pole was hanging precariously in the air. Two police officers who were in the patrol car were not hurt in the crash. Apparently no one else was involved. The officers were responding to a call about a man with a gun at Southeast Stark Street by Cleveland. After the crash, another Gresham police officer responded and took the suspect with the gun into custody. Details of the crash are being held by police and are still being investigated today. ...
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