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Saturday August 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7598
CANBY, Oregon - 3 people were seriously injured and 10 others hurt when two vehicles collided last night because one of them did not stop at a stop sign.

A van and an SUV collided just before 8 p.m. at the intersection of South Central Point Road and South New Era Road.

There were two adults and six children in the Van, and the SUV had five teenagers. According to firefighters, one of the vehicles was headed to the Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo and the other had just come from there.

It's not yet clearwhich vehicle failed to stop.

Eight of the passengers had minor injuries and two were injured but were able to walk away. One child waswas taken to the hospital by helicopter and the others by ambulances.

Everyone is expected to survive. As of Saturday, names have not yet been released.

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Friday August 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7634
SALEM -- The photo in this story is of a Salem man believed to have attempted to fake his own death to beat a court case. Police unsuccessfully attempted to locate him over the weekend.

Last Friday, Salem police obtained an arrest warrant for 42 year old Michael Rosen of 181 North Street and charged him with counterfeiting and forgery, Rosen allegedly posed as his brother in Salem District Court last Tuesday.

Rosen handed a clerk a copy of what police later confirmed was a forged death certificate with many misspellings, including the name of the cemetery where he claimed to be buried.

A probation officer discovered the problem in regard to the dismissal. He was suspicious. He remembered he had talked to Rosen the previous week and was apparently in good spirits and in good health. Rosen has a long police record including prior forgery charges.

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Thursday August 19, 2010 - Times viewed: 7585
ALOHA, Oregon - Police are investigating a bomb threat Thursday evening that was called into the US Bank next to Papa Johns on Southwest TV Highway, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. No injuries have been reported.

The Portland Bomb Squad was on the scene late Thursday to search the parking lot, said David Thompson, spokesman for the sheriff’s office.

TV Highway was shut down from 185th to 198th, with traffic clogging the streets.

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Wednesday August 18, 2010 - Times viewed: 7836
WASHOUGAL, Washington - Zachary Gallo fell27 to his deathoff the Naked Fallsbridge over the Washougal River early Monday morning, police said.

Gallo was from Citrus Heights, California andfell in the early hours Monday morning. A friend who was looking for him also fell from the same spot just moments later. The second person survived and was treated at the scene.

The bridge islocated approximately three miles upstream from the popular Dougan Falls recreation area. The river bank under the bridge is a flat rock ledge and both men fell about 30 feet into the water below.

A friend of the Gallo ran to a home nearby and called 9-1-1. Policefound Gallo floating in a shallow rapid in the Washougal River downstream from the bridge. CPR efforts could notrevived him, said Skamania County Sheriff Dave Brown.

Deputies believe the men hadbeen drinking before the accident andhad all been attending or working at the Clark County Fair earlier in the day and left to go cool off in the river.

Gallo had planned to head home to California this morning. ...
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Friday August 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7741
Lady Gaga will be arriving in Portland August 19. Tickets are still available.

Her Monster Ball Tour, which arrives Thursday at the Rose Garden, has been not only a commercial success but also largely a critical one.

And though there's plenty of room to argue about whether she's original or a Madonna knockoff, there's little denying that all the costume changes, all the ridiculous quotes, the glitz, the glam, the artifice have resulted in something we don't see that often: Lady Gaga has infiltrated the culture.

We can jump online and find any fact within a few seconds. We have hundreds of "friends" we barely know, if we know them at all. We have more entertainment options than ever before, but rarely do we watch or listen to much together.

The largest TV event of 2010, the finale of "Lost," averaged 13.5 million viewers. In 1998, the final episode of "Seinfeld" averaged more than 76 million viewers.

Lady Gago was just another girl inManhattan's Upper West Side, just another girl who went to a Catholic school near the Guggenheim Museum and whose website biography ends with the quote, "And, now, I'm just trying to change the world one sequin at a ti ...
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Wednesday August 11, 2010 - Times viewed: 8217
PORTLAND, Oregon - Tens of thousands of people in Oregon use Craiglist on a daily basis, which is, on the average, higher than most of the rest of the country. Much of the services and people who use the service are decent law abiding citizens and most are friendly and courteous. However, there are some mean spirited and nasty people one finds difficult to avoid. Let's look at one particular criminal first.

Portland Police are searching for more victims of a man who scammed people out of thousands of dollars on Craigslist. 36 year old Brian Beckwas arrested for theft. On Friday a man reported to police that he had purchased store gift cards for around $1,000 from a man on Craigslist. However, the cards had no balance. Police discovered that Beck bought the gift cards legally and then sold them to the victim, according to the police bureau.

Sounds legal so far. But the problem is that after Beck sold them, he went back to the store and reported that they were stolen. The store immediately gave him new cards with original balances. So because the cards were reported as stolen, the victim was unable to redeem them. Police served a search warrant at Beck's Beaverton ...
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Monday August 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7667
YAMHILL, Oregon - Missy has always loved her owner and usually follows him wherever he goes. But this time she was able to rescue him and perhaps even save his life after he collapsed at home following major heart surgery.

Missy's friend, companion, and owner, Charlie Burdon was working in his back yard last week in Yamhill when 11-year-old dachshund Missy scampered up to neighbor Charles Mitchell and refused to leave.

Mitchell tried repeatedly to get the insistent old dog to return home, but she refused. This began to worry Mitchell so he decided to follow Missy down the street to to see what might be going on. He then found his neighbor, Charlie Burdon collapsed inside his home. He called 911 and was taken to the hospital.

Missy's owner, Charlie Burdon had suffered an attack of vertigo and is now recovering, thanks to Missy. And Burdon and Mitchell, who have been good friends for years, both have decided that Missy is now the neighborhood hero. ...
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Saturday August 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 7816
Have you ever been double-charged by a company? It happens all the time. Many businesses make this a standard practice then have a ready apology when you catch them at it. You pay one employee of the company then another bills you for the same service, usually mailed to you in the official looking form envelope. All too often the unsuspecting customer sends in another check. Or, as what happened last week, the customer pays River City Environmental in cash then sends another payment when the company demanding the double payment Last week a customer called River City Environmental in the early evening asking for help in testing a septic drain field. The employee on the phone promised a technician would call in the morning. Instead of actually calling as promised, River City Environmental simply sent a man out on the job without permission from the customer. Business must be slow.

To make the problem worse, the technician argued with the customer, refusing to perform the simple test requested, insisting that it would be best to dig up the entire distribution box, destroying a perfect lawn, all of which could have cost thousands of dollars. The customer had carefully expl ...
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Friday August 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7693
Douglas Noah Marcks will spend the next five years in state prison because he left his sick 78 year old mother in a bathtub for 18 hours. Douglas Noah Marcks apparently didn't much care what happened to his mother because 48-year-old Marcks wanted to watch television. Multnomah County Circuit Judge Julie Frantz sentenced the son to five years for criminal mistreatment.

Marcks eventually called 911 and emergency dispatchers back in 2007 to. They found his mother, Bernice Marcks, sill in the bathtub, unconscious. He left her there, in her own feces for a day and a half while he flipped channels on his TV set in another room.

Marks had moved to his mother's home on Southeast 32nd Avenue and was supposed to provide her with care but most sly cashed her Social Security checks for himself.

When medical personnel found conditions in the home "deplorable", the old woman in tub full of feces, her room a disaster, more feces everywhere, he was arrested.

"This is the most serious and egregious case of criminal mistreatment that I have witnessed," said Multnomah County Circuit Judge Julie Frantz who sentenced him.

Marcks was supposed to b ...
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Wednesday August 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7739
ROSEBURG, Oregon -- A 911 call reported gunshots filed the general area of Oswego and Fulton in Roseburg early Wednesday morning. Police responded and an investigation of attempted murder followed.

It all happened just after midnight. Roseburg police responded to the report of a gunshot, and an officer saw a vehicle speeding away from the area. He pulled the vehicle over, and discovered neighbors were taking Ashley T. Reynolds, 24, of Roseburg, to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police report that Reynolds was alert and spoke to a police officer at Mercy Medical Center. He has since been taken to River Bend Hospital in Springfield.

Police Jeff Edward Reece, 27, also of Roseburg, on charges of Attempted Murder and Assault I. Reynolds and Reece apparently knew each other and had been involved in some kind of relationship.

The investigation is continuing, and more information will be released as it becomes available. ...
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Monday August 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7665
Grace Tam and her family were on a hiking trip together, enjoying a beautiful summer afternoon.All She and her mother were seated on a rock outside the Big Four ice caves in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.All Then out of nowhere, a huge truck-sized chunk of ice tumbled down and landed on the girl and ram into her mother.

Witnesses saw the chunk of ice falling but there was nothing they could do.  They called 911 and did all they could while waiting 90 agonizing minutes for help to arrive.

Grace and her mother were not inside a cave, but were simply standing next to them. A Sheriff's Office deputy was sent to the scene, along with search-and-rescue personnel, a medic unit and a helicopter.

"It was huge," said Marina Yagolnikova, a witness who was downhill from the incident when it happened just before 3 p.m. "I saw a piece of ice just fall down, and people were just screaming, 'Oh, there's people up there!'"

Deputy Glen Bergstrom described the falling ice as the size of a small truck. The victims were outside the caves sitting on a rock at a nearby snowfield. The family is from the Lake Stevens area.  The entire ...
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Thursday July 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 8112
CANYONVILLE, Oregon - An electrical fire slowly smoldered in a dark closet as mother Teresa Holt and her children slept peacefully.

This was the family pet Grizzly's chance to be heroic and save the entire family. And that's just what he did. Flames would soon spread and destroyed the family home and possessions but their savior pit bull mix Grizzly woke up the little man of the house, son Justin.

"The dog trampled over me and stuff," Justin Holt said. "It was acting weird and I was like, 'What's wrong?' And then I thought I smelled something on fire, and I thought it was the stove at first. Then I realized when I rolled back over it was coming out of my mom's (closet) into my closet."

It wasn't long before the tiny home was destroyed. Everything was a total loss. 

"I still don't know how we got out because the house was so full of smoke, and I'm surprised it wasn't further inflamed before we woke up," Teresa Holt said and credits Grizzly with saving all their life.

And this is second time Teresa had to flee a house fire. When she just a teenager, Teresa's parent's house also burned to the ground.

"It ...
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Wednesday July 28, 2010 - Times viewed: 7724
A 65-year-old woman was hit and killed by a truck on SE Tualatin Valley Highway on Tuesday, and police are looking for the driver. Preciosa Galorio was walking in the crosswalk at TV Highway at 11th when a pickup hit her

At around 8 p.m., Preciosa was hit by the pickup truck, which was headed westbound.  The woman was badly injured and suffered life-threatening injuries. She was then transported to the hospital by a Life Flight air ambulance. She later died.

Police said the truck drove away after hitting the woman and investigators are now looking for that truck and its driver. They believe the driver may be in a late-1990s Chevy two-tone pickup truck.  Anyone with information should call Washington Co. dispatchers at 503-629-0111.

The site of yesterdau's hit and run incident was about a mile away from where Jaziel Lopez-Medina, 18, was struck and killed by a vehicle on July 18.  The driver in that incident is still being sought by police.  There is yet no indication that the two incidents are related. ...
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Monday July 26, 2010 - Times viewed: 7716
PORTLAND, Oregon – After Kaine Horman discovered his wife Terri Horman paid or set aside $350,000 to her attorney Stephen Houze to represent her, Kaine decided he'd like half that cash amount. Kaine is the father of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman. He filed paperwork Monday seeking payment from his estranged wife, Terri Horman, to help pay his legal bills.

According to court documents dated July 26, Terri Horman has "tendered payment of $350,000 to her attorney Stephen Houze for her legal representation."

It's not known if any money has actually been paid to Houze, a Portland-based criminal defense attorney. Documents allege Terri "has indicated in a written communication to a third party" that she paid that amount.

Kaine's attorney said that Terri Horman "should be required to immediately disclose the source and amount of such funds."

Child custody attorney Laura Rackner, who represented Kaine in today's filing, indicated that if Terri borrowed the money, and if the loan is considered a marital liability, then the cash should be considered a shared marital asset. That, said Rackner, would make Terri Horman resp ...
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Friday July 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 7688
OREGON CITY, Oregon - A small airplane crashed south of Oregon City, killing the pilot.

The plane crashed next to the highway at Hwy 213 and Kirk Road and burst into flames.All Hwy 213 was closed in both directions at that location.

Witnesses reported seeing the plane engulfed in flames as it went down. Steve Hoffeditz, Clackamas Fire District 1 spokesman, said the plane was flying about 200 feet in the air heading north. "He then clipped a few trees, tumbled a little bit and went into flames," Hoffeditz said. "An eye-witness told us the plane made a few cartwheels."

Clackamas County firefighters said the experimental kit plane was trying to make an emergency landing in an open field when it clipped some trees. The plane hit a nearby power line and exploded into flames, crashing within 50 yards of a nearby home.

The plane was registered to a Portland man who was not immediately identified. It was unknown if he was piloting the plane when it crashed.

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Tuesday July 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7842
PORTLAND, Oregon - The stepmother of missing 7-year-old Kyron Horman, Terri Horman has moved out of the family’s home. Kaine Horman requested his wife leave the house and she agreed. Kaine filed for divorce and was granted a protective restraining order against her. Kaine Horman says he believes Terri was involved in the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman, missing since June 4.

Three weeks ago investigators told Kaine a landscaper said Terri tried to hire him to kill Kaine. Kaine then moved out with their daughter and filed an emergency restraining order two days later and asked for full custody. So far, Terri has not contested either of those requests.

Terri Horman has not been charged or named a person of interest in either Kyron's disappearance or the plot against her husband.

Court documents released earlier this week added to the growing list of odd behavior coming from Terri Horman. Her husband claimed in a filing in which he attempted to have his wife held in contempt for violating the emergency restraining order granted June 28 that she tried to "abduct" her 20-month-old daughter from a gym day care after the emergency restraining ...
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Thursday July 15, 2010 - Times viewed: 7681
SISTERS, Oregon. -- Rescuers are searching for a missing 70 year old man who became separated from his wife during a hike near Sisters. He's missing from the Deschutes National Forest area, 16 miles south of Sisters and east of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area

His wife said her elderly husband was well equipped but had no cell phone. They apparently became separated around noon Wednesday when the he stopped for a better view, and she decided to walk ahead and meet him at the end of the trail. But she could not find her husband, and he never showed up.

The Tam McArthur Rim marks the edge of a sparsely vegetated, high volcanic tableland. Tam McArthur Rim can be reached by driving 16 miles south on Forest Road 16, also known as Three Creeks Road, from downtown Sisters, Oregon. The trailhead for the Rim is located at Three Creeks Lake, which has four campgrounds, one of which is a horse camp. The elevation at the trailhead, which is at Three Creek Lake, is 6300 feet, so expect snow to be a possible issue, even in during the summer months. September usually brings the best conditions for visiting the area.

A helicopter crew helped with the search of the Tam MacArt ...
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Tuesday July 13, 2010 - Times viewed: 7958
Who says that a person in their 80's can't change their lifestyle and stop smoking?

Well, not Rose Marie of Port Angeles, Washington. After smoking cigarettes for nearly 70 years she was able to stop "Cold Turkey", a year ago, on her own, suddenly, and without hesitation.

Rose Marie Cross was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up in the Pacific Northwest. Last year she was hospitalized with a malfunctioning Hiatal Hernia and a gall bladder that had to be removed. Her family of daughters, son, and grandkids hurried to her Hospital bedside, thinking the following hours may be her last. There was one complication after another but eventually the problematic Hernia was repaired and her gall bladder removed. But Rose quit smoking even before she left the hospital, not one puff, not one drag on those “nasty cigarettes” she had smoked for so long, a pack-a-day woman who raised her kids through two husbands in and around Portland, Newberg, Grand Ronde, Tillamook, and Cloverdale, Oregon.

Rose and her late husband Ted Cross moved to Port Angeles in the 1970’s, never to return to Oregon except for visits, which were far and few.


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Monday July 12, 2010 - Times viewed: 7622
TILLAMOOK, Oregon - A seven year old boy will have to live with the idea that he accidentally shot and killed his older brother. It all happened on Sunday just outside Tillamook. The type of gun used has not yet been released.

The accidental shooting took place on a Forest Service, Wildcat road near the coastal town, located about 12 miles south of Tillamook on Highway 101.

The boy's father was giving CRP when emergency crews arrived on the scene.

Parametic staff rushed the boy to Tillamook County General Hospital, but he was pronounced dead about one hour after he arrived.

One reader who identified himself as USArmyVetCMO, wrote this comment:

"Another preventable tragedy. EVERY gun owner with children needs to take responsibility to prevent this from happening. Kids are curious. Keep your weapons unloaded, trigger locks on and ammunition secured (and locked) separately. If you have a compulsive need for a self-defense weapon around your house, a simple quick release bed-side safe is available. TEACH your children four simple steps: If you see a gun, STOP! Don't touch! Tell an Adult. If no adult is around, CALL 911.

I drill this saf ...
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Friday July 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7579
SWEET HOME, Oregon - A teenager from Wilsonville drowned yesterday at the Green Peter Reservoir. He was on a trip for a wrestling training camp.

Late yesterday morning Linn County 911 received an urgent a call about a missing 16-year-old boy. He was later identified as Colton Christopher Holly, a Wilsonville High School student. He had last been seen at the Thistle Creek boat ramp on Green Peter Reservoir east of Sweet Home. AllHolly was part of a wrestling training camp held at Sweet Home High School. Colton Holly and 20 other members of the wrestling team had been swimming and jumping from the boat dock. According to witnesses, he was last seen about 1-1.5 hours prior to the 911 call. When it was discovered he was missing from the group, adult leaders and other team members searched the area for him.

Linn County Sheriff's Deputies and members of the Sweet Home Fire and Ambulance District responded to the call. They found Holly's body at 11:54 p.m. in 20 feet of water, about 50 feet from the boat ramp. Medics attempted gave CRP but the victim was not responsive. There were no visible signs of trauma and foul play is not suspected. ...
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Thursday July 8, 2010 - Times viewed: 7613
PORTLAND- Heat and Air Quality Advisories are in effect for a most of Oregon today. Cooling centers have been opened to help seniors and other handle the heat wave.

The Advisory remains in effect until tomorrow evening but may be extended. The National Weather Service says the combination of hot temperatures and high humidity will combine to create a situation where heat-related illnesses are possible.All The NWS recommends drinking plenty of fluids, staying in air conditioned places, staying out of the sun, and checking up on relatives and neighbors.

The Oregon Department of Ecology issued an Air Pollution Advisory, stating that air quality could be hazardous to the elderly, children, or people with asthma. So, if you're affected by the air quality-- experts say you should stay indoors.  Large reader boards on local highways are asking people to limit their driving to help keep the smog to a minimum.

These conditions can be extremely hazardous to folks with chronic health problems and senior citizens.  Elderly people don't adjust as well as young people to sudden spikes in temperature, mainly because they're more likely to have chronic medical con ...
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Wednesday July 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 7666
MOUNT HOOD, Oregon - Teams of experienced rescue crews are attemting to reach an injured manAllin the Hogsback area of Mount Hood at the 10,000 foot range.  He's not seriously injured but he did hurt his leg somehow.

Rescuers are in cell phone communication with other climbers and should be tending to the fallen man soon.

The man has not yet been identified and details about what happened to him have not yet been released.

Many people are currently on Mount Hood today because of the nice weather.

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Tuesday July 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7681

Kyron's parents have asked step-mom Terri Horman to cooperate with the police but they wrote in their Monday night response they believe she still is not assisting authorities in their investigation.

"We have been briefed by law enforcement and we have not received a response since our request for her to fully cooperate with investigators to assist in bringing Kyron home," they wrote. "We continue to issue our plea of her FULLY cooperating with law enforcement and the investigation to help bring Kyron home as quickly as possible."

One month after the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman, police reportedly said a landscaper told them the Oregon boy's stepmother tried to hire him to kill her husband, Kaine Horman.

Terry Horman looks like a different person in her bodybuilding photos.

In 2005, Terri placed fourth in the women-over-35 category in the Emerald Cup of bodybuilding.

Terri Moulton Horman continues as the primary person of interest in Kyron's disappearance. It's been over a month since Kyron has been seen.

The cloud of suspicion thickens and sources close to the investigation say police al ...
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Saturday July 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7664
GRANTS PASS, Oregon - Perhaps pot vended by machine is further down the road but the most recent initiative to get medical marijuana dispensed by those other than the user may be on the next ballot. The measure would make it legal for medical marijuana users to buy from state-regulated dispensaries.

Signatures for six measures have now been turned in before the declared deadline.

The Secretary of State's Office has until August 1 to verify that enough signatures from registered voters were received to meet the required 82,769 for statutory measures, and 109,843 for constitutional amendments. Initiative Petition 28 would authorize nonprofit organizations to maintain state-regulated dispensaries to sell marijuana to legal medical marijuana users with cards. Currently the sick must must grow their own marijuana or pay someone outsider to grow it for them.

Backers of the Initiative say they're confident the 22,000 signatures turned in Friday would put them over the top.

"The flaw with the current law expects sick and dying patients to produce their own medicine," said John Sajo of the Voter Power Foundation.

Measure 76 would amend the c ...
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Friday July 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 8237
PENDLETON, Oregon -- An Oregon state prison guard was arrested after a woman told police he threatened her with gun then raped her. Prison guard Robert Grindstaff was arrested and booked on charges of rape, sodomy, and burglary. The 37-year-old man was placed on unpaid leave from the Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla. Morrow County Sheriff Ken Matlack said deputies arrested Grindstaff for third-degree criminal mischief on Tuesday after a woman reported her tires had been slashed. The next evening, the same woman called to 9-1-1 to report the rape. Deputies also arrested 34-year-old Rusty Harley on suspicion that he tried to cover up evidence.

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Friday July 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7774
Portland, Oregon - UPDATE - A judge has forbidden Terri Horman, the stepmother of a missing 7-year-old Portland boy to have access to her children or to any firearms.

Court officials say the restraining order against Terri Moulton Horman was granted Monday afternoon by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Keith Meisenheimer. The judge released part of the court file Tuesday.

Horman's stepson, Kyron, went missing June 4, which led to one of the most extensive searches in Oregon history.

Terri Moulton was the last known person known to have seen Kyron. Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, filed for divorce from Terri Horman on Monday and sought the restraining order.

Terri and Kaine Horman have a 19-month-old daughter, and Terri Horman has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

Divorce papers filed Monday show that Kaine Horman had a new, undisclosed address as of Saturday. They also show he is seeking sole custody of the 19-month-old daughter he had with Terri Moulton Horman.

During the investigation into the fate of Kyron Horman, his father and stepmother had been living in their home in the countryside west of downtown Portland, along with their daug ...
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Tuesday June 29, 2010 - Times viewed: 7723
PORTLAND, Oregon. - The father of missing Skyline School second-grader Kyron Horman has filed for divorce from his wife Terri Moulton Horman and was granted a restraining order against her. The Sheriff's Office and the media continue to say Terri Moulton Horman isn't a suspect in the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron Horman. Terri's friend Jaymie Finster said Terri was tested for a second polygraph on Saturday. Jaymie Finster said Horman is "tired and frustrated with the intensity of the questioning she's been getting." The police may have no clues and we could end up where we began. Criminal profiler, Clint Van Zandt has stated he's not satisfied with the manner in which police are handling the investigation saying "...their approach is similar to the 60s TV show Get Smart.‚ÄĚThat's not reality, the world is not like that," says Van Zandt. Police say Terri Moulton Horman is not currently a person of interest. There is speculation that Terri's crying was fake. Others say that idea s ridiculous. Willamette Week, citing unnamed law-enforcement officials "from agencies at the city, county and federal level," says Moulton Horman raised suspicions almost immediately for havi ...
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Saturday June 26, 2010 - Times viewed: 7682
WARRENTON, Oregon - In a head-on crash with a dump truck two people were killed on Highway 101. Oregon State Police said the collision occurred around 12:30 p.m. yesterday at milepost 10 near Warrenton. The victims have not yet been identified. State police said the driver of the dump truck was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Officials closed all four lanes of the highway and allowed traffic to pass on the shoulder. Police diverted traffic at Lewis and Clark Road in Seaside and the roundabout in Astoria. The highway is expected to reopen later this afternoon, according to ODOT

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Friday June 25, 2010 - Times viewed: 7678
On The Today Show this morning,

Desiree Young described her son as shy, someone who prefers to stay close to home. "He's timid and can't see very well", she said.

Her former husband, Kaine Horman, Kyron's father, was with her on the show. They did a round of interviews with network TV shows to help keep the public informed.

"Honestly, I am a little scared at this point," Young said. "Three weeks is a long time. We need to bring him home."

They say that Kyron understands not to talk to strangers but because he has some trouble following directions in school, they have worked with him on listening to teachers and parents.

When asked if Kyron might have left the school with an adult he may not have known, his mother said,

"I can't say he wouldn't because he knew it's a stranger danger situation.,I don't know if he would recognize that."

It was the third public appearance by the two since Kyron was last seen on June 4 at his school.

Investigators are working through thousands of tips, "throwing every resource" to find Kyron, the parents said. They are working with investig ...
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Wednesday June 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 7545
PORTLAND -- Seventeen year old Billy Moore was shot in the back and died after an argument on a TriMet bus. It all happened late Monday in the Portsmouth area ofAllNorth Portland.

Billy Moore had just left his mother's bedside at Oregon Health and Science University where she was about to be taken off life-support.  Then, Moore boarded a TriMet bus and got into an argument with some other passengers before reaching his stop. 

Billy got off the bus near his home and one of the boys he had been arguing with shot him in the back. He then crawled home and died at his doorstep.

Billy Moore had just graduated from high school and friends said he was getting his life together. His mother had been suffering from Leukemia and died in the hospital shortly after Billy's visit.

Police arrested a 16-year-old suspect but his name was not released because of his age.

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