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Friday December 10, 2010 - Times viewed: 7856
One of the two people accused of abusing their five children — one died allegedly from that abuse — has pleaded guilty to aggravated murder. 25 year old Michelle N. Smith has pleaded guilty to fatally torturing her fiance's 3-year-old daughter. Smith of Sandy appeared last week before Clackamas County Circuit Court Judge Robert Herndon. A Clackamas County grand jury had earlier inceased charges to aggravated murder. Smith could now face the death penalty. She was also charged with three counts of murder by abuse for allegedly starving Alexis "Lexi" Marie Pounder, whose battered, emaciated body was found Jan. 9 in a home owned by her parents south of Sandy. She also faces four counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment for "deliberate cruelty" by withholding food, physical care and medical attention. Deputies who investigated the incident allege that one or both adults beat and starved the toddler — until she died. An autopsy performed by Dr. Larry Lewman of the Oregon State Medical Examiner’s Office revealed the little girl died of “physical and nutritional child abuse.” Her 27 year old fiance, Donald Lee Cockrell was charged with one count of murder by abuse, for all ...
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Friday December 10, 2010 - Times viewed: 7928
24-year old Eugene Oscar Guarjardo and 33-year old Shray L Thompson were arrested connection with an all-night standoff in a Salem. Salem police spokesman Lt. Dave Okada, said the two were arrested after members of the Salem SWAT team were able to speak to Guarjardo after attempting to do so for several hours. The incident began about 10 p.m. Thursday when police received a call from a convenience store at Center Street Northeast and Hawthorne Avenue. The caller told police that a man had come into the residence and threatened him with a handgun. The man said he had then been able to flee and called police. When officers arrived at the scene, they learned the man with the handgun was inside and he was with another person. Police didn't know if the second person was being held hostage. For the next several hours, officers tried to talk to the people inside, but received no replies. Finally, after receiving a search warrant, SWAT team members were able to insert a "communications device" through a window to talk to Guarjardo. Police charged 24-year old Eugene Oscar Guarjardo with menacing and parole violation. A woman in the house, 33-year old Shray Thompson of Sal ...
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Friday December 10, 2010 - Times viewed: 7571
Heavy rain is expected to soak the region Saturday and into early Sunday morning as a robust storm system comes ashore. The La Nina effect, caused by a warmer-than-usual Pacific Ocean, can boost a storm's power and tends to steer wet weather toward Oregon and Washington. Up to 3 inches of rain could fall in Willamette Valley locales over the next three days, with coastal and mountain regions getting even more. Skiers and snowboarders should store their gear as freezing levels are expected to raise to 9,000 feet, causing rain to fall into an early snowpack, according to KATU Meteorologist Rhonda Shelby. Most Cascade ski facilities are near the 6,000 foot level. Yesterday 1.42 inches of rain fell in Portland. Heavy rain is expected tomorrow which could lead to slides and localized flooding along already swollen waterways, especially along the Oregon Coast. The current forecast shows that the heaviest rain should taper off by Sunday. As next week begins, only scattered showers are expected. ...
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Thursday December 9, 2010 - Times viewed: 7660
PORTLAND -- Local citizens are outraged that a Portland police officer who killed a young man by inadvertently or not ended up shooting him in the back, has been promoted to sergeant. On November 4, 2005, officer Leo Besner was working as a SERT sniper when he shot and killed Raymond Gwerder. Family members and friends say Gwerder was simply upset and needed to talk but ended up being shot in the back by Besner. At the time of his death, Ray Gwerder, 30, was completing his final courses needed to earn a bachelor’s Degree in Biology. "Ray was this wonderful, sensitive, bright, young man, who was just experiencing a moment in his life where he really needed some help," Molly Aleshire, a long time friend and roommate, said. “Ray had the kind of solid integrity where you could always trust him to do the right thing, no matter what. He was one of the most insightful, and intuitive people I’ve ever known.” Evidence from the scene of the shooting exposed an extremely flawed Portland Police operation. Besner claimed his fatal shot at Gwerder was justified by potential danger to Gwerder’s neighbors. These were the same neighbors the police failed to evacuate over the 90-minute p ...
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Wednesday December 8, 2010 - Times viewed: 7616
SALEM – They loved their guns and they hated President Barack Obama. And on Wednesday both were convicted of planting a bomb that killed two police officers and maimed a third in 2008. A Marion County Circuit Court jury deliberated for only ten hours before arriving at a guilty verdict. Bruce Turnidge and his son, Joshua Turnidge were both found guilty on 18 counts including aggravated murder, attempted aggravated killing and assault charges. Both men stood quietly as the verdicts were dispensed. The convictions send the trial into a second penalty phase, where the jury will decide whether to send the men to death row. Other sentencing options include life in prison with the possibility of parole after 30 years or a life sentence with no parole. The homemade explosive device exploded at the West Coast Bank in Woodburn less than two weeks before Christmas 2008, killing a police explosive device technician who was trying to dismantle it, as well as an additional police officer. The town's police chief lost a leg in the explosion, which authorities say was part of an attempt to rob the bank. During the two-month trial, prosecutors presented evidence that the Turnidges h ...
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Tuesday December 7, 2010 - Times viewed: 8104
PORTLAND - Highway 43 from Lake Oswego, through Johns Landing, to Portland is narrow and winds about with no shoulders and many bicyclists now peddle uphill through a steep Riverview Cemetery path to avoid cycling on the busy Highway 43 (Macadam Road).

The road parallels the Willamette River to the east and canyon walls to the west and is right where Clackamas County would like a new bike path.

"There aren’t very many alternatives and this is definitely the most direct route," said Karen Buehrig, Clackamas County transportation planning supervisor.

The county has just make the project available for design work and bid so plans are not yet available.

"What we’re trying to focus on is to see what kind of solutions there may be and then looking at the solutions, we then think about … what the cost is and how we would pay for it," Buehrig said.

The county says the bike path could fill a gap on a network that already has painted bike lanes in Lake Oswego and Portland.

"It’s a very dangerous place for cyclists, is what I think," Buehrig said. "And there is also a great deal of both people who are commuting, as well as recreational riders, that a ...
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Monday December 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7876
The new TBS 1-hour comedic detective series pilot titled "Brain Trust" is now in production in the Portland, Oregon area and the film's extras casting will be holding an open casting call for local people interested in working on the show as background. The series regulars for this series are cast out of Los Angeles.

Dean Devlin will produce and direct under the banner of his production company, Electric Entertainment. Devlin has co-written and produced some of the most successful feature films of all time. He co-wrote and produced Stargate, Godzilla and Independence Day - which grossed over $800 million worldwide. Just prior to forming Electric Entertainment Devlin produced the Mel Gibson period drama, The Patriot, which was nominated for three Academy Awards.

Electric Entertainment founding partner Marc Roskin will co-produce along with Marco Schnabel, John Rogers, and Kearie Peak. Roskin produced Electric’s $60 million dollar World War I aviation action-thriller Flyboys starring James Franco, Martin Henderson, and Jean Reno, released by MGM. He also served as producer on New Line’s release of Cellular, starring Kim Basinger and Jason Statham.

The producers m ...
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Monday December 6, 2010 - Times viewed: 7630
PORTLAND, Oregon - A fire at Southeast 174th Avenue was started by a 6-year-old playing with a lighter. The fire begain in a closet inside the family’s unit around 8 p.m. last Saturday night .

The fire was extingquist quickly but damage is estimated at about $800,000.

A mother and three children from one unit and a mother and a teenager from another are getting shelter from the Red Cross.

A second fire broke out later in Fairview that displaced one person and the cause is under investigation. ...
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Sunday December 5, 2010 - Times viewed: 7621
PORTLAND - Just after dawn on Friday, a fire began to consume the apartments located in the 4000 block of Southeast 104th Avenue. A woman called 911 to say there was heavy smoke in her apartment and she couldn't find her way out. When firefighters arrived, flames and dark, heavy smoke were pouring out of the second-story windows. And there was heavy smoke in the appartment stairwell.

The woman reporting the fire escaped and Firefighters helped a 29-year-old woman and 79-year-old man escape. Both were treated for smoke inhalation and released.

The Red Cross helped the victims to find temporary housing. Fire investigators investigating the cause of the fire and come up with a damage estimate.

Fire officials would like to remind everyone of three important things to reduce your risk of injury from a fire:

  • Make sure your home has properly installed and working smoke alarms.

  • Plan and practice a fire escape plan.

  • In case of a fire, get out and stay out.
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Saturday December 4, 2010 - Times viewed: 7640
AURORA - 38 year old Julie Jane Martin, who prettended to have terminal cancer has been charged with felony theft after police at the Cops Fighting Cancer out of nearly $10,000 of charity money for hotel rooms in Denver while she claimed to be getting cancer treatment at nearby hospitals.

Martin was charged with a single count of felony theft and was released on bond in early October, and is now set to appear in court Feb. 7, 2011.

Police say Martin faked hospital visits and shaved her head to help make her efforts believable. But her cancer claims were a total hoax. Because of her "condition", the charity paid for Martin’s lodging at an area hotel through October 2009.

She faked leukemia, tumors, cervical cancer, chest tumors and a kidney problem. The charity also paid for airline tickets between Denver and Portland where Martin said she was receiving treatment. She said she had a friend in Oregon to handle her medical affairs, including scheduling her appointments in hospitals.

Officials at the charity audited their spending and found Martin had used the charity’s credit card to buy plane tickets without permission and Police contacted a man in Oregon ...
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Friday December 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7642
MILWAUKIE, Oregon -- Milwaukie police are looking for two pickpocket thieves who stole $150 from a 92-year-old man on Thursday.

Stanley George had just about completed his shopping at the Safeway store located at 4320 SE King Road, about 3:30 p.m. when a man stepped in front of his cart, when one suspect blocked his path and the other suspect approached him from behind and took his wallet, his driver's license, credit cards, and the cash from the wallet.

"I'm an Army veteran, and I never thought that in 2010 something like this would happen, especially in the Portland area," George said. "It all happened so fast."

George, has lived in Oregon nearly all his life, didn't realize his wallet was missing until he returned to his car.

The thieves were caught in the act by a surveillance camera, which police are hoping will help put the suspects behind bars. The two men are described as being 40 - 55 years old, with short-cropped hair and dark complexions.

If you have information please call the Milwaukie Police Dept. at 503-786-7500. ...
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Friday December 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7631
SALEM, Oregon - A Keizer woman was cited for failing to drive in a single lane after she smashed into the rear end of a Marion County sheriff's patrol car on the shoulder of Interstate 5 near Salem.

Oregon State Police say both drivers were wearing seat belts Wednesday and there were no serious injuries.

The deputy was parked with his emergency lights on following a traffic stop. The car was driven by a 25-year-old woman who said she swerved to avoid a slowing car in front of her then crashed into the patrol car. ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 8142
WEST LINN, Oregon -- A West Linn High School student was arrested on drug charges after an officer found 'a candy store of drugs' in the boy's possession.

West Linn Police School Resource Officer Mike Francis arrested Garret Taylor Smith, 18, Dec. 1 on charges of possession of Psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school.

Francis received information from a staff member at West Linn High School about two students who smelled like green, unburnt marijuana. Francis found Smith as he left campus in his car and then later stopped the vehicle on Rosemont Road when Francis was immediately struck by the strong odor of green marijuana.

Smith was later arrested and found to have about two ounces of marijuana, LSD, hash oil, liquid MDMA, ecstasy, six bongs, flavored rolling papers and a fake urine kit which is used to fool drug tests.

He was jailed in Clackamas County in lieu of $50,000 bail on the possession charges. More charges could be forthcoming.

'This student was like a candy store of drugs', Francis said. 'He had quite an extensive inventory. ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7679
OREGON CITY, Oregon – Jeff and Marci Beagley said they did everything they could for their 16-year-old son before he died. However, a jury decided that simply anointing oils and praying for their son to recover was not enough. This was especially tough coming a few months after the death of their granddaughter. The 15-month-old girl passed away March 2008 of pneumonia and a blood infection. Like Neil, she was given oils and prayer instead of medicine. They chose religion over science.

Jeff and Marci Beagley were convicted of criminally negligent homicide after prosecutors said the parents failed in their duty to seek medical help for their son, Neil, two years ago.

The jury returned a verdict on the second day of deliberations. They parents are members of the Followers of Christ Church in Oregon City. Church members gasped as Judge Steven Maurer read the verdicts in the courtroom.

The couple, who remain free on bail, is scheduled for sentencing on February 18th, 2011. Because neither has a prior conviction, state sentencing guidelines indicate 16 to 18 months in prison.

Prosecutors said the Beagleys had a parental duty to provide medical care for their s ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7698
FLORENCE, Oregon. – The thousands of sea lions that arrived last winter near Florence seem to have largely moved on.

Dead sea lions were found near the world famous "Sea Lion Caves" still featured the usual group of 1,000 or so sea lions sitting on rocks as great waves of the Pacific Ocean created a storm of applause. The location is just an hour's drive west of Eugene.

According to marine biologists -- at the nearby Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport -- the deceased sea lions and various other marine life, to include thousands of dead starfish, "have tested positive" for leptospirosis.

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at Oregon State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine have examined "dozens of dead animals" and they showed clear signs of leptospirosis, that’s viewed as a deadly and communicable disease.

The spread of this disease found in the dead sea lions and other marine life puts human health in danger, say officials.

OSU researchers said "leptospirosis can be virulent," and noted that there have been more than 100 cases of this rare, and highly transmittable disease, reported to the Centers of Disease Control thus far in ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7705
MILWAUKEE – The prison escape of former Playboy Club bunny and Milwaukee police officer Laurie Bambi Bembenek popularized the phrase 'Run Bambi Run' and seemed tailor-made for the TV movie it inspired.

But despite the fame garnered by her flight, Bembenek died having spent more than two decades insisting on her innocence but never fully clearing her name. Her attorney said Sunday that effort will continue.

The 52-year-old died Saturday of liver failure at a hospice care center in Portland, Ore., said her longtime attorney, Mary Woehrer.

Bembenek worked briefly as a Playboy Club waitress in Lake Geneva before becoming a police officer in Milwaukee, where she married detective Fred Schultz. Bembenek was convicted in 1982 of fatally shooting his ex-wife, Christine Schultz, after allegedly complaining about the alimony he had to pay.

Bembenek was sentenced to life in prison but maintained her innocence. In 1990, she escaped Taycheedah Correctional Institution in Fond du Lac and fled to Canada with then-fiance Dominic Gugliatto, the brother of another inmate.

In Milwaukee, more than 200 supporters — many wearing 'Run Bambi Run' T-shirts — rallied to sh ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7654
CORVALLIS, OREGON – Steady rain Tuesday didn't discourage people from attending a candlelight vigil in support of an Islamic center targeted by an apparent hate crime after a teen who occasionally worshipped there was accused of planning mass killings in Portland.

Hundreds of residents of this small college town came out for the vigil at the Salman Alfarisi Islamic Center.

Elizabeth Oettinger, senior minister of the First Congregational Church United Church of Christ, said a number of religious leaders organized the event to show support for the Muslim community after the center's office was set on fire Sunday.

Authorities have said the blaze was the result of arson and they're investigating whether it was a hate crime, set because Mohamed Osman Mohamud, 19, sometimes worshipped at the center. Mohamud was arrested Friday in an FBI sting on charges he tried to set off a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in downtown Portland, authorities said.

He has pleaded not guilty to a charge of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. Oettinger said residents lit candles at the charred mosque to show their support for its members. ...
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Thursday December 2, 2010 - Times viewed: 7617
PORTLAND, Oregon – Mohamed Osman Mohamud entered a plea of Not-Guilty Monday in federal court here in Portland.

The indictment charged him with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction. He was arrested Friday evening near the crowded Pioneer Courthouse Square, after a months-long FBI sting operation.

Dozens of people — many of them women wearing head scarves — arrived at the federal court building where Mohamud was scheduled for a court hearing. One of them, Mujahid El-Naser, said he attended middle school in Portland with Mohamud and that he didn't believe his friend would have gotten involved in the plot without encouragement of the FBI.

Mohamud was arrested after he and an agent drove into downtown Portland in a white van that carried six 55-gallon drums with detonation cords and plastic caps, but all of them were inert. Authorities said they allowed the plot to proceed to obtain evidence to charge the suspect. ...
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Wednesday December 1, 2010 - Times viewed: 7599
BOSTON – Ray Allen missed his first five 3-point attempts before hitting one with 10.7 seconds left to help the Boston Celtics hold off a late charge by the Portland Trail Blazers and win 99-95 on Wednesday night.

It was Boston's fifth straight victory, and the fifth straight loss for Portland.

Paul Pierce scored 28 points, Kevin Garnett had 17 points and eight rebounds, and Rajon Rondo had 10 points and 10 assists as the Celtics built a 96-80 lead, then watched the Blazers score 15 in a row to make it a one-point game with 42 seconds left. Pierce dribbled down the 24-second clock, then fed it to Allen on the left side for the clinching 3.

Wesley Matthews scored 23 points and Andre Miller had 20 for the Blazers.

Allen was just 3 for 12 from the floor for nine points.

Pierce went 9 for 11 from the floor, making his first four 3-point attempts to help the Celtics shoot 57 percent as a team in the game. Shaquille O'Neal scored 14 points. ...
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Saturday November 27, 2010 - Times viewed: 7634
SALEM, Oregon - I5 North was closed near Salem for a couple hoursearly this morning when a travel trailer overturned, blocking both lanes. 

No one was injured and the inccident is under investigation by Oregon State Police troopers.

State Trooper Anthony Pagano said that around 12:30 this mornming a Ford F250 pickup driven by a woman from Portland was northbound on Interstate 5 when the attached 20-foot travel trailer began to sway side to side.

As she braked to slow the trailer jack-knifed and rolled onto its left side.

The pickup and trailer blocked both northbound lanes.

Salem fire personnel assisted at the scene and assisted with re-routing traffic onto a detour. 

The driver and her husband, who was said to be sleeping in the pickup, were not injured. ...
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Thursday November 25, 2010 - Times viewed: 7648
PORTLAND, Oregon - The Vancouver woman who was attacked with acid last September was again released from the hospital after having improved on Saturday.

A second woman, beautiful Derri Velarde, was attacked this week in the same way.

"It immediately started to just burn," says the new U.S. acid-attack victim, this one from Mesa, Arizona.

Velarde now has second degree burns on her face and shoulders from acid thrown at her from a woman she didn't know. The incident occurred last Friday, Sept. 4, in the parking lot of her Arizona apartment. Acid stains can still be seen on her front door.

"I open my car door and I see a woman walking up with what looked like a drink of water in her hand," Velarde said. "She just looked at me with these eyes as if she was saying something...."

But the stranger said nothing and tossed the acid onto Derri Velarde, burning her face.

This incident is different from the attack on Bethany Storro in Vancouver on Monday, Aug. 30. She says a woman approached her saying "Hey pretty girl, do you want to drink this?"

The woman who is believed to have attacked Storro and the acid-thrower in Mesa are still at large. ...
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Saturday November 20, 2010 - Times viewed: 7660
AURORA, Oregon - 70 Year old pilot George Bahrman is still in poor condition after he crashed his small plane into a home on Cessna Street near the Aurora Airport.

The aircraft was a Aeronca Champ 7-AE, single-engine light plane. The small town of Aurora, Oregon located about 25 miles south of Portland.

A woman in the home was not hurt. The pilot, George Bahrman was taken to OHSU with non-life threatening injuries.

Sally Jones who lives in the home was lucky not to be injured because she was walking outside her front door when the plane hit. She said she heard a buzzing sound, ‘too close, too low.’ And bam! The impact knocked me off my porch – about four feet down and six feet over," said Jones. She was surprised when she went back inside and saw the nose of an airplane in her living room but shocked when she saw the pilot sitting on the edge of her roof. She said Bahrman was in shock, but when she asked if he was OK, he said he "was fine."

Rescue crews responded to the site just west of Interstate 5. The plane caught fire after impact but the flames went out on their own.

Pilot Bahrman said he was practicing taking off and landing when the plane ...
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Monday November 15, 2010 - Times viewed: 7567
An Oregon man has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison after he accidentally smothered his infant son by rolling on top of him while drunk and asleep.

A judge called it a tragic situation during a sentencing hearing last week for 29-year-old Cameron Michael Rogers of Astoria.

His girlfriend, the mother of the couple's month-and-a-half-old son Calvin, was in jail for assaulting Rogers earlier that day, so he took his son to a friend's home and started drinking.

The Daily Astorian reported that Rogers was "highly intoxicated" when he rolled over on Calvin while they were sleeping in a bed at the friend's home.

Rogers pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and criminal mistreatment. He apologized in court and said he was battling a longtime drinking problem ...
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Wednesday November 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7932
HILLSBORO, Oregon - Joshua David Nicholas, who was scheduled to be released from prison was instead was arrested by police and charged with the murder of Lori Fitzgerald, 47, who lived in the 2700 block of Sycamore Court in Forest Grove.

Neighbors remembered Lori Fitzgerald as a "nice person" whose murder was shocking. She was a mother of two who was found dead on the 2700 block of Sycamore Court on Nov. 7.

Initially, investigators described Fitzgerald's death as suspicious and an investigation found that guns and other items were missing from her home. Officers said they believe Lori's death might have been made to resember suicide. Police were able to determine that Nicholas had recently become acquainted with Fitzgerald and that he was in her home prior to the death. Ronald Wright, a neighbor and Fitzgerald's friend, said he met Nicholas.

"I just figured he was a normal person, you know. Nothing bad like that," Wright said. Fitzgerald's friends said they were shocked by her death. "She was a really nice person. She was always helpful and giving to other people around here. That's what was so shocking … especially in this neighborhood," said Dawn Reynolds-Ste ...
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Thursday October 21, 2010 - Times viewed: 7679
TIGARD, Oregon - A young woman and man in their 20s were found dead at a Tigard apartment complex. A two-year-old girl was sleeping inside and was not hurt.

Neighbors at the Arbor Heights Apartments called police just after 8:30 p.m. Tuesday after hearing screaming, and then four to five gunshots. Witnesses say the couple was arguing before shots were fired.

Police found the two bodies in the entrance to the apartment. The identities were not immediately released.

Police were investigating the incident as a murder-suicide. ...
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Thursday October 14, 2010 - Times viewed: 8118
A man was sitting with a stick and was using a knife to whittle it into some form or other. This was in downtown Seattle yesterday, Monday afternoon,on the northwest corner of Boren and Howell just before 4:30 p.m.

An unidentified police officer was on patrol when he spotted a man sitting on the sidewalk, whittling a stick. The police officer then approached the man.

The officer told the man to drop the knife several times. According to witnesses at the scene, the man then stood up and the officer repeated his demand. The officer then opened fire hitting the man with as many as five lethal bullets directly into his chest, killing him, .

"It was rapid succession of five or six shots, straight to the chest. It was point blank," said one witness who wished to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

According to Seattle city code, it's unlawful for anyone to carry a concealed or unconcealed deadly weapon other than a firearm.

The name of the police officer who shot the man several times has not been released and Seattle Police Chief John Diaz has made no comments other than to say, "He's considered a very good officer. He has a good record,"
< ...
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Sunday October 3, 2010 - Times viewed: 7629
EUGENE, Oregon - "It sounded like an explosion, like a bomb", said Bill Donlon. "The concussion could be felt". Donlon was nearby in downtown Eugene when the fire in the underground utility space shot the manhole cover far into the area in early Sunday afernoon.

When police and firefighters arrived, they blocked off streets.

It's not yet certain what caused the outage yesterday but is believed to be an equipment malfunction in an underground utility vault somewhere around 11th Avenue and Pearl Street. Dark smoke flowed out of the hole and firefighters kept their distance until Eugene Water and Electric Board crews could turn off the power to most of downtown.

"Not like a heavy fire flame," said Caleb Mocabee, who witnessed the explosion of the manhole. "But like a gas flame covered up the hole, I mean 20 feet by 20 feet; it was a huge ball."

Firefighters put out the fire after power was turned off.

"I couldn't believe it," Mocabee said. "They had this black smoke coming up and people are still driving around it and over it."

Tthe fire was extinguished around 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Power was restored to most of the 30 square block area of down ...
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Tuesday September 28, 2010 - Times viewed: 7956
Banks, Oregon - A former volunteer firefighter has been cleared of all sexual abuse charges, including inappropriately touching high school girls. The charges against Dale Evers, of Banks, were either returned not guilty or dismissed in Washington County court on Friday.

Evers was found guilty of a less serious charge of furnishing alcohol to a minor. And yet another case involving Evers ended Friday with a hung jury, according to court records.

Evers was arrested after a 22 year old woman told authorities he abused her 10 years ago on a farm in Banks when he was 32 and she was 12. ...
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Wednesday September 1, 2010 - Times viewed: 7579
PORTLAND, Oregon -A female driver who stuck a teenage boy has turned herself in to police to say she was the driver of a pickup truck that struck and killed an 18-year-oldCassidy Ringwald, an Oregon resident, while he was walking along a street with his sister.

Washington County sheriff's deputies said the woman has not been charged but the deathremains under investigation.

Ringwald'ssister said they were walking on the shoulder of a street in residential Portland Thursday evening when her brother washit from behind and thrown more than 15 feet into the middle of an intersection.

Several people came to Ringwald's aid, performing CPR before medics arrived. He was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland where later died. ...
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Monday August 23, 2010 - Times viewed: 7819
Beaverton police are asking for help in piecing together what appears to be a possible kidnapping of a teenage girl yesterday afternoon from the LaSalle Apartments.

A witness reported that yesterday that a white teenage girl, 13 to 15 years old, was seen blindfolded and possibly bound in some mannerand and led away by a bald, clean-shaven Caucasian man in his mid-30s.

At about 2:20 p.m Beaverton police responded to the apartment complex near the 3100 block of Southwest 153rd Street. The girl was seen sitting in the front passenger seat of a new, white four-door sedan. The girl was slim with shoulder-length light brown.

The teenage girl did not appear hurt," said police. She was quietly sitting in the car, and no weapons were seen.

The man with the girl was reported to be a little over 6-footand wore a light blue, short-sleeve, button-down shirt.

The witness said that when the man saw her he got into the driver’s side and drove away quickly out of the parking lot towards Southwest 153rd Avenue. The witness did not have time to get the license plate number.

Police searched the area for severalhours but found nothing and there has been noca ...
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