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Monday January 24, 2011 - Times viewed: 7733
Next month, Beaverton will begin a program to ticket drivers who do not come to a complete stop when they turn right on red. It'll cost them $382. Other cities in Oregon are getting the technology or already have it. All police will need is a photo of the car in the intersection when the light is red. The problem for police previously has been that a picture of a car turning right on red may be a legal turn if the driver comes to a complete stop. A photo cannot show if a car has stopped. To combat the problem, Oregon has gone to video technology inside the lights that can show whether a car stopped. ...
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Monday January 24, 2011 - Times viewed: 7796
WOODBURN, Oregon - Woodburn police have found a woman who has been missing for eight days. Neighbors and relatives were concern because 37-year-old Manuela De La Rosa is partially paralyzed on her right side and has difficulty talking. A police officer spotted the woman walking along Hwy 99E north of Young Street Friday afternoon. She was she was reported missing from her residence on Luba Street January 15. Police say she's in decent health and was escorted home by her mother. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8010
Nine-year-old Devin Hunt and his 12-year-old brother Dawson Hunt died in a car crash rural intersection east of Mount Angel. The Marion County Sheriff's Office said the accident occurred shortly after 11 a.m The 1993 Saturn carrying the boys was driven by their father, 35-year-old father, Lenny Hunt, who was also injured. The boys were pronounced dead at the scene. The father was taken to Silverton Hospital. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8188
OAKRIDGE, Oregon - Two University of Oregon students were killed and one injured during a car crash near Willamette Pass yesterday. Their car apparently lost control and hit a tree. A third man in the car has non-life threatening injuries. 21 year old Nicholas John Ries from Portland was driving the early model BMW around 7 pm Saturday. They were traveling east on foggy Highway 58. Oregon State Police reports say the car traveled off the eastbound shoulder where the passenger side collided into a large tree. An off-duty fire captain found Ries injured outside of the car. The two male passengers were inside the car, one in the right front seat and the other in the rear seat. Oakridge Fire Department responded 10 minutes later at about the time the car caught fire. Both victims were still inside. The fire caused extensive damage before it was extinguished. Ries was taken to Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend with serious, non-life threatening, injuries. Dead are 21 year old Collin Phillip La More from Tigard, who was found in the front passenger seat and 21 year old Ellis Michael Heyer from Amherst, Mass was in the rear passenger seat. Oregon S ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 7832
LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon - Around 6:30 Friday evening, January 21, a woman called 911 to report a fire with flames shooting from the front of her Lake Oswego house. Firefighters extinguished the fire but the woman's cat died and another cat is missing. The homeowner's hands, face, and arms were burned in the fire that damaged her home. She was taken to a local hospital. A small dog named Elvis, owned by a nanny, hid under a chair in the basement to escape the fire and commotion. The fire is estimated to have caused a half million dollars in damage to the huge house. The fire was brought under control at about 8 p.m. The cause of the fire at 2965 Tolkien Lane is under investigation. ...
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Sunday January 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8002
VANCOUVER, Washington - Earlier today (Saturday) a single car traveling northbound on I5 crashed into the highway median. The accident left the driver teetering and traffic was backed up for miles. The exact cause of the accident was not readily known or available. ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 7789
BATTLE GROUND, Wash. -- Clark County Sheriffs say Pleasant Valley Mid and Primary Schools were broken into Friday morning around 2 and about 3 in the morning in Camas, thieves broke into Skyridge Middle School on Northwest Parker Street. The thieves in the main office attempted to open a safe but went to the media center where they sorted a pile of flat-screen computers and monitors they intended to take. But they tripped a silent alarm and police attempted to capture them as they were came outside the boys took off leaving everything behind. Overhead projectors and some cash are missing in Camas after thieves broke into Pleasant Valley middle and primary schools. ...
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Saturday January 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 7940
Alex Good from Hillsboro is suing the Liberty High Golf Club for alleged negligence. It all began in April of 2010 at the Liberty High Golf Club as Alex was practicing on the golf range with his teammates when his own golf ball ricocheted off a metal post, hitting his eye. He's now claiming damages of $3 million. Attorney Terrance Lee Hogan represented Alex in court and said the Liberty High Golf Club was liable for damages because they should have known what might happen when a canopy was placed in front of the driving range. Usually there's no canopy on the range, but because it was raining, a shelter was needed to help keep the area dry. ...
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Friday January 21, 2011 - Times viewed: 9027
MAPLE VALLEY, Washington - Tom Rider reported to police that his lovely 33-year-old wife, Tanya Rider had not returned home from the graveyard shift job she had recently started at a Fred Meyer supermarket in near Bellevue, Washington. He would later discover that on driving home from her job, she had run off the road, through a ditch, down a ravine, trapping her inside her car for eight long days. Her experience of 2007 has now been written into a book by Tanya Rider herself, titled, "Missing, Without A Trace, 8 days of Horror." Her car ran off the road on her way home from work in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue, Washington last September 19. Pinned inside, she couldn't get out or get anyone to help her for eight days. After Tom Rider discovered his wife was missing, he begged the King County Sheriff's Office to search for her but was told that his wife didn't meet the basic qualifications to be considered a missing person. It wasn't until after Tom had given the police access to Tanya's phone records and took a polygraph test that police finally began to search for his wife. Investigators used a technology called "pinging" to trace her cell phone location within ei ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 7938
The Oregon State Department Of Justice has decided not to file criminal charges against Yamhill County commissioner Leslie Lewis. She was accused of violated Oregon law by videotaping county commissioner endorsement interviews conducted by Newberg's Chehalem Chamber of Commerce. The Department apparently could not prove Lewis intended to secretly videotape the meetings of fellow commissioner Mary Stern. Lewis has refused to comment about the investigation but released a statement after she discovered the justice department would not be filing criminal charges. Violation is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a jail term of up to one year and fine of up to $6,250. And divulging the recording to another represents a Class A misdemeanor with the same penalty. "I did not violate the statute," she said. "I want to thank everyone for their prayers and encouragement." The department apparently set a tougher standard to prove all participants were unaware of the taping. ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 8098
SHERIDAN, Oregon - A man from Albany died when the logging shovel he was operating near Sheridan on Weyerhaeuser property tipped over into Mill Creek. Early yesterday morning, 44-year-old Dan Fults was trying to cross a wooden bridge when the loggin shovel he was opperating tipped over drowning or crushing him. The Logging Shovel uses a log loader to swing logs to the road. The shovel is owned by Rice Logging. Weyerhaeuser crews will need to find the best method to remove the shovel. Sheridan Fire and Newberg Water Rescue teams were on the scene to assist with the recovery. ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 7808
PENDLETON, Ore. (AP) - One act of kindness can travel across an entire ocean and warm the hearts of strangers. A little black bag lost in a Paris taxicab and its six-week journey to its owner in Pendleton illustrates the strength of one honest man and a single good deed. Richard and Marilyn Smiley traveled to France in late November. On their first morning in Paris, the Pendleton couple walked a few blocks from their hotel and hailed a cab. Climbing in, Marilyn set her black daypack on the seat beside her. The nylon bag contained a Canon camera, sunglasses, notebook, lip gloss, gloves and a copy of Rick Steves' "Paris 2011." Outside their window, wind blustered and the temperature hovered just above freezing. The cabbie stayed quiet during most of the trip, speaking just a few words of broken English. The driver was one of more than 15,500 cabbies who cruise the city each day. Most own their own vehicles and operate their businesses from home. Though cabs come in all makes and models, they all carry identical light bars, marked with "Taxi Parisiens," that light up when the cab is available. Their driver stopped his white van near the hotel where Richard would serve as o ...
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Thursday January 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 7681
HOOD RIVER, Oregon - A commercial truck on Interstate 84 near Hood River hit and killed a male pedestrian. State police say the truck pulling a semitrailer was headed east on I-84 when the crash happened at about 1:20 a.m. this morning. The A 48-year-old man, whose name has not yet been released, was attempting to cross from the south to the north side of the freeway when he was hit. The man apparently had to climb freeway construction and over a barrier to reach the road. The truck was carrying paper products. Paramedics attempted gave CPR but pronounced him dead on the scene. Police say it was dark and the road was unlit in the area where the crash happened. The driver was not hurt and no citations were issued and there was no evidence of alcohol use. Police are continuing to investigated the accident. ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011 - Times viewed: 7832
Three homes were washed away in the Lolo Pass Road area near Welches, Oregon. More than 150 residents were homeless or temporarily without electric power. Crews opened a portion of the road on Monday but the flood left tons of debris and descrution everywhere around the river. A large portion of the Lolo Pass Road was totally washed out. "This is the first time we have ever seen flooding like this", said Resident Shirlea Savage. "There is an island out there where there was never an island before." ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011 - Times viewed: 7655
The US Bank at 38561 Proctor Blvd had been robbed before, back in July last year. This time the robber wore a dark mask covering his nose and mouth and had a silver semi-automatic gun in his hand. It was no surprise that the holdup man also wanted some money this time. No shots were fired, and no one was hurt in the incident that was reported to Sandy Police Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 3:04 p.m. After getting his money, he left on foot with the cash. No fuss, no shots, and no one was ruffed up. The robber is about 38 years old, Caucasian, somewhere around 5-9 in tall and a bit thin. He wore a blue jacket with red and white stripes, and black gloves. ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011 - Times viewed: 7784
TUALATIN, Oregon - An early morning fire damaged two units of the Tualatin Heights apartment complex but no injuries were reported. Officials say an unidentified man went door-to-door at the apartments on Sagert Street demanding residents to evacuate. Additional residents were rescued as crews fought the flames. Two fire and rescue units soon extinguished the flames but have not yet determined if the building had fire sprinklers. The buildings were heavily damaged. The Red Cross gave temporary assistance to those who lost their homes. The cause of the fire is now under investigation ...
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Wednesday January 19, 2011 - Times viewed: 8064
COMMENTARY PORTLAND, Oregon - The 49-year-old unidentified woman who former Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt admitted he had sexually abused, has died over the weekend in a Portland hospice. Her mother declined to identify the cause of death but said her daughter had been in the hospice for about five weeks. "She was a good person who suffered a great deal in her life," said her mother. "We’re glad her suffering is at an end." Goldschmidt admitted in 2004 he had consensual sex with the then 14-year-old girl when he was mayor of Portland, before he was governor of Oregon. Neil Goldschmidt's accomplishments as mayor and governor are well known, in fact, they tower over many other Oregon public figures. He won national critical praise for development of the downtown Portland bus mall and the light rail system and in 2003, Ted Kulongoski appointed Goldschmidt president of the Oregon Board of Higher Education. But his sexual relations with a young girl, his babysitter at the time, changed both of their lives forever even though only a few people knew about it at the time. Goldschmidt has clearly admitted that nearly 30 years ago, and over a three-year period when he wa ...
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Tuesday January 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 7744
Portland, OR – Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley today visited the North Portland home of a family who is struggling to keep their home and unveiled his plan to address the ongoing foreclosure crisis and boost the nation’s troubled housing market. A range of economists have concluded that repairing the housing market is critical to adding jobs and accelerating the slow recovery. "We’re not going to see a true economic recovery until we do something about the broken housing market," said Merkley. "I met with Portland homeowners today who dealt with months of confusing instructions to get a mortgage modification, only to be told 10 months later they didn’t qualify and their home was facing foreclosure. My plan will put homeowners first and foreclosures last." "I hope, as do all Americans, that the economy will improve; now more than ever the average American needs to know they are going to be protected when circumstances spiral out of their control," said Connie Umphress, a local homeowner who is struggling to keep her home. "This legislation will do both, help first time buyers with incentive to invest in their community and help homeowners with systems that they can trust for ...
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Monday January 17, 2011 - Times viewed: 9840
PORTLAND, Oregon Actress Daryl Hannah agreed to a ride-along with Portland police this weekend as police patrolled various strip clubs and areas known for prostitution. Hannah, an activist against child sex slavery, was in Portland for a weekend conference supporting activists against sex trafficking. Incredibly, she has said she's shocked to learn a majority of the girls in the strip clubs are represented by pimps. Hannah supports a bill sponsored by Senator Ron Wyden which would fund shelters for young women in an effort to help them escape the evils of sex trafficking. She was born Daryl Christine Hannah on December 3, 1960. After making her screen debut in 1978, Hannah starred in a number of Hollywood films throughout the 1980s. She has recently had several notable roles, including that of Elle Driver in Kill Bill, after a hiatus from major roles during the 1990s. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Donald and Susan Hannah. Her parents divorced shortly after her birth and her mother remarried Jerrold Wexler, a businessman and brother of Haskell Wexler, a noted cinematographer. Hannah, a vegetarian since age eleven, grew up with siblings Don and Page Hannah, who al ...
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Sunday January 16, 2011 - Times viewed: 8182
Seventeen year old Teresa Scanlan from Nebraska won the contest last night but in a first-ever twist for the Miss America contest, the contestants themselves picked two additional finalists, Miss Kentucky Djuan Trent and our Miss Oregon Stephenie Denise Steers. They both became one of 15 finalists for the Miss America Pageant televised last night. MISS OREGON:
Stephenie Steers, Miss Oregon 2010, is a native Southern Oregonian, born in Klamath Falls and raised in Medford. After six years of hard work, dedication and perseverance Stephenie accomplished a life-long dream when crowned Miss Oregon. Stephenie graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene, many thanks to the $18,000 in scholarships received from participation in the Miss Oregon Program. As Miss Oregon, Stephenie earned an additional $13,000 to pursue her graduate education and a $50,000 scholarship earmarked specifically for dental school. Stephenie currently serves as Lead Hygienist at Aloha Dental and has career aspirations of becoming a dentist. Stephenie has always been passionate about civil service. Over the past six years she has been ...
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Saturday January 15, 2011 - Times viewed: 7746
PORTLAND, Oregon - Three inches of rain is expected in the Pacific Northwest and in general around the Portland area. A Flood Watch has been issued by the National Weather Service beginning at 6 p.m. today (Saturday). The water in Johnson Creek yesterday was flowing rapidly. Expect a very wet weekend, especially Saturday evening through early Sunday morning. This means the "flood-prone" rivers in the region will be high. Mostly Johnson Creek, Nehalem River and the Wilson River. High temperatures will stay in the 50's through Tuesday. Part of U.S. Highway 26 west of Hillsboro was closed until this afternoon (Saturday). Crews worked to clean flood, rock, and mud from the slide. Oregon Department of Geology issed a warning of of increased potential for debris flows in Western Oregon as rain falls on the region. Rivers are high and temperatures will continue mild through next week. ...
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Saturday January 15, 2011 - Times viewed: 9112
KEIZER, Oregon - Peter John Zielinski told police he killed his wife because he suspected she was having an affair. Zielinski, 39, is charged with killing his 38-year-old wife Lisa Zielinski, shooting her in the head Wednesday. He told police he thought his wife was having an affair over the past two months and discovered text messages and e-mails of a romantic nature between his wife and another man. The day of the shooting, Lisa Zielinski returned home early in the morning and her husband confronted her. ...
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Friday January 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 7991
EUGENE, Oregon - An Oregon man was sentenced to a 120 year prison term for the rape and "sexual torture" of an infant boy. 37-year-old David James Woodworth of Eugene pleaded guilty last week to 20 charges which included sexual abuse, sodomy and using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct. In 2006, James Woodworth videotaped himself sodomizing the infant boy as he screamed in pain. Lane County Deputy District Attorney David Schwartz told Judge Charles Zennache that he debated whether to show the judge a portion of the videotapes, saying detectives called it "the worst thing they'd ever seen." Woodworth cried briefly when his defense attorney, Chris Hansen, said he would likely die in prison. ...
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Friday January 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 7723
Cowlitz County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Anderson, 37, died of a heart attack as he was playing a game of pickup basketball at Mount Solo Middle School. Deputy Anderson was with the Sheriff's Department for three years, serving 10 years prior to that as a member of the corrections staff at Cowlitz County Jail. "Everyone around here is walking around pretty numb," Sheriff Mark Nelson said Friday morning. Anderson is survived by his wife, Amy, and three children: Feleesha, 16, Jake, 8, and Emily, 5. Anderson collapsed and medics from Cowlitz 2 Fire & Rescue's Baker's Corner station could not revive him, Nelson said. He was pronounced dead at St. John Medical Center, where between 20 and 30 deputies gathered when they heard the news, Nelson added. Other local law enforcement agencies handled sheriff's calls Thursday night. "He is just an awesome guy with a hard work ethic," Nelson said, adding that just last week other staff members were praising him for working on a timber theft case. "Everyone loved and respected Dave. Dave was a giver. He'd always volunteer to help," never even eschewing routine tasks such as serving civil papers, Nelson said. "He sort of adher ...
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Friday January 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 7746
COOS BAY, Oregon - A Coos County Jury delivered multiple guilty verdicts against Clifford Leroy Davis Thursday for sexually abusing four girls between the ages of 10 and 14. Davis was arrested on suspicion of six counts of first degree sex abuse, one count of first degree attempted sex abuse and one count of first degree sodomy. The investigation began June 8 when sheriff investigators identified four victims, ages 10 to 14. One victim said the abuse began in and the other girls indicated the sexual abuse happened between January 2008 and May 2010. On Monday law enforcement agencies served search warrant and took Davis into custody. Davis was sentenced to 25 years, to be served fully. He will receive credit for time served, scheduled to be released at age 101. ...
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Thursday January 13, 2011 - Times viewed: 7691
Mayor Adams wants the Portland to once again look at turning the Jerome Sears United States Army Reserve Center into an equipment storage and staging area. The plans to convert the site into a mixed-income housing complex have previously fallen through because of a lack of city funds. Adams outlined his plans Tuesday night at a meeting of the Multnomah Neighborhood Association. He said the equipment at 2730 S.W. Multnomah Blvd should be used to combat manmade and natural disasters and convert the site into a storage and staging area. Most of the people at the meeting agreed with the idea of the plan because the Army currently stores big trucks and military vehicles for training exercises. The equipment might include bulldozers, large trucks, plows and other items used for construction and maintenance projects. The original idea was first supported by Commissioner Randy Leonard. But the City Council approved the housing complex and the Portland Housing Bureau was unable to allocate necessary funds. ...
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Thursday January 13, 2011 - Times viewed: 7949
KENNEWICK, Washington -A Kennewick, Washington man suffered serious burns yesterday after he fueled his truck then lit a cigarette at a gas station. Gas residue from his clothes caught fire just after Jeff Glenn just pulled away from the gas station. He then jumped out of his the truck, causing the truck to run off the road and hit a flag pole. ...
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Thursday January 13, 2011 - Times viewed: 7685
NEAR MIST, Oregon - A landslide this morning northwest of Portland and north of Vernonia, closed the tiny town of Mist and cut off the main route to several Coast Range communities. Just south of the Washington Stae border, crews closed both lanes as cleanup began and no date was given for reopening the highway. Heavy rain and snow has fallen in the area in the last few days. Cut off where links to Mist, Clatskanie, Birkenfeld, Pittsburg and Vernonia. Mist Elementary school was closed yesterday because of the slide. A few students were unable to get to school in Vernonia. ODOT has issued a warning that drivers should expect long delays. ...
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Wednesday January 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 7730
SALEM - 31-year-old Michael Allen, of Sterling Heights, Mich has been arrested for possessing and distributing a controlled substance. A search of the car turned up two duffel bags in the trunk whiich had been stuffed with the marijuana. The suspect is now locked up in a Salem. Oregon State state police said a standard traffic violation led Trooper Eric Edelbrocka to stop a 2005 Volkswagen Jetta with Michigan license plates yesterday. Officer Edelbrock said he noticed some evidence of criminal activity which led him to search the car to discover the 20 pounds of marijuana. ...
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Wednesday January 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 7700
PORTLAND, Oregon - On Sunday, January 16, a Panera Cares Cafe will open its doors at the existing 4143 Halsey Street Panera cafe in Northeast Portland. "The vision for the Panera Cares Cafe was to use Panera’s unique restaurant skills to address real societal needs and make a direct impact in communities," said Ron Shaich, Panera Bread’s co-founder and president of the Panera Bread Foundation. "Thus, the Foundation developed these community cafes to make a difference by addressing the food insecurity issues that affect millions of Americans." This is the third non-profit "Panera Cares" cafe for the bread chain. The first is in Clayton, Mo., followed by one that opened Nov. 22, 2010, in Dearborn, Mich. "Given the economic challenges in the Greater Detroit area, opening a Panera Cares Cafe in this area was a natural choice," said Shaich. “These cafes exist to make a difference by offering the Panera experience with dignity to all – those who can afford it, those who need a hand up, and everyone in between." Come Sunday, Jan. 16, those walking into the Northeast Portland cafe next to Trader Joe's will no longer see prices or a cash register. Instead they'll see "suggeste ...
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