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Monday March 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 7865
CRESCENT CITY, Calif. – The tsunami warnings moved faster than the waves, giving millions of people across the Pacific hours to flee to higher ground. Now they are left to clean up what the waves had wrought: Destroyed docks and damaged boats. A deadly tsunami generated by an 8.9-magnitude earthquake in Japan raced across the Pacific on Friday and into marinas and harbors in Hawaii and on the West Coast, sending boats crashing into one another, carrying some out to sea and demolishing docks. The damage — the most severe in two seaside towns along the Oregon-California border — was estimated to be in the millions. "This is just devastating. I never thought I'd see this again," said Ted Scott, a retired mill worker who lived in Crescent City, Calif., when a 1964 tsunami killed 11 people, 17 total along the West Coast. Still, there was relief that the destruction in the U.S. was nothing like that in Japan. The offshore quake pushed water onto land, sometimes miles inland, sweeping away boats, cars, homes and people. Hundreds are dead. "With everything that could have happened and did happen in Japan, we're just thankful that nothing else happened," said Sabrina Skiles, ...
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Monday March 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 7838
On Sunday afternoon, Washington County Sheriff's deputies responded to a crash on Highway 99W south of SW Bell Road (just south of the City of Sherwood). At about 3 p.m, a weather front was moving through the area that brought high winds and heavy rain. Deputies investigating the crash determined that cars in the north-bound lanes had slowed down for debris in the road. Witnesses told them that several large branches had been blown off the trees that border the roadway. As the traffic slowed, the driver of a '97 white Nissan Sentra slammed into the back of a 2000 Chevy Pickup truck. The impact caused major damage to the Nissan. Neither driver was injured in the crash. Both lanes of Highway 99W were blocked for a short period while the wreckage was cleared from the road. The driver of the Nissan was cited for following too closely. Deputies responded to several weather related calls this afternoon, including a tree that fell on a house and knocked the power lines down. No one was injured in that incident. Deputies would like to remind people that with the spring weather, heavy rains and winds can be expected at times. It is important to leave enough distance betw ...
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Monday March 14, 2011 - Times viewed: 8021
BEAVERTON Oregon - A storm last night knocked down trees, caused damage to roofs, and caused traffic to slow last night and early this morning. Power was cut to over 100,000. Many schools were closed, busses delayed, property damaged, and traffic stalled this morning as workers cleared roads. There were 35 reports of wires down in Clackamas County alone on Sunday. The reports of wires down started coming in at about 3:40 p.m. as the storm moved up from the Willamette Valley. Nearly 50,000 PGE customers were without power this morning because of the storm and power outages in Portland and outages across in the area from Salem to Portland. Pacific Power estimated that 75,000 customers were without power and nearly 3,000 Clark Public Utilities customers had no power as of early this morning. A few small fires started from electric power lines downed by the high winds fell more trees on Highway 214, which was closed, between Woodburn and Mount Angel. ...
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Sunday March 13, 2011 - Times viewed: 7864
Mercy Corps International based in Portland is sending aid and disaster relief teams to Japan to help with the devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami. Japan-based Peace Winds Japan is in association with Mercy Corps. "This kind of enormous disaster is overwhelming, even for a well-prepared country like Japan", said Mercy Corps CEO Neal Keny-Guyer. "With Peace Winds' Japanese base and global reach, as well as Mercy Corps' expertise responding to disasters around the world, we are ideally positioned to assist the Japanese people." The Mercy Corps is already in Japan dispensing aid to tsunami victims. Their priority is to help fill needs for shelter, food and clean water. Mercy Corps and Peace Winds will work together to help families build new homes. ...
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Sunday March 13, 2011 - Times viewed: 7992
TUALATIN, Oregon - Two teenage boys may be charged with burglary a homeowner caught them in his garage. The two boys, a 16-year-old and 17-year-old were arrested Saturday morning in the 5300 block of Joshua Street. The homeowner, who did not wish to be identified, said he was asleep but about 3:30 a.m., he heard a noise coming from his garage. The homeowner went downstairs and confronted one of the boys. The homeowner opened the garage door and the teens ran away. A K-9 unit tracked down the suspected burglars and the teens were taken to the Washington County Juvenile Department. The Washington County Juvenile department is conducting the investigation. Both teens were charged with burglary and criminal trespassing. ...
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Saturday March 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 11439
As the possibility of a nuclear core meltdown in Japan turns from possible to what some are now calling "a probability", many people are beginning to panic, including Oregonians. Supermarkets, Pharmacies, and Drug Stores are reporting a huge rush of customers asking to buy iodine tablets in the form of Potassium Iodide as an anti-radiation cure. Safeway, Rite Aid, Fred Meyer, major drug stores, and pharmacies report an insurgent and perhaps an unnecessary demand for iodine. Westerly winds from Japan move over the pacific to Oregon. The fear of course is that a core meltdown will carry radioactive particles here Japan. In the case of a meltdown, we'd need to closely observe upper-level winds. The the jet-stream could move radiation to the West Coast in only a few days. Washington Health Department spokesman Gordon MacCracken said today that even in the event of a large release from the reactor, radiation would be diluted before reaching Oregon and radiation levels would be so low that there may be no need special concern. Dr. Mel Kohn, Oregon's Director of Public Health, says there have been no detected increased radiation levels detected at this time and he does not exp ...
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Saturday March 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 9202
Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers are continuing the investigation into Thursday afternoon's two vehicle head-on crash west of Government Camp that resulted in the death of one man and serious injuries to another. The names of both drivers are being released in this update. According to OSP Sergeant Luke Schwartz, on March 10, 2011 at approximately 12:07 p.m. a 2001 Toyota Camry four-door driven by JAY ANTHONY DUCHEMIN, age 53, from Arlington, Oregon was westbound on Highway 26 near milepost 52. The Toyota reportedly was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes when it collided nearly head-on with an eastbound 2004 Infiniti sport utility vehicle driven by WILLIAM M. SCROGGINS, age 49, from north Portland. Upon impact, the vehicles both separated and a section of the Infiniti caught fire. DUCHEMIN was pronounced deceased at the scene. SCROGGINS was seriously injured and transported by ambulance to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center. He is reportedly in good condition this morning. OSP troopers from the Portland Area Command office are continuing the investigation. Highway 26 at the crash scene has one westbound lane and two eastbound lanes separated by double solid y ...
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Saturday March 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 8131
GOLD BEACH, Oregon - A brother and sister camping at the southern Oregon coast nearly found themselves unknowing victims of Friday's tsunami surges when they became caught by the surf while walking along the beach near Pistol River in Curry County. The two people were camping in the area with friends and said they were unaware of the events in Japan or that a tsunami warning was in place along the coast. According to Oregon State Police Sergeant Scott Punch, on March 11, 2011 at approximately 9:53 a.m. Curry County 9-1-1 received a call of two people swept into the ocean during a tsunami surge in the Pistol River area west of Highway 101 near milepost 338. Punch arrived four minutes later and saw two unnamed Pistol River volunteer firefighters pulling a female from the surf. Punch helped the volunteer firefighters carry the woman onto the beach to higher ground ahead of another surge. ...
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Saturday March 12, 2011 - Times viewed: 7900
SEATTLE -- The owners of a dog electrocuted on a Seattle utility cover last year have filed a claim against the city for $60,000 in damages, blaming it for failing to ensure that the electrical system in the area was safe. Owners Lisa McKibbin and Nancy Bostdorff mailed their claim Friday. Their lawyer, Adam Karp, said their dog, Sammy, a 6-year-old German shorthaired pointer, was a beloved member of the family, whose painful death had caused them great distress. "My clients loved Sammy as if he were their child," Karp wrote in the claim. McKibbin had been walking the dog in Queen Anne last November, when he stepped on a metal sidewalk plate conducting 90 volts, convulsed, and died. The plate was part of a system of four decorative streetlamps improperly grounded by a private contractor. The bad installation - coupled with a pinched wire in a lamphead - had led to the shock hazard, the city discovered after the death. Full Story on Seattle PI. ...
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Friday March 11, 2011 - Times viewed: 8027
SEASIDE, Oregon - The tsunami warning for Oregon and Washington earlier this morning was downgraded to a simple advisory. Police along the coast advised people to remain cautious on the beach at all times and to watch for rising waves. The National Weather Service announcements suggest a return to standard activity. The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department said all state parks are reopening and returning to normal operating hours. The warning was issued after the massive earthquake hit Japan on Thursday night (Japan time) and created a tsunami that rolled across the Pacific Ocean. Sirens were sounded in several coastal cities to alert residents and evacuation shelters established in Cannon Beach, Seaside and the Lewis and Clark area, according to emergency managers. ...
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Friday March 11, 2011 - Times viewed: 8711

NEWPORT, Oregon - The most powerful earthquake to hit Japan in at least 100 years unleashed walls of water today that swept across rice fields, engulfed towns, dragged houses onto highways, tossed cars and boats like toys, apparently killing hundreds and forcing the evacuations of tens of thousands, and is now on its way to the Oregon coast.

Geophysicist Gerard Fryer at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu says high water reached Port Orford around 7:30 a.m. PST Friday. However, fears of six to ten foot waves did not occur. Instead, waves of less than two feet in most areas hit the Oregon coast.

Officials along the coast activated warning sirens hours earlier to alert people to leave low-lying areas.

People in coastal areas of Oregon, California and Washington evacuated ahead of the waves.

In Alaska, the tsunami caused a wave just over 5 feet at Shemya in the Aleutian Islands 1,200 miles southwest of Anchorage.

Emergency warnings and sirens in some areas of the Oregon coast were activated in an effort to urge people to seek higher ground as the tsunami crossed the Pacific. Emergen ...
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Thursday March 10, 2011 - Times viewed: 8355
Albany Police arrested 24-year-old Sean Peter Feltman for Luring a Minor. Feltman is currently a youth pastor at the Willamette Community Church in Albany. Police took Feltman into custody without incident on Friday, March 4th. He was later indicted by a Linn County grand jury. Parents of the 14-year-old alledged victim said their daughter was told the assault was sexually explicit. The investigation began at the beginning of January. Details: On Friday, March 4, 2011, at about 5:00 p.m., Albany Police Investigators arrested 24-year-old Albany resident Sean Peter Feltman for Luring a Minor (Oregon Revised Statute 167.057). Sean Feltman, a youth pastor with the Willamette Community Church located at 420 SE 3rd Avenue in Albany, was taken into custody without incident at a residence in Linn County following a grand jury indictment and lodged in the Linn County Jail. The investigation began on January 9, 2011, when the parents of the girl and a member of Sean Feltman's church youth group reported their daughter received sexually explicit communication (text messages, on-line messaging) from Sean Feltman. ...
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Thursday March 10, 2011 - Times viewed: 10225
BEND, Oregon - Wednesday, a search and Rescue team found the body of 26-year-old Carly Phillips from Bend in the Deschutes River at the lower end of Benham Falls. Police say Phillips left for the Deschutes River area about 2 pm Tuesday to run errands. A Bend family member found her car Tuesday evening in a parking area at the falls. Apparently Phillips had moved to Bend from Montana to live with her parents. Oregon State University Assistant News Communications Director, Mark Floyd told us that Carly Phillips received her bachelor’s degree from OSU in 2006, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Spanish. She attended OSU from fall term 2002 to summer term 2006. ...
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Wednesday March 9, 2011 - Times viewed: 8865
"I did not know Mark, but his death has greatly affected my life," writes Kati Neal Verburg. "I felt pain- a very deep sense of pain, on behalf of those who love him, those whose lives will change because of the tragic accident. I cried on their behalf, grieving at the senselessness of such a loss- a young man sitting on the very brink of his life. And I hurt at how his day had gone from wonderfully exciting to absolutely horrific in a single instant." Read the full touching tribute to the boy by Kati Neal Verburg. On Sunday evening, 18-year-old Mark Golyshevskiy from Vancouver was test-driving a Triumph Daytona Triple motorcycle he was considering to purchase from an ad he saw in Craigslist. Witnesses say that at about 7:30 p.m., they heard the revving of a motorcycle just before the crash on NW Laidlaw in the Bethany neighborhood just northwest of Beaverton, Oregon. The road is populated by trees on both sides. Daylight accident scene before the crash occured. ...
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Wednesday March 9, 2011 - Times viewed: 8532
An investigation by the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement (RADE) team Monday led to a search warrant being served in Cave Junction and the arrest of two people on multiple marijuana-related charges. Over 250 pounds of processed marijuana worth more than a half million dollars and other evidence was seized. On March 7, 2011 at approximately 1:30 p.m. an ongoing investigation led RADE detectives to arrest RAYMON SYLVESTER, age 43, from Cave Junction, when he was found in possession of 3 pounds of marijuana during a contact on Highway 199 near Dowell Road in Grants Pass. In follow-up to the arrest, a search warrant was authorized for SYLVESTER's property located at 6455 Rockydale Road in Cave Junction. RADE team members assisted by Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Criminal Division and evidence technician, an Oregon State Police (OSP) Drug Enforcement Section detective, and an OSP trooper, served the search warrant and subsequently seized multiple items of evidentiary value including: * Over 250 pounds of processed marijuana with an estimated value of more than $500,000 * Twenty (20) mature marijuana plants (18 - 24" tall) * Seventy-two (72) immature marijuana plants ...
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Wednesday March 9, 2011 - Times viewed: 7929
LAKE OSWEGO - On Tuesday, Lake Oswego police arrested a man who led patrol officers on a long car chase through West Linn. It ended when the suspect's car burst into flames on I5. A Lake Oswego police officer attempted to stop a reckless driver at 11:24 p.m. in the area of Country Club Road and Knaus Road. The driver, later identified as Jeffrey Michael Giroux, age 45, immediately attempted to elude the officer. The car, a red 1989 Toyota Camry, continued eastbound on Country Club Road to A Avenue and then turned southbound onto Highway 43 (State Street). West Linn officers responded and set up spike strips in the in area of Highway 43 and Marylhurst Drive. The spike strip deployment was successful, however, the driver continued to flee from pursuing officers. Mr. Giroux continued onto southbound I-205 and then northbound onto I-5. The deflated tire eventually fell off with the car driving on the bare rim. Sparks from the rim on the roadway caught the vehicle on fire. Mr. Giroux finally stopped on I-5 at Highway 217. Mr. Giroux, the sole occupant of the car, struggled with officers while they were trying to take him into custody and sustained minor injuries. One of the a ...
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Wednesday March 9, 2011 - Times viewed: 7839
Kevin Anderson, 21 years of age, of Salem, turned himself in to Salem Police late yesterday for a burglary he had committed in the early morning hours of March 3rd at 2096 State St. Anderson had been dubbed the "Droopy Drawers Bandit" because video surveillance had showed his pants nearly fell off during the crime. Anderson is accused of using a car door to smash a hole in the front door of the Oregon Market. He then entered the business taking beer and cigarettes. He has been charged with Burglary II, Criminal Mischief II, and Theft II. ...
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Wednesday March 9, 2011 - Times viewed: 8686
Twenty-Two people were arrested for allegedly trafficking heroin in Marion, Clackamas and Polk Counties. Oregon attorney general’s office said the suspects weren’t caught with the heroin but believe they were involved in trafficking a large quantity of the drug. "These cases are very complicated," said Oregon Attorney General John Kroger. "These drug trafficking organizations are very secretive, very sophisticated. We’ve been investigating this large group for several months and we’re happy to bring them to justice today." The drug bust Tuesday coded "Operation Frogger", was the result of several agencies, including the Oregon Department of Justice, Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers, Polk, County Interagency Narcotics Team, Marion District Attorney Walt Beglau, and Polk County District Attorney Stan Butterfield. Sized heroin photo courtesy Marion County Sheriff. ...
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Tuesday March 8, 2011 - Times viewed: 8005
On Monday evening, March 7, 2011, at about 7 PM, Portland Police responded to a residence in the 2700 block of Southwest Rutland Terrace after a subject called 9-1-1 to report that he just broke into the residence and that the owner arrived home. The caller told 9-1-1 that he was concerned that the homeowner might have a gun. The homeowner arrived home and found the suspect inside the house and the suspect was in the bathroom taking a shower. The homeowner, along with his two German Shepherds, asked the suspect what he was doing in the house and the suspect then locked himself in the bathroom and called 9-1-1. The homeowner also called 9-1-1 and told the call-taker that he found a man in his house. Officers from Central Precinct along with a K-9 unit responded to the residence and took the suspect into custody without incident. The suspect, 24-year-old Timothy James Chapek of Southwest Portland, was booked into the Multnomah County Jail for Criminal Trespass in the First Degree. ...
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Tuesday March 8, 2011 - Times viewed: 7996
GASTON, Oregon - Ten students and the bus driver suffered minor injuries this morning after their Gaston School District bus was hit by a large truck pulling a trailer. Highway 47 was temporarily shut down near Gaston this morning at about 7:30. The bus with students on board was stopped in a southbound lane so a student could board the bus. State Troopers say the driver of the truck came around a curve and saw the stopped bus. The truck driver then slammed on the brakes, but the trailer slid and collided with the front of the bus. The injured driver and students were taken to hospitals. Gaston fire spokesman Ken Bilderback said there were grade-school children as well as high-school students on the bus at the time. No citations were issued. ...
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Tuesday March 8, 2011 - Times viewed: 8018
KELSO - A man was shot dead by a SWAT officer after the suicidal man reportedly pointed a gun at police last evening. Police say they were called to a Kelso home in the 1200 block of South 3rd Street at about 11:30 because of a report of man with a gun. Officers say they attempted to talk to the man but he refused. A SWAT team took over at the scene. The man reportedly said he was "distraught over personal problems." He refused to leave the home. "After a lengthy time of negotiation the subject was observed pointing a firearm at SWAT officers," Chief Andrew Hamilton said. "The subject was then shot by a SWAT team member and was later pronounced dead." The name of the deceased man and officer who shot him has not been released. ...
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Monday March 7, 2011 - Times viewed: 8486
Portland Police Bulletin: On Sunday March 6, 2011, at approximately 9:15 a.m., Portland Police officers responded to a residence in the 3300 block of Southeast 10th Avenue on the report of a distraught, suicidal 61-year-old man. The caller, 55-year-old Mari Kennedy, told the the 9-1-1 calltaker that her fianc? Ralph Turner was yelling that he didn't want to live and that he was alone at the location and threatening to hurt himself by taking pills. Ms. Kennedy told 9-1-1 that there were guns stored in the garage and it was unknown if Turner had them in his possession. Ms. Kennedy told 9-1-1 that she was getting all the information second hand from Turner's sister. Central Precinct Officers Andrew Kofoed and Timothy Lowry arrived in the area at approximately 9:17 a.m., along with Sergeant Reed Hunt. Officer Kofoed attempted phone contact with Turner but did not receive an answer. Based on the information that Turner was talking about taking pills to hurt himself, the officers and sergeant approached the house on foot to contact Turner. At approximately 9:22 a.m., Officers Kofoed and Lowry and Sergeant Hunt were outside the front door to Turner's residence, when Turner fired ...
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Sunday March 6, 2011 - Times viewed: 8266
Portland police issued the following press release about the shooting: This morning, Sunday March 6, 2011, at approximately 9:15 a.m., Portland Police officers responded to a residence in the 3300 block of Southeast 10th Avenue on the report of a distraught, suicidal 61-year-old man. Central Precinct officers arrived in the area and received additional information that the man might have guns stored in the garage, but there was no information that he was threatening to use them. The information officers received was that the man was threatening to hurt himself by taking pills. Officers attempted telephone contact with the man who did not answer, so the officers walked up to the residence to make contact with him. At approximately 9:22 a.m., the officers were met with gunfire from inside the residence and one of the officers, a 9-year-veteran, received shrapnel to his ballistic vest and suffered minor injuries. The officers retreated from the door and immediately began requesting cover officers to respond. The Special Emergency Reaction Team (SERT) and Hostage Negotiators were also requested to respond. One of the responding cover officers from East Precinct ...
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Sunday March 6, 2011 - Times viewed: 8236
PORTLAND – Police were called to the 3300 block of Southeast 10th Avenue with a report of a man threatening to take an overdose of pills. Police say the responding officer was wounded after the suspect allegedly shot through a door and injured the officer with wood splinters and possible shrapnel. Another 13-year veteran police officer arrived on the scene a quarter hour later. He was shot in the stomach when the suspect fired a rifle. The suspect, who was not wounded, gave himself up at the scene. One person who lives in the area said he had never seen the suspect before. Several officers were seen with shotguns, and others officers blocked people from entering the area. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody an hour after the first shots were fired. One of the officers was taken to Emanuel Hospital . Further condition of the officers and their identification has not been released at this time. ...
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Saturday March 5, 2011 - Times viewed: 8950
Newberg residents have finally received the EPA report on PCB contamination caused by a Newberg PG&E substation fire and subsequent explosion on Howard Street around 6:30 AM Saturday, February 19, 2011. The report indicates only very low-levels of PCB contamination were present after the explosion, and that the oil from the blown circuit breaker was much more of an environmental concern. That Saturday afternoon, The Oregon Herald published a report on what happened. The debris from the fire and explosion rocked nearby homes for several blocks jarring most out of a deep sleep. The substation circuit breaker blew three gallons of boiling-hot oil far into the air, over surrounding trees, structures, brushes, Memorial Park a block away, and homes over a five-block diameter. The oil in the circuit breakers is known to contain 12 parts per million of PCBs. Click for larger vers ...
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Friday March 4, 2011 - Times viewed: 16027
For the first time in her life and at the age of 40, Tonya Harding is a mother. The baby boy was born last Saturday. Tonya's husband and father of the boy, 42-year-old Joseph Jens Price, was at her side. An unconfirmed reports says a friend of Tonya Harding, Linda Lewis confirmed the report. Another friend, Ron Horn is quoted saying that that everyone in the family is healthy and happy. ...
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Friday March 4, 2011 - Times viewed: 8049
DUNDEE, Oregon - A woman and her 13-year-old son escaped from a man police say tried to kidnap them Thursday morning after they had completed a morning jog. Newberg-Dundee Police Department representative Capt. Jeff Kosmicki said the incident occurred in Dundee near the 1100 block of Southeast Ash Street. The man drove his blue, 1973 Chevy pickup alongside a woman and child and offered them a ride. When they declined, the man attempted to force them into his truck. The woman and her son then fled on foot, ran to a nearby home on Ash Street, and pounded on the door where Erika Carlile lives with her mother Debi. Erika and her mother said the woman and her son pushed past the door and went inside yelling, "You gotta help me! Please help!" Police were called and 27-year-old Jordan Chase Brisbin was arrested. Police believe Brisbin picked the woman because she frequently walked in front of his house. Brisbin indicated that he chased the woman only because she tried to set his house on fire. He also said he was trying to give her 13-year-old son an iPod. Brisbin faces criminal trespass and kidnapping charges. ...
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Friday March 4, 2011 - Times viewed: 8435
PORTLAND, Oregon - A man was killed when the car he was driving on highway 30 crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed into a dump truck this morning. Northbound lanes were closed between Cornelius Pass Road and Rocky Point Road. DOT says traffic will be routed onto Cornelius Pass Rd. until later this morning. The accident happened near Sauvie Island. The driver of the dump truck suffered injuries but those injuries were not life threatening, state troopers say. ...
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Friday March 4, 2011 - Times viewed: 8093
NEWPORT - 18-year-old high school student Dylan Donovan was arrested by Newport police after three teenage girls accused him of sexually exposing himself Wednesday. The incident happened during a classroom assignment at the Carolyn Brown School inside the Yaquina View building. The Carolyn Brown School is an alternative school for Newport High School. Newport Police Sgt. Ken Real said students observed Donovan walking behind the females in a slow stalking motion throughout the day. He said the girls reported that Donovan rubbed his genitals across the back of one female, in plain view of her friend who was seated across from her. Real said that after a student left to find a teacher or adult, Donovan stood behind a third female clearing his throat. When the girl turned, she then observed Donovan had his exposed genitalia approximately 12 inches from her. Ken Real said Lincoln County School District staff reacted immediately to ensure the females were safe. They secured the area and contacted police. Donovan was booked at the Lincoln County Jail for sex abuse charges in the third degree, harassment and menacing. His bail was set at $40,000. ...
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Thursday March 3, 2011 - Times viewed: 7886
Detectives from the Portland Police Bureau's Missing Persons Unit are asking for the public's help to locate 44-year-old Scott Bonawitz, who went missing from his Southeast Portland residence, and who is believed to be in immediate medical danger. Bonawitz was last seen by friends at about 8:30 a.m. this morning, February 28, 2011, walking in the area of Southeast 13th Avenue, in the Sellwood area. Detectives believe he may have been injured during an incident, earlier during the morning, and may be in need of emergency medical assistance. Bonawitz is described as a white male, 44 years old, who stands 6 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has very short, shaved brown hair and brown eyes. He may be wearing a tan, hooded Carhartt-type jacket, blue jeans, a black knit cap and boots. Anyone who sees Bonawitz, or knows of his whereabouts, should not to approach him, but should immediately call 9-1-1. Anyone with additional information about Bonawitz is asked to contact Detective Mike Weinstein, at (503) 823-0446. ...
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