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Thursday March 24, 2011 - Times viewed: 8166
LONGVIEW, Washington - Three employees of Burlington Northern Santa Fe were killed when a freight train struck their shuttle van on Wednesday. A fourth men was injured. "They had just completed their shift when their van was struck at a private rail crossing in the Longview area," said Burlington representative Gus Melonas. "They were taking the crew to the hotel in Vancouver." ...
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Wednesday March 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 7872
PORTLAND, Oregon - Early Tuesday morning March 22, 2011, a Portland Police Sergeant was riding his bike to work on Northwest Cornell Road in Northwest Portland when a man drove his care along side of the officer's bike, within inches of hitting him while riding. The driver, later identified as 68-year-old Larry Fornshell, passed Sergeant Santos and his bicycle and continued on. When both came to a traffic control device, Sergeant Santos rode to the right of Mr. Fornshell's car. Fornshell turned right, into Santos. Just prior to the intersection of Northwest 25th Avenue and Northwest Lovejoy Street, Mr. Fornshell stopped abruptly. Officer Santos said he had to veer to the left of the car into oncoming traffic lanes to avoid hitting Fornshell's car. He slapped Fornshell's vehicle with his hand. When officer Santos and Fornshell came to the intersection, Santos said that Fornshell put his vehicle in reverse and attempted to hit Santos on his bike. Santos said he jumped off his bike and ran with his bike to the sidewalk. Fornshell then hit Santos' bike as he was holding onto it. Santos jumped out of the way to avoid being struck and Fornshell left the scene of the crash. ...
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Wednesday March 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 7807
PORTLAND, Oregon - The good 'ol days of cheap gas has faded to an iconic image of days gone by. How long has it been since your tires were checked? And if they need air, you'll probably need some quarters because air cost these days. It's not a consumer world. It's all about the corporation, about the glut of a few more pennies to the big oil boys. And while you the consumer may feel like complaining, you started accepting the change long ago. Remember the 1970's? Today, gas prices are increasing every time the sun rises. The statewide average price of gasoline in Oregon increased by 3 cents a gallon, while the price nationally was down a penny. AAA representative Marie Dodds says her organization expects gasoline prices nationally to rise to an average of $3.75 a gallon and with a few states increasing to $4 per gallon. The Pacific Northwest and California usually have higher prices, she says for several reasons including the price of supplies in Alaska, Canada, and the higher cost of transportation. Dodds says Oregon's average price is now $3.68, which is 13 cents above the national average. ...
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Wednesday March 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 7803
GRESHAM, Oregon - Some Oregon Girl Scouts are dipping into their allowances to replace stolen cookies for soldiers in Afghanistan. KPTV reports the girls from a troop in Gresham had collected five cases during their annual cookie sale. They were ready to go and sitting in troop mom Lisa Sablan's car last Friday when the car was stolen. When police found the car two days later, its stereo was gone - and so were the cookies. The girls started over, hoping to get more cookies to send to soldiers. Information from: KPTV-TV, ...
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Wednesday March 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 8273
SALEM, Oregon - Marion County tax assessor was discovered dead from what police say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Salem home last night, Marion County officials said. 54-year-old Richard Kreitzer was serving his second term as assessor. A friend called police just after 6 PM yesterday. The friend said he talked with Kreitzer earlier in the evening and became concerned when he couldn’t find Kreitzer. Deputies found Kreitzer’s body in the backyard and was pronounced dead at the scene. Chief Deputy Assessor Shawn Beaton has assumed responsibility for the assessor’s office until futher notice, a county official said. ...
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Wednesday March 23, 2011 - Times viewed: 7960
Portland, Oregon - U.S. food company Fresh Del Monte Produce said on Tuesday it was recalling nearly 5,000 cartons of cantaloupes which may be contaminated with a form of salmonella. The cantaloupes were distributed through warehouse clubs in Alaska, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, the company said. The company said the cantaloupe recall followed notification from U.S. health regulators there was a link between the cantaloupes and about 12 reported cases of salmonella panama, which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly and others with weakened immune systems. The company said it put on hold the production and distribution of the product from the affected farm. It said it and the FDA would continue investigating where in the supply chain the contamination occurred. ...
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Tuesday March 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 8023
PORTLAND, Oregon - After an agument a man was stabbed in the chest this afternoon just after 5 PM. Portland police responded to at the Southwest 4th and Morrison westbound MAX platform. Officers arrived and learned that an argument began on the train between the victim and the suspect and the suspect stabbed the victim in the chest. The suspect exited the train on Southwest 2nd Avenue. The suspect is described as a black male adult. The victim has been taken to an area hospital and is in unknown condition. The victim is an adult male. Westbound MAX service has been stopped temporarily as investigators interview witnesses. Additional information will be released as it becomes available. ...
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Tuesday March 22, 2011 - Times viewed: 8071
Salem Police are seeking assistance from the public in identifying a suspect who accosted a 26-year old Seattle woman as she jogged in South Salem just before 9:00 am on March 21st. The victim had been jogging on River Rd S when she first saw the suspect, who was walking southbound on River Rd from Owens St S. The victim took a ramp that led onto Wilson St S and had stopped when the suspect came up from behind her, grabbed her by the waist and attempted to touch her in a sexual manner. The victim screamed and swung her elbow at the suspect, at which time he fled and was last seen southbound on River Rd from Wilson St S. The victim was not physically injured and went to a nearby business where she contacted police. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male adult, approximately 20-25 years old, 5'08"-5'10", medium build, dark hair in a buzz cut approximately 1/4" long, moustache, wearing a grey fleece jacket, dirty blue jeans and light colored athletic shoes. A composite sketch has been completed by Officer John Manitsas and is attached to this release. Anybody with information regarding this case or the suspect is asked to call the Salem Police Department at 503-588-61 ...
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Monday March 21, 2011 - Times viewed: 7886
PORTLAND, Oregon – New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics say children should ride in rear-facing car seats up to two years old instead of one. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued new recommendations today. "One of the most important jobs you have as a parent is keeping your child safe when riding in a vehicle. Each year thousands of young children are killed or injured in car crashes. Proper use of car safety seats helps keep children safe. But with so many different car safety seats on the market, it’s no wonder many parents find this overwhelming." The type of seat your child needs depends on several things, including your child’s size and the type of vehicle you have. The following information from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) offers guidance on choosing the most appropriate car safety seat for your child. To see a list of car safety seats and safety seat manufacturers, click here. The AAP recommends that all infants should ride rear-facing starting with their first ride home from the hospital. All infants and toddlers should ride in a Rear-Facing Car Safety Seat until they are ...
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Monday March 21, 2011 - Times viewed: 8072
PORTLAND, Oregon - Yet another gang-related shooting, the fifth this time in one-week left four people injured in northeast Portland. Police say a late-night party was in progress at a home in the 7000 block of Northeast 9th Avenue when shot were fired in and outside the home. Police say there were three gunshot victims found on the sidewalk, 31-year-old Garvin Franklin and 32-year-old Archeleaus Osborne suffered non-life-threatening wounds. Clinton Nelson, 37, was taken to an area hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. A fourth gunshot victim, 22-year-old Terrance Warren, later arrived at an area hospital and suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. Witnesses say they heard multiple gunshots, people screaming and a car speeding away. "I woke up to gunshots and then some men yelling at each other outside," says Sasha Rotecki, who found a bullet hole near his front door. Police are looking for suspects in five separate gang-related shootings in Portland. In one, bullets struck the bedroom of a 13-year-old boy. Saturday morning a home in Northeast Portland was riddled with bullets while children played inside. Fortunately, no one was hit. "We ...
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Sunday March 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 8218
Klamath Falls, Oregon - A commercial truck driver was injured Saturday morning after colliding with another commercial vehicle on Highway 97 about seven miles south of Klamath Falls. Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers from the Klamath Falls Area Command office are continuing the investigation. On March 19, 2011 at approximately 8:30 a.m. a commercial truck driven by VINOD PEGNANY, age 32, from Sacramento, California was southbound on Highway 97 near milepost 284 when PEGNANY lost control, struck the guardrail and came to a rest blocking the north and southbound lanes. A northbound commercial truck driven by JOSE R. BARQUEZ-GONZALEZ, age 30, from Tucson, Arizona collided with the stationary semi-trailer pulled by PEGNANY's truck. BARQUEZ-GONZALEZ was transported by Klamath County Fire District 1 ambulance to Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls with minor injures. PEGNANY was not injured. Both drivers were using safety restraints. Highway 97 was completely blocked for approximately 2 hours. OSP was assisted at the scene by ODOT and Klamath County Fire District 1. ...
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Sunday March 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 8133
Oregon State Police troopers are looking for any possible witnesses to Friday afternoon's fatal motorcycle crash on Interstate 5 about four miles south of the Highway 34 interchange. According to OSP Sergeant Eric Judah, on March 18, 2011 at approximately 4:30 p.m. a Kawasaki motorcycle operated by DALE ALBERT GLANT, age 58, from Ocala, Florida was northbound on Interstate 5 near milepost 225. For an unknown reason, the motorcycle left the northbound lanes into the center grass median as witnesses said he tried to keep control of the motorcycle. After traveling about 390 feet through the center median the motorcycle crashed before entering the southbound lanes. GLANT was pronounced deceased at the scene before he could be transported by REACH air ambulance. He was wearing a helmet and full riding clothing gear. GLANT reportedly has previously lived in Cottage Grove, Oregon prior to residing in Florida. OSP troopers from the Albany Area Command office are continuing the investigation and have found no evidence or witness information indicating he was struck by another vehicle either prior to or during the crash. Any northbound witnesses when the crash occurred is ask ...
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Sunday March 20, 2011 - Times viewed: 8294
Update: Gang Enforcement Team detectives remain onscene and continue to investigate the circumstances of this mornings shooting in Northeast Portland. Investigators have learned that an afterhours party was occurring at a residence in the 7000 Block of Northeast 9th Avenue when a disturbance began inside the party. Gunshots were fired both inside the residence and outside in the street. Initially, police located three gunshot victims. 31-year-old Garvin Franklin of North Portland and 32-year-old Archeleaus Osborne of North Portland suffered non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and were located near the scene of the shooting. 37-year-old Clinton Nelson of Gresham was transported by private car to an area hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds. A fourth gunshot victim, 22-year-old Terrance Warren of North Portland, later arrived at an area hospital suffering from a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Detectives believe that several witnesses were present at the time of the shooting but left the scene before police arrived. Detectives would like to speak with any witnesses who might have some information about this mornings shooting. At this point, detec ...
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Saturday March 19, 2011 - Times viewed: 8113
Steve Drew began working on cars when he was just a kid, and for the last ten years, as owner, he's operated Steve's Auto Service in Newberg and is expanding his service and store, thanks in part to the slump in new car sales in Oregon. According to Steve and the popular website, auto sales have fallen this year by 40 percent and the recession has helped Steve Drew's auto service business grow with leaps and bounds. "People aren't buying new cars as much these days", reports Steve. "They're repairing their current cars and that's when they come to us." Since 1988, Steve worked mainly for independent auto shops as a mechanic but all along believed he could "offer customers something extra; better service and better communication". Steve Drew is personable, engaging, an intelligent man who seems to enjoy running his business to "give our customers the best possible service". He doesn't seem to fit the typical auto mechanic stereotype. The impression is that he has an open, friendly, honest look about him, which obviously helps to make his customers feel right at home.
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 7948
Marion County Sheriff Jason Myers has announced a change in the policy dealing with the cite & release of offenders brought to the Marion County Jail. The new policy, which is part of the Jail's Capacity Management Plan, was unanimously adopted by the Marion County Board of Commissioners. It will take effect on Monday, April 4, 2011. As part of an on-going review, the Sheriff's office has been working to ensure efficient and effective operations of our jail by examining our current practices. The goal was to make sure that our resources and efforts are having the greatest impact on public safety. The review revealed that the long standing practice of allowing cite and release offenders to be brought to the jail for processing has, over time, increased our staff's work load, while decreasing our overall criminal justice system's efficiency. We've seen a steady increase in the number of offenders who fail to appear for court, resulting in warrants being issued and cases remaining unresolved. "Offenders who merely receive a citation, promising to appear, often fail to show up for their court hearing. This results in additional charges and more court appearances, but it als ...
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 7802
The family of 32-year-old Randy Willard Jr. is holding a fundraiser tonight at the Tigard Embassy Suites, located at 9000 Southwest Washington Square Road in Tigard, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Randy Willard was found murdered on December 2, 2010, after Portland Police responded to a residence in the 3500 block of Southeast 72nd Avenue after a neighbor heard loud sounds coming from the other half of a duplex. Officers arrived and found Randy Willard deceased and the Oregon State Medical Examiner determined that Willard died of a gunshot wound. Willard is survived by a 15-year-old daughter and an 8-year-old son. The fundraiser this evening is to benefit the children. The "Randy Lee Willard Fund" has been established at Wells Fargo Bank. Willard's children along with his father, Randy Willard Sr. and other family members, will be on hand and available for media interviews. ...
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 7799
Portland Police responded to a shots fired call in the 10700 block of Northeast Fremont Street today, March 18, 2011, at approximately 2:45 p.m. Officers found a male shooting victim who has been transported to the hospital with gun shot wounds. Witnesses told police that several persons ran from the area after hearing the gun shots. Police set up a perimeter on Northeast Fremont Street from Northeast 102nd Avenue to 110th Avenue and from the freeway to the south to Northeast Shaver Street. Officers continued this afternoon to look for suspects and witnesses in the perimeter and process the crime scene. Gang Enforcement Investigators have been called to the scene to investigate this shooting. ...
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 8179
The Multnomah County Medical Examiner's Office will determine the cause of death today of a man involved in a crash on the Ross Island Bridge. The driver from a second vehicle is still in critical condition. His injuries are not life threatening. Police say the driver in a second car was traveling eastbound on the Ross Island Bridge when his vehicle hit the south side railing just west of the mid span. It was about 12:30 p.m. today when a 58-year-old man was driving east on the bridge when investigators believe he may have suffered a medical issue that caused him to hit the right side of the bridge structure with his car. The vehicle then crossed into oncoming traffic striking the left side of the bridge before colliding with another vehicle. The driver from the first vehicle and a 54-year-old male driver from the second vehicle were both transported to area hospitals with serious injuries. The Portland Police Major Crash Team has closed the bridge to all traffic as they continue this crash investigation. Investigators estimate the bridge will be reopened in the next hour. Family members are still being notified and names are not available for release at this time. ...
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 8216
The owners of the horses removed from the field on Quarry Road have been arrested and charged with multiple counts of Animal Neglect II. Sharon Burnett, 63, and her husband, Kenneth "Butch" Burnett, 66, will appear in court on March 25th and April 4th, respectively. They have been released from the jail, pending their court dates. Both were reported to be staying at a second home in Carson City, Nevada when the horses were seized from their property on Quarry Road. They offered little explanation for the condition of the horses and dogs on the property. The Australian Shepherds were placed with the Human Society when it became clear that the temporary kennel built by deputies would not sustain the dogs in the long term. The horses remain in the custody of two horse rescue organizations that are treating them for parasite infestations, rain rot, ringworms, and weight loss due to malnutrition and anemia. Dr. Barbara Kahl, the Veterinarian treating the animals, determined that the bay mare is in foal, and due to her malnourished condition, both she and the foal are at serious risk. She is probably in the worst condition of all the horses seized. The recovery proces ...
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Friday March 18, 2011 - Times viewed: 8168
Three people were arrested Tuesday in southern Oregon when an Oregon State Police (OSP) trooper's traffic stop led later to the discovery of approximately 50 lbs of marijuana in another vehicle north of Lakeview. The OSP Drug Enforcement Section is continuing the investigation. On March 15, 2011 at approximately 11:45 a.m. an OSP senior trooper stopped a 2001 Honda Accord displaying California license plates eastbound on Highway 140E near Bly in Klamath County for traffic violations. At the time of the stop a 1999 Dodge pickup displaying Colorado license plates also briefly stopped in front of the Honda but then left eastbound without being contacted by the trooper. After contact with the Honda's driver was completed and it left the scene eastbound, information was learned that the Honda and Dodge pickup were traveling together and the pickup was transporting marijuana. Approximately 30 minutes later an OSP sergeant stopped the Dodge pickup at the Highway 140E / Highway 395 intersection and contacted two adult females identified as JONNE JULIA LEMIEUX, age 73, from Jaroso, Colorado, and ISABELLE LEMIEUX-BOURVEAU, age 23, from San Anselmo, California. The Honda Accor ...
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Thursday March 17, 2011 - Times viewed: 8136
Update 3/17/2011, 6:22 PM The family members of last nights fatal pedestrian hit and run crash victim have been notified. The victim has been identified as 47-year-old Lori Noelle Kerr of Portland. The Portland Police Major Crash Team continues to investigate this crash and is asking that anyone with additional information about this incident call Officer Busse at 503 823-2316.
Last night Portland Police responded to a pedestrian hit and run crash at Northeast 91st Avenue and Northeast Sandy Boulevard. Witnesses said the vehicle was seen westbound on Northeast Sandy Boulevard and described the car as a tan or brown van or SUV with front end damage. Following an area search of the neighborhoods near the crash, officers located the vehicle abandoned near Northeast Alberta Street and Northeast 82nd Avenue. The 1993 Mercury Villager Van was recovered from that location. After further investigation, officers learned the driver of the van, 36-year-old Aaron Miles Arrell, was staying at a motel near Northeast Sandy Boulevard and Northeast 97th Avenue. Arrell was taken into custody from that location by the Major Crash Team investigators. ...
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Thursday March 17, 2011 - Times viewed: 7852
On March 16, the Gresham police traffic unit was conducting a stop sign mission at NE 5th Street and NE Hood Avenue, Gresham. At approximately 1:38 p.m., the driver of a Chevy pickup spun his wheels, drawing the attention of the officers, and was stopped a short distance away. The driver had no identification but voluntarily identified himself as 36-year-old Jose Alfredo Hernandez. Hernandez was with two of his three children, one of which was not properly seat belted. Hernandez could no longer live with his guilt and told the officer he had a warrant. A records check found Hernandez was wanted in connection to a Gresham sexual abuse case from 1995, and included 10 counts of Rape I, 5 counts of Sodomy and 5 counts of Sex Abuse I. The bail for the 1995 warrant was set at $300,000.00 Hernandez told the arresting officer he fled the area during the 1995 trial, but it is unclear where he fled to or how long he was gone. Hernandez admitted to later returning to the Gresham area with his wife and children. Hernandez was transported to MCDC where he is currently being held on the sexual assault charges. He was also issued a citation for no operator's license, no insurance ...
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Wednesday March 16, 2011 - Times viewed: 7806
Portland Police responded this morning to a report of a man attempting to entice an 8th grade girl into his vehicle. Officers responded to George Middle School, located at 10000 North Burr Avenue, and spoke with the girl who told police that she was walking to school from her residence, near the Pier Park Apartments, when a man approached her in a vehicle. The girl told police that the suspect approached her and told her to get into his car. The girl refused and the suspect continued to persuade her to get into the car. The girl continued to refuse and went directly to the school to report the incident to school staff. The vehicle was last seen on North Calhoun Avenue heading south towards North Fessenden Avenue. The suspect is described as male Hispanic in his 30s, smaller build, clean shaven, glasses, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt. The suspect was driving a royal or lighter blue larger SUV, unknown make or model, possibly with a lift kit. Anyone with information about this suspect or anyone that has had a similar contact with this suspect is urged to call the Portland Police. ...
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Wednesday March 16, 2011 - Times viewed: 7971
BEAVERTON, Oregon - Cynthia is a PSU student currently in Japan getting ready to return home. It's not that she wants to leave all her new friends. She and others like her all across Oregon are being requested to return to Oregon by the University administration. Because of the uncertainty in Japan, Oregon university administration decided to request students return home. Other states such as California are also requesting students in Japan to return home for safety. Cynthia has been living in Japan since July and misses her family in Oregon but she'd prefer to remain in Japan and complete her stay. However, she understands why she’s being asked to return. Cynthia, who preferred we not use her last name, said she'll really miss all her new friends and adopted family in Japan. She's currently in no danger as she's staying south of Tokyo. She was in Motosu when she received the word to return to the States. She and her Japanese friends were working on a school project helping families relocate to safer areas when another student called and gave her the news. "But the future now is totally uncertain and I understand", Cynthia admitted. "It's been the most wonderful time ...
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Wednesday March 16, 2011 - Times viewed: 8396
Oregonians and other westcoast residents, even Midwesterners are in near panic to buy iodide pills, Geiger counters and emergency kits. However, they soon find there's little to buy and are logging into Amazon to stock up, and finding many selections there are either out of stock or backordered. Alaska and the West Coast are closest to the site of the earthquake, but even people from Midwest states are preparing for winds to carry radiation from Japan. Potassium iodide tablets protect the thyroid gland from radioactive material by overloading it with nonradioactive iodine. Health experts say taking the tablets was not a good idea, that Potassium contained in the pills can lead to heart problems and giving an adult a dose of potassium iodide to an infant would be toxic. Physics professor Ken Barish at the University of California, Riverside says it's unlikely that the West Coast would be harmed by radioactivity drifting from Japan. In Redding, Calif., Whitney's Vitamin and Herb Shop is stocking up on potassium iodide tablets after the store said it was overwhelmed with calls this weekend from people seeking the anti-radiation medicine. Scientists Say Minimal Ris ...
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Tuesday March 15, 2011 - Times viewed: 8547
ASTORIA, Oregon An Astoria woman has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for raping a 14-year-old boy at a party. 35-year-old Julie Diane Green pleaded no contest last Friday to rape and endangering the welfare of a minor. Prosecutors said Green held a party for her children and their friends last August, allowed several minors to drink alcohol and then had sex with one of the visiting 14-year-olds. Green also must serve 36 months on probation for the rape conviction and another 36 months for the second conviction. She also must register as a sex offender. The victim's mother told a judge her son couldn't face coming to the courtroom for Green's sentencing. ...
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Tuesday March 15, 2011 - Times viewed: 7906
Following a crash westbound on Interstate 84 west of Cascade Locks, a commercial truck driver was cited by Oregon State Police. There were no serious injuries involving a commercial motor vehicle and a parked tow truck. State Police Trooper Gavin McIlvenna said that on March 15, 2011 at approximately 1:05 a.m. a 1991 GMC tow truck driven by JAMES GIBBONS, age 36, was transporting 22-year-old Shane Brazeal, and his car from Pasco, Washington to the Portland area. GIBBONS had pulled off the roadway with the two truck's emergency lights activated to tighten the straps holding the car on the flat bed tow truck. As GIBBONS was preparing to move back into the westbound lanes of travel, a 2005 Sterling truck pulling two trailers driven by JEFFREY HALE, age 44, was heading westbound on Interstate 84 when HALE fell asleep and crashed into the tow truck. Both vehicles became entangled and traveled approximately 200 feet before the commercial truck and trailers jack-knifed blocking both westbound lanes. HALE and BRAZAEL were transported by ground ambulance to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland. GIBBONS was not injured. HALE was using safety restraints but GIBBONS and BRAZA ...
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Tuesday March 15, 2011 - Times viewed: 8352
An Oregon State Police traffic stop involving an alleged DUII driver early Saturday morning in Josephine County led to the discovery of approximately 5 pounds of marijuana and the arrest of two men. On March 12, 2011 at approximately 12:16 a.m. an OSP trooper stopped a 1981 Mercedes four-door for a traffic violation on Ort Lane in Merlin. Subsequent investigation initially led to the arrest of driver DYLAN RICHARD WEISS, age 23, from Eugene, for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII). Following the driver's arrest the trooper found approximately 5 pounds of marijuana inside the car's trunk worth an estimated $12,500. WEISS and passenger ROBERT JOSEPH GIBBONS, age 24, from Floyd, Virginia were both arrested also for Unlawful Possession, Distribution, and Manufacture of a Controlled Substance - Marijuana. Both were initially lodged in the Josephine County Jail but have been released from custody. ...
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