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Friday April 28, 2017 - Times viewed: 9405
23 year old Wesley Allen HEALER has been arrested for Sex Abuse I, Rape II and Sodomy I. A felony warrant was issued for his arrest. The original complaint came from 2014 but Healer moved out of Jackson County at the time of the complaint by the juvenile female. In 2016, HEALER moved back to the Josephine County area and was interviewed by detectives. The case was presented to a Josephine County Grand Jury on April 18th, 2017 and HEALER was indicted On April 27th, 2017, OSP detectives contacted Wesley HEALER in Jackson County and arrested for the felony warrant. He was lodged at the Jackson County Jail without incident. ...
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Thursday April 27, 2017 - Times viewed: 9533
When Mats Järlström's wife got snagged by one of Oregon's red light cameras in 2013, he challenged the ticket by questioning the timing of the yellow lights at intersections where cameras had been installed. Since then, his research into red light cameras has earned him attention in local and national media—in 2014, he presented his evidence on an episode of "60 Minutes"—and an invitation to present at last year's annual meeting of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. It also got him a $500 fine from the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying. According to the board, Järlström's research into red light cameras and their effectiveness amounts to practicing engineering without a license. No, really. Järlström had sent a letter to the board in 2014 asking for the opportunity to present his research on how too-short yellow lights were making money for the state by putting the public's safety at risk. "I would like to present these fact for your review and comment," he wrote. Instead of inviting him to present, the board threatened him. Citing state laws that make it illegal to practice engineering without a license, the board told Järlström ...
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Thursday April 27, 2017 - Times viewed: 9251
Oregon’s Willamette Valley: Home to some of the finest Pinot Noir in the world, fantastic truffles, excellent restaurants, and…French investors? Oui. There has been an influx of money to Oregon by a veritable flotilla of French investors and wine producers. Which, given the fact that Oregon’s marquis wine region hasn’t been on the map for all that long when compared to Burgundy, and that it specializes in one of the most finicky grape varieties around, is nothing short of remarkable. For the last millennium or so, there has been a more or less complete agreement in the wine world that the benchmark by which all other Pinot Noir is measured comes from Burgundy. This isn’t to say that there aren’t stunning Pinot bottlings from other places—the Russian River Valley, Australia’s Mornington Peninsula, Martinborough in New Zealand, and more—but with a head start of more than 1,000 years, and some of the most revered Pinot vineyards on the planet (Romanée-Conti, Bonnes-Mares, Richebourg, etc.), Burgundy is the 5,000-pound elephant in the room whenever discussion turns to Pinot Noir. What is it, then, that has made Oregon such a hotbed of French wine investment? ...
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Thursday April 27, 2017 - Times viewed: 9283
PORTLAND, Oregon - On Wednesday at 6:22 PM, Portland police responded to a report of a man pointing a gun at passing cars. When police arrived, gunfire was reported near the Capitol Hill Library with the suspect running towards Holly Farm State Park. Police found a suspect armed with a gun, and arrested him without incident. Police then learned of two additional shooting reports nearby. There was damage to a portable toilet in the park. No gunshot victims were found and officers do not believe anyone was hit by gunfire. The suspect, 26-year-old Aaron Mathew Garcia, was arrested and taken to the Multnomah County Jail on charges of Unlawful Use of a Weapon (two counts), Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Possession of a Loaded Firearm, Discharging a Firearm in the City (two counts), Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree, and Disorderly Conduct in the Second Degree. ...
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Thursday April 27, 2017 - Times viewed: 9465
MEDFORD, Oregon - On Wednesday at about 5:20 PM, a State Trooper from the Central Point Area Command office stopped a 1999 Chevrolet for a traffic violation. This was on Tahoe on Interstate 5 near the Medford area in Jackson County. The trooper reported later that he say what appeared to be criminal activity. He obtained consent to search the car and in the luggage area of the vehicle, found about 22 pounds of marijuana, 6.8 pounds of cocaine and over $6,700.00 in cash. The driver, 38 year old Carlos Zavala FLORES of Juno, Alaska and the passenger, 27 year old Jorge Armando LOPEZ-VILLAREAL of California were arrested and taken to the Jackson County Jail on the following charges: Possession of a Controlled Substance-Cocaine, Delivery of a Controlled Substance-Cocaine, Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance-Cocaine and Import/Export of Marijuana. ...
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Thursday April 27, 2017 - Times viewed: 9398
BEAVERTON, Oregon - The first of a three phase waterline construction project is expected to begin Monday, May 8 in the westbound lanes of Jenkins Rd, between Briggs Rd and Cedar Hills Blvd. The project will connect an existing gap in the city's water system on Jenkins Rd and provide a second water supply for the 800 residents at 45 Degrees Central and VillaSport. Construction on Jenkins, between Briggs Rd and just east of Hocken Ave, will mainly be performed from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and is expected to be completed in about six weeks. Traffic will be down to one lane in each direction and street parking on the north side of Jenkins will be temporarily impacted during construction. In December 2016, the Beaverton City Council approved the transfer of water services from Tualatin Valley Water District (TVWD) to the city in the Cedar Hills Crossing and Walker Center developments (see map of affected customers). Waterline construction on Cedar Hills Blvd and Walker Rd will bring city drinking water to those areas. Customers affected by the change in water service will be notified via mail in the next two weeks. The change from TVWD to city drinking water is scheduled to occ ...
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Tuesday April 25, 2017 - Times viewed: 9502
CORVALLIS, Oregon — Prosecutors believe a 27-year-old woman who was shot to death in the Oregon woods arrived in the United States last month from Russia. Police believe she was having an affair with the man who has been charged with her murder. ...
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Tuesday April 25, 2017 - Times viewed: 9270
A suspect in the burglary and sexual assault of a 9-year old girl has been identified through physical evidence. Photos of the suspect are attached, and the Sheriff's Office is seeking tips from the public. Early morning February 26, a man broke into an apartment in the Clackamas Trails complex. Once inside, the suspect sexually abused a young girl as she slept. Investigators say they found physical evidence at the scene that linked 48-year-old Santiago Martinez-Flores to the crime. Martinez-Flores has a long criminal record dating back to 1994. He was last known to have been deported to Mexico in March of 2001 ...
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Tuesday April 25, 2017 - Times viewed: 9253
The Salem City Club invites you to join us on Friday, May 5, 2017, at the Willamette Heritage Center for "Child Welfare: Global to Local." 

Oregon's Child Welfare system is continually in the news, including stories about the need for foster parents and improved safety for children. What is Oregon doing to improve outcomes for our most vulnerable children? How does that compare to what other states and countries are doing? Lena Alhusseini, Oregon's new Child Welfare Director, will address these concerns, bringing a global view perspective on child safety services. 

Born in Jerusalem and raised in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom, Alhusseini established the Jordan River Foundation's child protection unit, which was the first Middle East organization to address the issue of child abuse. She also has served with global organizations such as USAID, UNICEF and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Alhusseini comes to Oregon from New York, where she served as the Executive Director of the Arab-American Family Support Center. As Oregon's Child Welfare Director, her vision is to help build a family support center model that connects v ...
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Tuesday April 25, 2017 - Times viewed: 9230
Jazz Bands from Battle Ground High School and Chief Umtuch Middle School competed at the 42nd Annual Pleasant Hill Invitational Jazz Festival over the weekend and brought home several awards. Each year, about 2,000 students, along with their teachers and families, visit Pleasant Hill to attend the annual festival and enjoy a variety of clinics and concerts. Battle Ground High School took first place in the Vocal Jazz Ensemble competition, the Advanced Jazz Band competition, the Intermediate II Jazz Band competition, and in the Jazz Combo competition, and the Intermediate Jazz Band 1 placed second. Chief Umtuch Middle School placed third in both the Middle School Jazz Band and Combo division categories. BGHS students were also recognized for their exceptional individual performances. Soloist awards were given to Cade O'Haver and Emily Christensen from the Vocal Jazz Ensemble; Cade O'Haver and Laney Pham from the Advanced Jazz Band; Ashton Henning from the Intermediate 2 Jazz Band; Cade O'Haver (first place), Jordan Ledbetter (first place) and Nicole Furlow (second place) in the Vocal Solo Division I; and Brooke Hall (second place), and Madelyn Breaux (third place) in the Voc ...
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Monday April 24, 2017 - Times viewed: 9471
NEWBERG, Oregon — Newberg-Dundee police are looking for a George Fox University student who has been missing since Saturday night. University students say 21-year-old Daniel Mellers was walking to a convenience store to buy soda. Police obtained information from Mellers' cellphone provider that his phone was in Sherwood, about 10 miles northeast of the university. Sherwood police, however, could not locate Mellers. Mellers' car is believed to be at a repair shop but police have not yet located it. ...
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Monday April 24, 2017 - Times viewed: 9351
BEAVERTON, Oregon - Local bilingual theater company Teatro Milagro will present Mijita Fridita on Sunday, May 7, from 3-3:45 p.m. at Beaverton City Library, 12375 SW Fifth St. The play is based on the life of young Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Presented in English and Spanish, this free production is imaginative and powerful, and suitable for the whole family. Against the backdrop of the Mexican Revolution, young Fridita, growing up in her family's house in Coyoacan, is diagnosed with polio. Bedridden, Fridita escapes into the world of her imagination and meets another girl that looks just like her. Together, they journey to the center of the world for a fiesta with all the characters of Fridita's imaginings. Back in the real world, Fridita's peers taunt her for being different, but her father, Guillermo, encourages her and awakens her interest in art with his love of photography. Strong and resilient, Fridita learns to overcome hardships and stay true to herself in order to become the legendary artist that continues to inspire. Mijita Fridita was written by resident playwright and tour manager, Ajai Terrazas Tripathi, who also plays the role of Fridita's father, Guiller ...
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Monday April 24, 2017 - Times viewed: 9496
NEWPORT, Oregon - Newport police have arrested a man for pointing a firearm. On April 23, 2017, at 10:15 p.m., a caller stated to police that, during an argument with Brian Matthew Lighthill, age 19 of Seal Rock, Lighthill pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at the victims. Police say one of the victims and the suspect, Lighthill had been arguing. As the victim got into his car, Lighthill pulled out a semi-automatic handgun from his vehicle and pointed it at the victim; a second victim was inside the vehicle. Both victims said they were in fear of their lives, and felt Lighthill was going to kill them. Lighthill is reported to have made menacing comments to the victims inside the car and tapped the barrel of the firearm on the windshield as he pointed it at the victims. The victims left the area and called police. Lighthill took off in his car then was stopped by Newport Police Officers about three blocks away. During the investigation, police located a loaded .45 caliber handgun concealed in Lighthill's center console. Police believe Lighthill was driving drunk. Lighthill was taken to the Lincoln County Jail where police report he consented to a brea ...
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Monday April 24, 2017 - Times viewed: 9381
VANCOURVER, Washington - At 8:35 pm Sunday evening, Vancouver Police investigated a report of an aggressive panhandler at 6th St and Main St in Vancouver, threatening customers of a nearby bar. Officers found the suspect, an adult male and the suspect and officer had an altercation, Both the patrol officer and the suspect were injured and taken by ambulance to a local hospital. The officer's condition is stable and reports indicated the suspect's condition is also stable, but unconfirmed at this time. The investigation is still active. Names of the involved officer or the suspect are not being released at this time. Any additional witnesses who have not been contacted at scene are asked to call Vancouver Police Department's dispatch center. ...
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Sunday April 23, 2017 - Times viewed: 9852
PRINEVILLE, Oregon — It's official, now more than 30,000 people will be allowed for a music and arts festival that will also be scheduled with a solar eclipse in August. On August 21 a solar eclipse will be visible in the U.S. along a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina. Cook County commissioners have approved a new event permits for the gathering. The event is being held from Aug. 17 to Aug. 23 on 200 acres. It's part of a 50,000-acre ranch owned by Craig Woodward in the Ochoco National Forest. Mid-August 2017
People from all over the world begin to converge on the United States. Except for people returning home, visiting family, or conducting business at what happens to be just exactly the right time in history, these will be people who make it a point to travel to wherever the Moon's shadow is going to touch the earth, and position themselves in a spot carefully chosen - sometimes years in advance - to ensure they see the sight. These people will make contingency travel plans in case of last-minute clouds. These people will fill hotel rooms, sometimes inadvertently displacing locals from their homes as space gets harder to come by. These people will tr ...
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Saturday April 22, 2017 - Times viewed: 9707
PRINEVILLE, David Fisher had prepared on a recent Sunday for the congregation he pastors in Prineville was about a topic he said God told him that it needed to hear: forgiveness. Last October, the congregation at Faithpoint Ministries separated with the Oregon District of the United Pentecostal Church International. Fisher then became pastor with control of the Pentecostal church building. The district filed a lawsuit saying that his selection as pastor was wrong, and he had illegally taken over the church building. "There is hurt, absolutely," said Fisher, a 38-year-old dental assistant who has the support of the congregation to lead the church. "The people are stressed, and you can see the hurt in their eyes and hearts. How they've been treated by the district and their pastors over the last several years — those things hurt. But we just need to look over them and forgive and move forward." "There is hurt, absolutely," said Fisher, a 38-year-old dental assistant who has the support of the congregation to lead the church. "The people are stressed, and you can see the hurt in their eyes and hearts. How they've been treated by the district and their pastors over the last ...
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Saturday April 22, 2017 - Times viewed: 9373
WEST LINN, Ore. (KOIN) – An armed and suicidal man was shot by a West Linn police officer and died at the scene Friday night. The incident happened around 10:15 p.m. in the 2100 block of Long Street, West Linn police said in a release. They were called to the neighborhood because of the man, and quickly confronted him. “This person was subsequently shot by a WLPD officer. The subject died at the scene,” officials said in the release. The officers involved are on administrative leave, standard protocol in these situations, and the case is being investigated by the Clackamas County Major Crimes Team. No further information is available. No names have yet been made public. ...
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Saturday April 22, 2017 - Times viewed: 9404
PORTLAND, Oregon - On Friday, 22-year-old Stephen Blanchard was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder, two counts of Robbery in the First Degree, and two counts of Assault in the Second Degree. Blanchard's arrest was in connection with a robbery and shooting investigation that occurred on Tuesday April 18, 2017 near Northeast 20th Avenue and Northeast Alberta Street. Two people were injured in the robbery. On Tuesday at about 5:30 p.m., several people were robbed and injured in the area of NE 20th and Alberta. One person was grazed by a gunshot while the other was hit with a club. The victims gave descriptions of two suspects. Blanchard was taken to the Multnomah County jail. He will be arraigned on Monday April 24, 2017. Anyone with information about this robbery is asked to contact Detective Tracy Chamberlin at 503-823-4783, ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9671
ALBANY, Oregon — The State of Oregon has conceded that a class action lawsuit seeking $1.4 billion for insufficient timber harvests isn’t blocked by the statute of limitations. The state government has also dropped its argument that county governments and local taxing districts don’t have legal standing to sue Oregon for alleged breach of contract. Last year, Linn County filed a lawsuit accusing Oregon of violating contracts with 15 counties by reducing logging on about 650,000 acres of forestland the counties had donated to the state. The lawsuit was certified as a class action by Linn County Circuit Judge Daniel Murphy, which means the 15 counties and roughly 150 taxing districts, such as schools and fire departments, were joined as plaintiffs in the case. Since then, Clatsop County’s government and Clatsop County Community College have opted out of the lawsuit while other taxing districts within Clatsop County have not. Attorneys for the plaintiffs had asked the judge to eliminate 12 “affirmative defenses” intended to shield the State of Oregon from the class action lawsuit. During oral arguments on April 20, Oregon’s attorneys agreed to drop several of these d ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9367
A bipartisan group of Oregon lawmakers unveiled a proposal on Friday to reel in state spending during the upcoming budget cycle. The plan calls for a two-year hiring freeze on "non-essential positions." It also would halt automatic budget increases tied to inflation for services and supplies. This comes as lawmakers are preparing to tackle a budget shortfall that's expected to reach $1.6 billion. The proposal was unveiled during a Friday afternoon meeting of legislative budget-writers. Democratic House Speaker Tina Kotek opened the meeting by cautioning that the ideas were not the product of formal negotiations. "I want to be very clear that these aren't products that have been agreed upon," she said. The goal behind the work group was to "get all the best ideas on the table from as many people as possible to get the conversation started." The expected savings for the 2017-2019 budget cycle were not included in the proposal, which has some similarities with a plan pitched jointly by the Republican caucuses of the Senate and House. That plan was expected to save roughly $237 million in general fund dollars, according to an analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal O ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9281
This undated aerial photo taken from a drone video and provided by, shows Tiller, Ore. Almost all of the downtown in Tiller, a dying timber town in remote southwestern Oregon, is for sale for $3.5 million and the elementary school is for sale separately for $350,000. The asking price of $3.5 million brings with it six houses, the shuttered general store and gas station, the land under the post office, undeveloped parcels, water rights and infrastructure that includes sidewalks, fire hydrants and a working power station. The listing represents a melancholy crossroads for Tiller, a once-bustling logging outpost that sprang up after the turn of the last century deep in what is now the Umpqua National Forest, about 230 miles south of Portland. The post office opened in 1902, and miners, loggers, ranchers and farmers flocked to the community along a pristine river. 30 years ago, logging on the federal forest lands that encircle Tiller came to a near standstill because of environmental regulations. The timber mill closed, and families moved away. One longtime resident began buying up properties. When he died three years ago, the family owned much of the town. ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9411
NEWPORT, Oregon - On August 5 2016 a fire was reported by phone at the City Center Motel, located at 538 SW Coast Highway, in Newport. While police evacuated motel guests, the fire continued to consume center rooms of the motel. Four guests were taken to Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital, three with minor injuries. Those three people were treated and released. One motel guest, later identified as Rebecca Joanne Sinclair,was admitted to Samaritan Pacific Community Hospital for burns and smoke inhalation, and later transported to the Legacy Emmanuel Burn Center. Ms. Sinclair, who had been a registered City Center Motel guest in room 103, was later identified as a person of interest in the cause of the fatal fire. Once the fire was controlled, police and fire personnel began to search the rooms that were heavily damaged by fire. At 4:00 p.m., two bodies, one male and one female, were discovered beneath burned rubble. The bodies were identified as motel guests Tammi Sue Hepner, age 51, and Allen Arthur Hepner, age 63, both of Portland, Oregon. They had been staying in room 221. At approximately 8:00 p.m., two additional bodies were discovered deeper in the burned rub ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9380
OREGON CITY - Oregon - Portland Police arrested 23-year-old, William Kelly III on an outstanding Clackamas County Circuit Court arrest warrant. Oregon City Police detectives are investigating Kelly for several Oregon City crimes. Kelly was taken to the Clackamas County Jail from the Multnomah County Jail. Back on March 11, 2017, Oregon City Police investigated a commercial burglary at the Oregon City Car Wash located at 2200 Beavercreek Rd. The suspect broke into the building and into a safe and stole an undisclosed amount of cash. Kelly is charged with two counts of Burglary II and one count of Theft I, bail set at is $30,000. ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 25664
PORTLAND, Oregon - On Thursday, at about 7:30pm, 24-year-old Deshaun James Swanger of Milwaukie was arrested by Clackamas County deputies for Attempted Murder. Swanger is a suspect in the Arson fire at Denny's located at 12101 SE 82nd Ave on April 19, 2017. He was arrested and booked at the Clackamas County Jail Swanger's booking photo is attached. The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office would like to thank the public for their tips which lead to the swift apprehension of this dangerous individual. Swanger is currently being held without bail. ...
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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9855
BEAVERTON, Oregon - A woman who was apparently using her cell phone was hit by a freight train in Beaverton Thursday afternoon.

Cindy Rodriguez, 26, was hit around 3:30 p.m. near the intersection of Southwest Lombard Avenue and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway.

"The officers took quick action applied tourniquets and then she was transported via ambulance," said Mike Rowe, public information officer for Beaverton Police. The woman was looking at her phone, and was in a crosswalk when she was hit, Rowe said. The train's safety barriers were down and warning lights were flashing, witnesses told police. The conductor operator could be heard sounding the horn, and he went out onto the engine's walkway to yell at Rodriguez in an attempt to get her attention.

"The train engineer and conductor both saw her and were doing everything they could to get her attention and to get the train to stop," Rowe said in a ...

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Friday April 21, 2017 - Times viewed: 9266
SALEM, Oregon - Small portions of the State Capitol State Park grounds will be closed from April 24 through mid-May to accommodate relocation of a set of historic Camperdown elm trees. Access to the capitol building will not be affected. The four trees currently located near the capitol building, must be moved to accommodate necessary updates to capitol building utilities. Two other trees will also be moved during the project. A contractor, Environmental Designs Incorporated, will perform the work under the management of the Oregon Legislative Administration. The Camperdown elm trees are an important part of the historic landscape, and have been on the capitol grounds since the late 19th to early 20th centuries. They have been successfully moved before in 1937-41 and 1977 during other construction projects. During the move when sections of the park are closed, visitors are reminded they are welcome to observe the work from a distance, but to respect all safety fences and directions from the project crew. More information on the project is available from Project Managers Ed Newvine (, 503-986-1744) or Marina Cresswell (marina.cresswell ...
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Thursday April 20, 2017 - Times viewed: 9297
VANCOUVER, Washington - On April 21, 2017, the Vancouver and Battle Ground Police Departments will have additional officers out enforcing DUI laws in an effort to keep drunk, drugged and high drivers off the road. Officers, who are also drug recognition experts, will be among those conducting these increased DUI patrols. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people in the United States die in an alcohol-related vehicle crash every day, which equates to one person every 53 minutes. Approximately one in three people will be involved in an alcohol-related crash during their lifetime. If you or someone you care about will be out drinking or consuming other intoxicants, please make sure to select a sober designated driver, or use mass transit, taxis, or a rideshare service to get around town. As a reminder, Uber is offering first time users a special coupon code for $25 toward their first trip. ...
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Thursday April 20, 2017 - Times viewed: 9491
WOLF CREEK, Oregon - Early morning April 20, 2017, the Oregon State Police SWAT served a search warrant at a home in Wolf Creek and looking for 35 year old Jacy Kevin MCMANUS who had a state wide felony warrant for the shooting that occurred on April 7, 2017 in Wolf Creek. The victim in the shooting is 55 year old Conal MORAN. OSP detectives made an arrest of another subject, but they did not locate MCMANUS. MCMANUS is 5'11", 185 pounds with, brown hair (possibly freshly shaved head), blue eyes and a goatee. He has tattoos on the front of his shins (white pride) and on his knuckles (pain). He was last seen wearing a black Glendale Pirates hooded sweatshirt with tan or green pants. If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of MCMANUS, they are asked to call OSP dispatch at 541-776-6111. Previous Update: UPDATE: The Oregon State Police Criminal Investigations Division is asking for the public's help in locating Jacy Kevin MCMANUS, who is a person of interest in the shooting that took place in Wolf Creek in the early evening hours of April 6, 2017. The person of interest is 35 year old, Jacy Kevin MCMANUS and is from the Wolf Creek/Roseburg area. He i ...
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Thursday April 20, 2017 - Times viewed: 9363
(VANCOUVER, Wash.) -- The Vancouver Chamber's eight-part workshop series tops the list of community offerings during May's "Small Business Month," as designated by the City of Vancouver. The GVCC's media relations workshops will feature unique marketing content and access to our region's news leaders on Tuesdays and Thursdays in May. Small businesses often operate on a small marketing budget and earned media is an avenue businesses can utilize, if they understand the basics of communicating with the media. This series launches on Tuesday, May 2nd with instructor Julia Maglione, the Communications Manager of Workforce Southwest Washington. This series will begin with three skills-based workshops, then attendees will meet our news leaders face-to-face from the Columbian, Vancouver Business Journal, Fox12, Clark County Today, and more. Interested businesses can sign up for one, or all eight workshops (with a price break) by purchasing the "All Access Pass" at 

The Chamber's eight-part "Spring [Media Relations Homerun] Workshop Series" presented by Comcast will be held at the GVCC (1101 Broadwa ...
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Thursday April 20, 2017 - Times viewed: 9567
SUNNYVALE, Oregon - On Wednesday about about 5 PM, police were dispatched to Placer Road in Sunny Valley for a reported shooting. Police found a dead male, and believed the circumstances were suspicious. The Josephine County Major Crime Response Team was activated. Detectives found 54 year old, Randy Allen HUMMEL of Sunny Valley, dead as the result of a gunshot wound. The Oregon State Police Forensic personnel were called to help with the investigation. The suspect was identified by police as 40 year old Amber Ellen SELLS of Sunny Valley. SELLS was then arrested and taken to the Josephine County Jail on the charge of Murder. The crime unit is comprised of members from Oregon State Police, Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, Josephine County District Attorney's office and the Josephine County Sheriff's office. There is no further information that will be released at this time as this is an ongoing investigation. ...
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