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Elderly Couple Chooses Perfect Doorstep to Leave Their Dog

Saturday March 15, 2014    12:12 AM

An elderly Los Angeles couple who could no longer afford to care for their ailing pet delivered the dachshund to the doorstep of an animal shelter with a heartbreaking note.

"We are both seniors, sick with no money. We cannot pay for vet bills or to put him to sleep. He has never been away from us in all these years, he cannot function without us. Please put him to sleep."

Now they are glad they chose that doorstep.

The shelter workers were so moved by the plight of the family that they decided they had to find someone to donate free medical care for little Otto and reunite the couple with their beloved dog.

Shelter workers were moved by the note and contacted Toby Wisneski, who founded Leave No Paws Behind, an organization that rescues older dogs and dogs with medical needs.

"Had they just walked him in, this dog wouldn't be here today. They would have euthanized him," said Wisneski.

Wisneski took Otto to a vet. He's being treated for a skin condition and other issues.

"All of his conditions were not because of abuse, not because of neglect. Just simply because they didn't have the funds to care for him," Wisneski said.

Otto's owners heard about the rescue and contacted Toby. It was an emotional call.

"He was unbelievably grateful and the tears - it was heart-wrenching again," Wisneski said.

Leave No Paws Behind will pay for Otto's medical care and look out for him for the rest of his life.

The owners will be reunited with Otto as his foster family. The vet says with proper care, he should live several more years.

Photo: Had they just walked him in, Otto wouldn't be here today. They would have euthanized him.
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