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0-Year-Old Wrestler Says Being Blind 'May Not Be A Total Advantage, But It's An Inspiration'

Thursday March 13, 2014    8:59 AM

Caiden Hooks is an awesome 10-year-old wrestler who happens to be blind.

He's also been diagnosed with autism, according to NBC4 Columbus, but instead of focusing on his own disabilities, he works to help others.

Along with his friend, Brandon Cannon, Caiden is raising money for autism awareness. Together, the boys have started a Facebook page called, "Wrestling Buddies for Autism Awareness."

Brandon, 9, has been by Caiden's side since he first saw him wrestle.

"I'm helping him so that he can become better at wrestling and just be known as a wrestler not just blind," Brandon told Fox 28.

"Being blind, it's not actually bad. I can still get around and well ... I guess you could say now that I think about it, [being blind] should be an experience to build faith," Caiden told NBC4 Columbus. "It might not be a total advantage, but it's an inspiration."

Currently, with the Make It Fit Foundation and the Richardson Foundation, Caiden and Brandon are raising money with an app called MobileCause, where people can text the keyword "wrestle" to 41444 with their name and the amount they'd like to pledge.

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