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Sylvester Stallone Charged With Importing Human Growth Hormone Into Australia

Saturday May 21, 2016    11:15 AM
(ESPN) -- Movie mogul Sylvester Stallone gave a confusing response Sunday when pressed to explain his charge with importing HGH into Australia, first calling the reports "Complete Trash" and then stating the only substance he ever took to Australia was a supplement called Ripped NOX. The problem with his response? It's not a complete denial.

While denying using HGH, he's admitting to using a supplement that the movie networks consider adding to the list of prohibited substances starting next year.

There is no doubt that Sylvester Stallone will go down as one of the most ripped movie stars to ever be in the business, but many critics believe his use of Ripped NOX and Ripped TESTO will jeopardize his roles in new movies. The reason the networks are pushing to ban these two supplements are two simple reasons:

1. This combo has been clinically proven to boost muscle growth rate by an average of 150%! This would make an aging movie star like Sylvester Stallone go longer in sequels like Rocky, Rambo, and Expendables!

2. These supplements do not have to be used in conjunction with a gym. So whether users train or not, they will put on strength. The network believes this will plague the movie industry and cause an epidemic with actors competing against each other for roles.

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