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Young Ted Cruz sought 'world domination'

by Kristen Timbrook - The Oregon Herald Tuesday February 23, 2016    2:57 PM
BALTIMORE - A youtube video going viral shows Sen. Ted Cruz as a teenage high school student talking about his goals in life. He hits on the idea of "world domination" and being cast in a "tit film."

The video was posted online Saturday by a YouTube account called "Young Ted Cruz." It's the only video on the account.

Off-camera, someone asks Cruz, then a student at Second Baptist High School in 1988, what are his aspirations.

"Aspirations! Is that like sweat on my butt?" Cruz said. "Oh, I see -- what I want to do in life. My aspiration is to, oh, I don't know ... be in a teen tit film."

Then comes the good stuff.

"Well, other than that? Uh, take over the world," he says. "World domination. You know: rule everything, rich, powerful, that sorta stuff."

The Cruz campaign acknowledged the video Monday morning saying the comments were all in good fun.

"Good to see that young Ted also had a great sense of humor," said Cruz campaign adviser Rick Tyler.

The video was shot by a classmate at Second Baptist School in Houston, where Cruz graduated class valedictorian, according to the site.

Cruz, 45, is now running a distant second to Donald Trump in most national GOP polls. But he's within striking distance in Iowa, where voters go to the caucuses next week

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