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Heartwarming Reservation For A 91st Birthday Celebration

by Heather Crank Wednesday January 20, 2016    12:38 PM
Heather Crank shared on Facebook:

"Tonight as we were seated a few booths down from this table I asked the server 'so what's that reserved table all about?' She then smiled and said, 'It's for our regulars. They come here for dinner every night. Today is her 91st Birthday! So we here at Applebee's wanted to do something special for her! We all signed a card and are anticipating their arrival. We hope they show ..we're thinking they're waiting until after peak dinner hour ends since she's not fond of crowds.' We're hoping the couple arrives while we're dining to see the surprise on their faces.

Applebee's servers waited and waited and finally decided they must have decided to go elsewhere for her special day. A server sadly started to collect all of the silverware, linens and floral arrangement to ready the table for other waiting customers. Another family was seated at this very table. Several minutes pass and all of a sudden I see wait staff rushing to the front door! The couple arrived after all! Quickly they sprung into action!! As a few servers held the eagerly waiting couple at the door another server was requesting the family that was seated at this couples "usual" table if they wouldn't mind relocating to a nearby open table and explained why the request was special and would mean so much to them.

The family obliged and moved. Once moved, another server began clearing the table and setting up the fresh linens, candles, silverware card and floral arrangement. All was set for the Birthday girl! Several servers assisted the couple to their private table. The wife cried out in surprise!! As they were seated I hear her husband tell his wife, 'they did ALL this for you hunny!' Yes, my eyes started to well up. Just warms the heart!"

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