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Community Still Recovering From Rare Tornado hits Battle Ground, Wash

by Sandra Blodget - The Oregon Herald and ABC News Friday December 11, 2015    12:32 PM
BATTLE GROUND, Washington - 36 homes and two businesses were damaged when a tornado touched down in Battle Ground, Wash. Thursday morning.

The EF1 tornado had wind speeds up to 104 MPH and touched down in at least two spots along its two-mile long path.

Residents and emergency workers are still clearing the mess caused by the damage, with power outages, damaged windows, floods, fallen trees, and debris scattered for miles.

"I never thought I'd see a tornado and my wife and I had hoped one day we would", said resident Tony Bakles. "But now I never want to see a tornado again. It was horrible, scary as all hell and we thought for sure we were going to die. It was worse than anything I had ever imagined.

Bakes home was severely damaged. "We'll have to rebuild the back of the house and the front part of the back bedroom where my daughter sleeps."

Bakles said that thankfully no one was injured.

Tornadoes are most common in the U.S. midsection from Texas to roughly Minnesota, and they are also common in the Deep South.

But in the Northwest and upper Northeast of the country, they are rare, the weather service has said.

The tornado was measured as an E-F1, a ... [Full Story]

No injuries were reported. No roofs were lifted, but small trees were uprooted or snapped.

According to Ted Buehner, warning coordination meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle, the tornado isn't a surprise. It occurred at about the right time and place for a Washington tornado.

"We average between 1-2 tornadoes per year," Buehner said. "There's some years we don't get any, and there's some years we get far more. In fact, in 1997, we had a record 14 tornadoes. And 12 of those occurred on three separate days.

"They are all over the state. The bulk of them have occurred where people exist," he added. "A lot of them are along the I-5 corridor from Portland up through Bellingham, and east of the Cascades along I-82 and I-90."

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